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Belly sapping all logical thought

Mia: Mama! I need my tower cups?
Me: Your shower cups?
Mia: No, my tower cups!
Me: Your flower cups?
Mia: No, my tower cups!
Me: Your power cups?
Mia: No, my tower cups!
Me: Your tower cups?
Mia: Yes! (You dumbshit.)
Me: Oh, I think they're in your closet.

Sometimes a cigar, etc....


I finally broke down and opened the box of See's Candy we got for Christmas, and Chris had better hurry home or there will be none left for him. But the candy just wasn't cutting it for me, so I've been dipping each piece in peanut butter. Man am I going to be sorry when the baby is born and I have to get fourteen layers of lard back off my ass.


Best thing anyone has said to me in ages:

Woman we haven't seen in about six weeks: You haven't had the baby yet?

Gee, what tipped you off?


Dudes, when do you pack your hospital bag? I mean, I am spitting distance from 36 weeks, is it time to think about getting prepared here? Or is it one of those things where if you don't pack it you are sure to go into labor early and if you do pack it you will be sitting around yelling threats at your fetus as your due date comes and goes?


You wanna hear about pitiful? I can no longer climb a flight of stairs without sitting down to rest afterwards. Better go get some more candy.

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Beth! I delurked to Chris this week, so I figured I better hurry up and do it over here, too.
Your sites are awesome, and I'm a frequent lurker.
(Hmmm, sounds creepy. Scratch that.)

I say, if you can pack your bags without getting winded, or if you decide you're in the mood? Go for it. Otherwise, give Mia some towerpowerflowermower cups to busy herself with, grab a jar of peanut butter, and a box (or 12) of candy, put your feet up, and enjoy it while you can :)

...or just make Chris do it.
Yeah. That sounds better!

Keep on keepin' on, and thanks for writing!

So what exactly IS a tower cup, or do you still not know?

We were hella planned out the first time with a bag ready to go two weeks ahead, CDs burned, extra toiletries, etc... and then we didn't use 90% of the stuff. I nearly forgot to get out a camera until a nurse mentioned it.

The second time we were just less worried about the bag. She felt contractions, we packed a few things and left for the hospital. I wanted to be at home with my 2-year-old the second night so anything else Jen needed I just brought up.

Damned if you do, and damned if you don't. DD #1 was born at 36w 0d, my bag wasn't packed. With DD #2 I packed at 34w, she was born at 38w 5d.

I had the same kind of discussion with DD #1. She wanted to play her Backyardigans game, I thoyught she siad Dragon game and we ended up arguing over wether or not we had a dragon game.

Damned if you do, and damned if you don't. DD #1 was born at 36w 0d, my bag wasn't packed. With DD #2 I packed at 34w, she was born at 38w 5d.

I had the same kind of discussion with DD #1. She wanted to play her Backyardigans game, I thought she said Dragon game and we ended up arguing over wether or not we had a dragon game.

Do you NEED something to do? Then pack the bags!!! (I'm joking...) Really, what is there to packing a hospital bag? I waited til the morning I went into labor and had everything I needed. And the candy, too bad for Chris, lucky Wally!!! Chris'll just have to get used to sharing with yet another lil person! HA!

Food (like junk food ;), your OWN clothes so you do not need to wear that gown the whole time, a toothbrush/toothpaste (also, your own shampoo so you do not need to wash you hair with the No Tears baby shampoo - UGH, why?!), nursing bras (and a boppy!) and a little "gift" for Mia so she feels like she is part of the whole "process".

Those are my exciting and helpful thoughts. I will definitely bring less this go around than I did the first time.

If the fetus is late, is the bag really going to make you that much more sick of being pregnant ?

As well, based on your belly shots, I don't get the perceived hugeness. I've seen way more hugeness. But I'm glad the little guy is developing nicely !

Okay, so chocolate candy dipped in peanut butter?


No first hand info here, but from what I have been told, you have 7.5 minutes from first signs of labor until delivery for the second child.

Seriously though, I'm told the second ones often arrive faster than you think. Pack you bag and have it ready. One less thing to think about later.

And what are you doing with Mia while you are in the stirrups? You might need someone to watch her who doesn't mind being woken up at 2 AM. And speaking of which, why the heck do babies all want to be born in the middle of the night? What happened to the nice after-brunch birthing?

See's is da bomb. Your ass will forgive you.

hmm. if you were to find yourself, as many often do, in that nesting scurry, it might come in handy as a task to be done somewhere before vacuuming under the storage cabinets in the garage and after mating the stray socks that have accumulated since you moved.

but if the nesting doesn't happen and the labor comes fast... well, you'll be kicking yourself for having listened to me.

and what about the stuff that you want to bring to the hospital but still use in the interim?

i know. i'm not helping. there's just no "right" answer here, it seems.

keep breathing, and know that it will all go just as it is supposed to go. new nightie or not.

yummmmm.... see's candy! i'll be right over! pack when you are in labor. you need the extra time to eat sees and argue with a toddler.. packing can wait. besides, this time, you will be 'enjoying' the peace and quiet while Chris is home with Mia... so, he can run to get stuff for you. I packed while timing contractions... but i was 34 weeks.

yummmmm.... see's candy! i'll be right over! pack when you are in labor. you need the extra time to eat sees and argue with a toddler.. packing can wait. besides, this time, you will be 'enjoying' the peace and quiet while Chris is home with Mia... so, he can run to get stuff for you. I packed while timing contractions... but i was 34 weeks.

