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Me: (trying to get off the couch)
Chris: (laughing)
Me: Shut up.
Chris: I'm laughing with you, not at you.
Me: I'm not laughing. And this is all your fault.
Chris: Not really.
Me: You did this to me.
Chris: You had a hand in it.
Me: I was just trying to be polite.

P.S. What would you do if your 2.5 year old announced that she hated the name you had chosen for her impending little brother? Actually, she said it scared her.

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Just trying to be polite *snort*

Ah, getting out of couches. Almost as fun as the pregnancy-induced involuntary groans when you bend over.

My oldest named my middle child. We named #2 Joshua. When #1 came to the hospital to visit, he said, "YOU can call him Joshua, but I'M calling him JUSTIN".

We named him Justin. . . . . (it happened to be on our list of possibles, tho. . . .)

Tough call. . . especially if you really think it scares her?

You crack me up :)

Also, I'm glad (after reading jenni's comment) that I'm not the one that does the involuntary groan thing. I was starting to get on my own nerves!

As for the name, did she say why it scared her? Maybe make up a happy story with a character with that name (or find one) to give it a good connotation.

Tell her that he picked his own name and was able to tell you through your tummy??? Ahh! I don't know.

My B-I-L wanted to name my husband Mickey Mouse and wouldn't even look at him until he was 4 months old, just because he hated his name.

You could also look up photos of other people with that name and show her how "non-scary" they are.

These days everything scares my 2 yr old - even my cooking! (But really, who can blame her?). Just name him whatever you want, excpet for Hooper Humperdink.

Given the difficulties you have had in choosing a name, unles her eyes roll back in her head and horns sprout from her cute little head, I suggest you stick with the name. But I am really curious to know what you chose that scares her.

When we were expecting our second daughter we told our first that the baby would tell us her name when she came out. That worked for us, but it may be too difficult for you to back pedal now.

I agree with the above idea to try and find or make up (perhaps Mia could help you) stories/games/photos/drawings that portray the name you have chosen in a positive light.

Hmmmm thats a tough one. Do you think its really the name you have chosen that scares or her the reality of a sibling settling in? Maybe you should ask her what name she would like or WHY that name scares her. Or suggest that maybe when her baby brother comes and she meets him, the name won't be so scary.

Then give her a few names to pick from. Or get a really cute doll and tell her that the dolls name is suchandsuch. See if you can bribe her into liking it. If not, then you and suchandsuch are screwed.
Polite? Yeah, that's me everytime Hubby and I get it on! LOL

Lady wants to name this next one "Sister" or "Baby Brother." She has a baby doll named, of course, Baby Sister, so that one is already taken you see.

Scared her? Wow. I hated the name my mum and stepdad chose for my first sister so they changed it to one I did like (trying to make the whole new sister thing a little less traumatic), when the second sister came along they decided they had already let me have my way so called this one the original name that I hated. Now? I love that name, and I bet Mia will come round.

I also shudder to think of the names I wanted my sisters to be called - Crystal, Twinkle...

I missed it??!?!? What name have you decided on?

Have Mia pick a "nickname" she can call him.

I'd think it's not the name so much as having the baby come and usurp her role as sole-loved-child. That's going to be the hardest part for her to deal with and she's going to react to it in ways you'd never expect (I've learned this the hard way, and still am). If you have some time, try reading (now, since I waited til issues began to happen and there's stuff in it I could have used right away between mine) Siblings Without Rivalry to see if you can make the transition smoother for her.

You could try and let her pick out the middle name. Not officially, but she doesn't need to know his middle name isn't "Stink-butt" or "Cupcake" until she's older. That might help her think she's involved in this "new baby" thing, instead of it happening *to* her.

Tell her that the other name option was Death Monkey, which is probably scarier than the current one....unless she says otherwise, at which point I think your obligated to go ahead and name the boy Death Monkey in order to save Mia from a life of trauma.

Let's see here, What could the name possibly be, that would scare a 2yr old? Please... give us a hint. We can't take it!!

I'm guessing Wally will bother Mia a lot, no matter what you call him, first by making loud noises and eventually by touching her stuff. Maybe if she is scared of his name, it will prevent her from shoving him in retaliation.

Or not.

Lumpyhead called Lula "Hank" for the first six months of her life. We just rolled with it.

Oh, and if all you did was "have a hand in/on it," how did you end up pregnant?

I was just trying to be polite....Funny Stuff LOL

It scares her??? What are you planning on naming this kid?? Does she have a name for brother that she really likes? Maybe it's her way of naming him what she wants :) She is too cute!

Create a fun song about it. We do a "cheer" of sorts, which is how the kids learned to spell their names.

Well, when you decide to name a kid Frankenstein, what do you expect! ;-) Probably not funny?

I like a lot of the suggestions above -- asking her what names she likes, why she is afraid of that name, trying to desensitize with a funny song, etc. My brother was 3 when I was born and wanted to name me George. One of my uncles still calls me George to this day! So you can always have a couple of names/nicknames for the little one.

Scares her? Um... maybe you could let her watch one of the Saw movies and show her what scared really means.

Or not.

