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This is boring, blame yourselves

Answers to the questions I have been asked repeatedly this week are as follows:

Paint colors are thus:
Foyer, hall, family room, etc. - Duron "Familiar Beige"
Playroom - Duron "Livable Green"
Dining room - Ralph Lauren "Balmoral Red"
Master bedroom - Duron "Austere Gray"
Upstairs bathroom (which I didn't show you but Chris did) - Duron "Lantern Light"
Nursery - Duron "Meditative"
Mia's room - Duron "Wisteria"


No, sorry, there is no new address to which you can send Christmas cards. We try hard not to give out our address at all (or at least I try hard and yell at Chris about it a lot), we almost never used the box we had other than Christmas and it cost too much for three weeks of use a year, and I got paranoid that, while I was hiding my home address, I was still providing an address at which I could be certain to be found several times a week. Yes, I'm paranoid, and yes, anyone who really wanted to find us could probably do it, but I try to further that hypothetical cause as little as possible.

And I'm bummed about it, because I absolutely loved exchanging cards with all of you last year and was thrilled every time I went to our box and found another couple of cards to admire and also liked whenever someone came to our house and saw the massive stack of cards on the coffee table because it made me feel really popular. So, bummed, but just isn't gonna happen this year.


We don't need much for this baby and in fact I have been fighting tooth and nail against a baby shower that keeps trying to organize itself because hey, isn't that tacky? When did that supposedly stop being tacky, because I totally missed the memo. (And if you had a baby shower for your second or tenth or whatever hey, good for you, hope you loved it, you are clearly just better informed or more evolved than I am, no need to send me more hate mail.) However, I think it is also rude to be faced with someone who genuinely wants to do something to mark an event in your life and refuse to allow them to do so. Therefore, if you are so graciously inclined as to feel the urge to do something to mark the birth of my second child, I humbly suggest a donation to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in memory of Jake. If that doesn't cut it for you, I do have a very small registry and I'll post a link to it just as soon as I figure out a way to do so without telling the entire internet where I live (see paranoia, above).


Unrelated to the above, it totally weirds me out to be, say, beached on the couch watching Survivor, and notice that my entire abdomen is hopping and heaving and shimmying like I have a couple of energetic squirrel monkeys trapped in there doing the rumba. Let's take a chill pill, Fetus, shall we? You're giving Mama the heebie-jeebies.

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My stomach was moving all around during survivor last night too! Cool and weird all at the same time!

I got a guilt trip from non-mothers about having a second shower... my baby, my life. it wasnt so much about the gifts, although there are those people(me) that cant bear the thought of passing by that cute little outfit. However, the one thing you can suggest, is having a diaper shower. You can always use them, and its a chance for everyone to celebrate. and afterall, thats what its all about.

Amazon Wish Lists hide your shipping address from those that are buying stuff for you - it'll just show your full name and city/state. Not sure about other sites, though.

Maybe the fetus was scared the skeleton girl on Survivor?!?! I know I am... AND how about the hottest dude getting voted off!? What? I like some eye candy now and than!

Also, I agree about the shower. I do not care of people want to randomly get the 2nd baby something but I will not have a 2nd shower. No way, no how! On that note, my boss's sister had a recycled gift shower for 2nd baby. I think it was mostly to have a party just b/c but people wrote gently worn toys and clothes to contribute to the 2nd baby. I thought that was a neat idea! BUT I really like the idea of a donation to the children's hospital! That is very kind.

Huh, I never knew it was supposed to be tacky to have a second shower. My family always threw showers for every child.

I, too, refused a second shower even though the second time around was twins and boys. However, my friends had a secrect online shower for me and my BFF arranged the shipping. And since I refused a local shower, my stepMIL's church had one in my honor and without me being present. Odd? Yes. Especially since I do not go to church. But hey, they got me a lot of diapers and it was sweet indeed.

