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Two ways I am cooler than you

1. I taught Mia how to give both wedgies and noogies. Naturally, Chris was the test subject for both.

2. I have this:

So what, you say? Let's look inside...

That, my friends, is a hand-signed and artistically-enhanced Christmas card from none other than Swistle. Which you must admit is irrefutable proof that I am cooler than you are.

And before you get all het up about why would I send her my address and not send you my address, I do make exceptions to the address thing for people a) I have met in person and not utterly despised (which is just about everybody I have met in person and no, you are not the exception, I promise), b) that have been to my house (obviously a subset of a), or c) already have enough information that they could just look me up and sending them my address seems like the polite thing to do just to save them some time. Although I might have sent it to Swistle even if she hadn't fallen into one of those categories (c, for those who care) just so I could get the card and then gloat about how I am basically the coolest person on the entire internet.

P.S. Dear Bloglines readers - yes, I know Bloglines isn't updating our feeds right now and thanks muchly for letting me know, but I don't know what to tell you other than hey, all my feeds are working just fine and dandy and possibly you should consider an aggregator that does not suck?

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And Swistle's handwriting sure is cute...looks like a font made just for the inside of a card!

Cute! Did you use Swistle's card scoring system to decide how cool that card is?

Wedgies and noogies......excellent!

Clearly you are cooler than I am because I didn't even know who Swistle was until I read this post. Geez. But now that I've found her I will visit her again. (But she won't replace you. You're still my fave.)

merry merry.

Aw shucks, you are much cooler than we are. I can never live up to that sort of pressure :P (Also, is there a picture of Mia giving Chris a wedgie? Because I might give quite a bit to see that heh.)

I. Am. So. Jealous.

Wedgies & noogies are a skill EVERY little girl needs to master.

Just the skills anyone needs to succeed in life. It does help that she is so cute, no one would see it the wedgie/noogie attack coming.

I'm stingy with my addy, too. Because I, too, am tres cool. ;)

What feeder do you use? I am a total non-geek type with problems! LOL

Oh, you are terribly, awfully cool - contact from Swistle! In non-email form!

The coolest!
Don't forget to add wet-willies to you list of Mia's need-to-knows!

Hey, you know what? BLOGLINES NOT UPDATING! You're welcome! I suddenly thought today, "Wait---I haven't read a new So The Fish Said in AGES..." so I went to check and AAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I may have to switch to Google "Does Not Suck" Reader.

You TOTALLY suck. I wanna cool hand written card from Swistle too!

I *did* get one from Linda (Sundry) though and it totally made me feel special :-)

Merry Christmas!!

That handwriting looks like mine...

I thought it was me who wrote that but then I remember...

I don't have your address...


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas x

Doesn't having the ability to give wedgies make you the kewlest ever?

Have a Merry Christmas!

I always thought there were countless ways of how you were cooler than me.

Merry Christmas!

Huh. Well, I guess I am not as special as I thought then.

I keep geeting cool holiday cards and then feeling like a huge jerk wad for not sending any out again this year.

Very important life skills there.

Merry Christmas! Hope Santa is good to the Cactus-Fish family.

I am SO not cool. I have no idea who Swistle is!

I hope you had a great Christmas! Tim is a *little* overwhelmed by all the toys just like Mia.

Not to be the annoying person here, but Bloglines is getting all my other feeds just fine. I've tried deleting and resubscribing to you both with no luck. Does Bloglines suck? I've never had a problem before. What other RSS readers are out there, preferably that don't suck and that get your feeds???

I didn't even realize my aggregator sucked until just now, when I realized I have missed weeks (WEEKS!) of cactusfish goodness. I hope you all had fantabulous holidays and that the New Year is full of good things, Wally first among them. (And are you really sure all your feeds are fine? 'Cuz, well, oh nevermind. You so don't care but I love you anyway.) (In a totally non-creepy, non-stalkerish, majorly cool way.)

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