I haven't packed the bags yet and I'm 38 weeks. Actually, I haven't much of anything yet but I do my best work under pressure!!

Ha Ha Ha... my bag was packed at about 36 weeks. But the day I went into labor, my task oriented husband repacked it in a way that suited him better and also fixed the toilet in the master bathroom. I had to get the cabinets organized and the carpets steam cleaned (which I had done two days before giving birth), he needed to have the toilet fixed before we brought home the baby. Go figure.

I'm not a chocolate lover/eater but See's candies are the only chocolates I really like other than Harry London's from Ohio. You shouldn't be blamed for not sharing.

I'm guessing "tower cups" are the stacking-nesting kind?

I highly recommend NOT packing for the hospital, unless you expect your labour to go too quickly to get it done that day. Make a list so you don't forget anything, but definitely don't do anything ahead of time that isn't essential. Here's why: Our first baby was a week early, and we had nothing done (out of ignorance... or denial... one of the two). But with #2, we prepared for an early arrival, and he ended up being born the day after my due date. The week before was hard -- I felt overdue, and since everything was done already, I had nothing to think about except the fact that the baby hadn't arrived yet! Depends on the kind of person you are. If it makes you more comfortable to feel prepared, then go for it! Otherwise, give yourself a distraction while you're in labour. :)

Last time I was pregnant, I ate an entire 5 pound box of chocolate in a week. ONE WEEK. This time, the mere thought of that almost causes me to run to the loo for upheaval. Awesome.

I am the ultimate slacker. I never packed a bag. I thought I would have plenty of time since I wasn't dilating they said I would have to be induced like a week after my due date. So no bag. I ended up with nasty toes and totally unprepared when she was born on her due date.

If I get a chance to have a second baby I'm so packing a bag as soon as I find out I'm pregnant, :)

I say pack it and put it, and the things that you need. Put them on on your guest bedroom bed and close the door.

Keep the batteries for you cameras, and their chargers, on the bed so you can grab and go when needed.

This also helps the items to stay "out-of-sight-out-of-mind" so you don't drive yourself crazy every time you see them!

you told me you could not have an epidural yet because then you could not walk. it sounds like walking is seriously overrated at this point, as long as you sit yourself down near the candy and peanut butter.

Do you know when I packed my hospital bag? The night before I was due to be induced. I would have been screwed if she had come on her own.

I don't pack bags. I let Josh do it when i go into labour, otherwise I end up packing for a 3 week cruise in the South Pacific. keeps him busy and away from me while I'm a tad bit busy, you know, trying not to kill him for doing this to me.

I'm only 14 weeks and already I think the baby has eaten my brain. I once saw a news story that said that women's brains actually shrink during pregnancy. I have to look that one up.

It's fun to pack your bag just to feel closer to the end. It's something to keep your mind off all the misery.

You deserve that chocolate. Enjoy!

I'm OCD about being prepared, but I'm also a bit of a procrastinator. I'm not sure how far along I was when I packed w/ the 2 year old's pregnancy, but this time around I'll probably pack about a month ahead of time. The whole what will I wear home from the hospital thing always stalls me. No matter what you wear you always still look pregnant that first week and it's hard to guess at what will hide that temporary poochie stomach. I usually buy duplicates of my must have toiletries and make-up items and a book that I'm dying to read and of course the baby's (or in my case this go round, babys')go home outfit. I leave the clothing kind of 'til the last minute.

Do not, I repeat, do not pack the bag! I packed the bag 5 (yes, FIVE) weeks before Mila was born. I packed the bag and had the carseat locked and loaded at 37 weeks (because I was unaware that you can be dialated 3 cm for a bazillion years before actually giving birth), I delivered at 42 weeks. With Summer I was going to a 38 week visit and BAM! I was dialated to 6 cm and they made me rush to the hospital, no carseat, no bag, no warning, AND? Her dad was 3 hours away at work. Luckily she was born 4 hours later and he drove like a bat out of hell to be there.

I packed my bag right at 37 weeks (a Sunday) and I went into labor on that next Tuesday. Boy was I glad I did that!

Hon, pack your bag and then put it by the door. Better safe that asking Christ to bring up your stuff.

Just pack your bag and leave it by the door. Better to do this than try to tell Chris what to bring to you in the hospital.

There is a special kind of healthy-giving energy that one can derive from candy. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

I got a box of See's chocolates for Christmas so I know how wonderful their stuff is. And really, if you can't eat candy guilt-free when you're third-trimester pregnant, then when can you? AND it's probably going towards Wally's IQ development anyway, so every bit of candy and peanut butter is vital:o)

Great. No I'm hungry again.

The bag.. hmmm, well. You could start to pack what you are sure a man wouldn't think of packing.

I vote for packing. I'm twitching just thinking about not being prepared.

I remember when putting my mascara on took my breath away.

Oh yes, more chocolate.

I wish I had packed my bag before I went into labor. My water broke at 36 1/2 weeks, and my husband and I ran around the house like crazy fools trying to get everything I had on the list. I did have the official list printed and ready weeks before I went into labor.

I pack SOME stuff earlyish, because otherwise I lie awake fretting. So I put in the stuff I won't need until the hospital, and I buy duplicates of things like deodorant so I can put it in the bag. The stuff that's easy to tell someone else to pack, though, I leave until last minute.

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