I think one shower per pregnant person is enough! (just my two cents!)
I LOVED laying on the couch like a beached whale watching/feeling baby jump, flip, spaz, inside! It's such a little miracle :)
Although, I can say by the end, I had had enough and just wanted to watch baby move and groove outside the belly!

Are you absolutely certain that your squirrel monkey theory isn't true? And if it is true...this is a little awkward, but....I do research in the bio-sciences and, ummm...could I borrow you? Just for a little bit?

Maybe split the cost of a P.O. Box with one or two other Internet friends that you trust? Don't know. I just decided to give out our address to the select few that I trust or have met already. is cool, but not cheap.

As for the alien... boys are crazy active in there. We barely felt Z, but could see S (the boy) moving regularly.

i would say give the go ahead for the shower, and make it a children's book shower. You can never have too many books :)

I didn't have a second shower either. It seemed rude to me since people had been so generous previously and I didn't need anything. Even if the child had been a different sex than the first, I chose a lot a gender neutral stuff the first time around.

hey lack of cards are better for the environment. maybe people can send you cheerful and lovely ecards. ones that sing! and animate! that's classy.

I tried to refuse a shower for my second baby. I eventually agreed to go out to supper with some girlfriends for a "last night out." I told them I didn't need anything, but they all brought gifts anyway (lots of diapers, which was handy), and they paid for my supper. It was lovely! Although there was a balloon tied to my chair, which was kind of embarrassing. In conclusion, I think second baby showers are unnecessary, but if someone is trying to do something nice for you, there's no harm in letting them. :)

I had a shower for my second baby, but then I was having a girl and I only had boy baby stuff. I think mostly my family just uses any excuse to party.

I've always been under the impression showers were limited for the first two babies. *shrugs* I like the idea of donations, though.

I know where yoooooooooooou liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.

Ok, not really. It probably would have sounded creepier if I had said "I'm watching yoooooooooooooou."

Not trying to be rude to anyone else, but it did not ever stop being tacky to have a shower for a second child. A shower is to prepare a new mom for her new role with gifts of things she would not possibly have in her possession. Showers are a delicate etiquette situation as it is but no, absolutely no showers for second babies. Your friends will most likely find a way to get you a gift if they are so inclined to do so without the pressure of attending a shower and being somewhat forced to do so.

Instead, what about a baby welcoming party with the baby in attendance for everyone to meet and NO GIFTS ALLOWED? Although it's tacky to note on an invitation "no gifts" also so what the hostess has to handle that with grace and there should be no gift opening on the agenda at the party.

Just my opinion but I am a southern girl at heart and it drives me batty to see a shower invitation every time someone has a kid.

My good friends threw me a dinner party for #2, since I insisted I didn't want a "shower".

It was way more fun than the tradional "shower".. they all got (very) drunk and I got pink baby clothes and a really yummy cake. We were all happy.

Totally understand why you won't be exchanging cards this year with tons of people you don't know - but dang, I'm bummed. It was fun last year! And I have a good card this year - even though it's just me and O because the darn husband left. Keep me in the loop if you find a way to do it!

For your baby gift - I'll be sending good thoughts of health, happiness and peace for all four of you.

If they're going to organize a party, why don't you steer it towards a diaper and dinner party? Everybody brings a box o' diapers and a dish for your freezer.

That's what we do in our neighborhood for second and third babies.

Good idea for donating, btw.

I think it's so strange to watch kids swim around inside. Hey, since you're not exchanging cards with us this year - does that mean for Christmas, you're gonna take another belly pic? :P

I'm hooked on "Dune" in the WalMart brand paint. So far I've used it in the living room and downstairs bathroom - yeeeeehaw!

I'm hooked on "Dune" in the WalMart brand paint. So far I've used it in the living room and downstairs bathroom - yeeeeehaw! Now I'm ready to put it on the hallway upstairs.

Oh, and there was the 3/4 of a gallon that I spilled on the kitchen floor and new carpet. Um.... yea.

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