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How concerned do you suppose I should be that I returned from my OB appointment this afternoon to discover Chris wearing my lingerie?

I mean, on the one hand, I'm glad someone is getting some use out of it since I am way too bloated for that to be either a) appealing or b) feasible, but on the other hand, it wasn't really his color.

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Umm... yeah, that is troubling. Did he at least have a good excuse?

Wow. Did you at least get a picture of that for future blackmail use?

If he was doing it to entertain Mia, then it's not troubling. However, posing in front of an Internet camera - troubling indeed!

I think we need more information.

I agree with Dirka, more information (and possiblly photos) are needed before your readers can help you assess the situation.

I think in order to make an educated assumption about this most troubling scenario the webiverse would need pictures. that makes us webiverians either just as troubling as the act itself or deep deep thinkers who should be CSI's.

now, to draw a conclusion from what little information we have one would think Chris is feeling his birthday has put him in the "old" category in which "old" requires their person to believe they do whatever they want, whenever they please, wherever they deem necessary...such as an "old" lady who takes it upon herself to toot in the produce aisle without regard for her surroundings and failure to acknowledge it ever happened. if this is Chris' case God help you because it will only go downhill from here. I didn't think Chris was THAT "old"!!! heee!

I'd only be concerned if it wasn't all matching. He shouldn't wear it if he isn't going to wear it right.

(assuming you are kidding here)

I'm going to need some evidence.

And by "wearing" I hope you mean he had it on his head or something. Please tell me it wasn't over his privates.


Hmmm, depends on what article of lingerie. Like a pair of really big granny panties isn't as disturbing as him in a red and black crotchless thong and a bustier prancing about to Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree with smeared red lipstick and a mouth full of zingers.


er....huh? are you going to elaborate?

I'm with the others...surely we will be provided further information here?

I think it depends on 1.) if he looked better in the lingerie than you, and 2.) how his ass looked.

Did he have on your high heels as well? Because a man in lingerie is weird, but a man in lingerie AND heels is just plain wrong.

Okay, it this a truth/lie thing? Or seriously, dude...explain? lol

Huh? You serious!? I have to hear this story!

i wonder what his color actually is as far as women's lingerie goes...ha

It was inevitable. Could be worse. Some men just cannot pull off that look.

It was on his head, right? Or was he wearing a silky nightgown to a tea party with Mia?

Sometimes a guy needs to feel sexy. Cut him some slack.

I need more information. Like, "wearing" how? Over his clothes? For what purpose? Oh his head? To entertain Mia? To pose in the mirror? Learning about his mystery piercing in the last post and now this? It's more than my chaste mind can handle!

Hope you dont mnd but i've tagged both you and your man as i love reading both your blogs
Pol x

Hope you dont mnd but i've tagged both you and your man as i love reading both your blogs
Pol x

Hope you dont mnd but i've tagged both you and your man as i love reading both your blogs
Pol x

I clicked through in anticipation of a picture.

Like that song - Thing that make you go hmmm...

I think he's trying to compete with the hotty pediatrician.

And the bank teller.

And the firemen.

Poor Chris.

Was there dancing involved? I hope there was dancing. That makes my mental picture WAY funnier.

Thanks for putting that picture in my head.

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