Are you naming that child "Fred Kruger"? or "Clown" cause that would scare a lot of people. ;)

this is the very reason why we didn't tell ANYONE the names!

i would probably start suggestiong really silly absurd names, to make her laugh and lighten up, and then end it all with a, "no? really? you don't think Crokazilla would work? Not even ElephantApple? OH DARN! Well, I guess we'd better stick to ____ then!" and then repeat when/if she protests again. Silliness always helps serious/scary situations!

I agree with the others that she's probably nervous about the big change a-comin.

I'm sure you guys have already planned out a "gift" to Mia from the baby when he comes home, which will probably help. The "Big Brother" book helped in our house a lot too, which spells out all the ways being a big sibling is special too.

Ask her again. She might like the name the 2nd or 3rd time.

If not, you could create a good nickname, use the boys middle name until she outgrows it, or change the name.

I love your blog, but sometimes there are too many comments for me to read to decide if what I have to say has already been said 20 times. So, my apologies if all this has already been said.

You can tell her, I know another baby who is going to be named Dresden. See, now your brother's name isn't so scary any more.

Yes, a friend of ours is due in early March, and his name will be Dresden William...known to us so far, and probably for another year after he's born as Peanut. :)

What's the name that you picked anyway? (Been away from here a while. Afraid I might have missed your big announcement.)

What are you planning on naming this kid? Ichabod?

I think I'd tell her that she could choose a very special big-sister-only nickname for him, and let her call him that until she gets used to the name you've selected. Given the amount of blood you sweated trying to pick a name, I'd stick with whatever you've already agreed upon.

Good manners will get you nowhere, Missy.

That oughta teach you.

Hey, I forgot to suggest...maybe it's time to get Mia a kitty kat.. and let her name that!! Come on, you know you want to..haha

My son is 2 weeks old today. We were nervous about my daughter (almost 3 years old) and how she would react once he got home. So far so good. Although, she never said his name scared her. I would go with the story idea. Make him the hero in a fun story. Make sure she is part of the story too.

Tell your little sweetie to come up with a nice nickname she can call her brother.

You ignore it. My niece did the same thing. She said her new sisters name was too long and scary and she wouldn't say it. Two days and a sibling nickname and all was good.

If you love the name, don't change it for a two year olds sake. They change their mind too often.

I totally ignore sibling input, unless it is what I wanted to hear. My 6- and 8-year-olds HATED the name we chose for Henry. Then, about three days after he was born, my 8-year-old said dreamily, "When you said the name Henry, I thought I didn't like it. But now that he's here, I love it." He's said it several times since then. And my 6-year-old said something similar, but saying that now he couldn't imagine the baby being named anything else.

Kids don't know what they're talking about.

Totally all Chris's fault. Obviously. ;-)
That's peculiar that she finds the name scary? But I"m sure she'll get over it :-) Everyone else has great ideas as to how, of course.

Ha! Thats funny!

Mia will get used to the name, she is just helping make a memory of how/when her brothers name was decided!

"I needed something to do while I was brushing my teeth"

Scares her? Um, maybe you should reconsider "Frankenstein".

I'd make my laughing-at-a-37-weeks-pregnant-woman husband figure out what to do about Mia. He obviously needs something constructive to do.

Well, Mia isn't really her name right, it's Amelia, what about a nickname that you call him, maybe the nickname wouldn't scare her. Or, like everyone else said, she'll grow accustomed to it.

When Brendan was 4 he declared he hated his OWN name (most of the world call him Brandon and it kinda mugs me/him) and would really really like if we would just call him mike.

well, my son wasn't concerned about the name - he was concerned about the gender. he REALLY wanted a sister and said that if it was a boy he'd flush it down the toilet... ah, kids!

current ages: Boy 6, Girl 1.5 :)

I usually set two throw pillows at my back before sitting on the sofa, so I don't usually have that problem. But I have a terrible time rolling over and getting out of bed. I wouldn't appreciate laughter from hubby, but his overly solicitous jumping up from a sound sleep everytime I'm grunting to push myself over and out of the bed is getting on my last nerve.

My 2 1/2 year old little bear has a thing where whenever he's a little grumpy (and sometimes it seems he's sick of hearing about the babies) he says, "Don't WIKE (like) it!" "Don't HAVE it!" quite vehemently. And he's done that a few times, but he also will say it over things he loves like Chocolate Chip cookies or a new toy. Whenever he says it I just tell him, "That's okay, you don't have to like it." And then I mutter to myself, "Just deal with it."

"I'm laughing with you, not at you." I hate this line!

And as for Mia, I would keep talking about with her till she chilled. Is it maybe that she is anxious about her new sibling in general?

Have you asked Mia why the name you've chosen scares her? Does she know someone with that name? Or is there a scary character with that name in one of her books? I'm kind of concerned that she's afraid of a name... Unless, of course, it's because by giving the baby a name, it makes it more real for her, and that's what's scaring her.

Hmmmm... You didn't by any chance just happen to choose 'Welikeyoubest' for the baby's name did you??

Try getting of that couch right after you give birth, now that is fun! :)

What did you decide to name your son? Masterofdoom? Cuz that would scare the crap outta me too.

See where being polite gets you???

I would write in in her baby book so her brother has some awesome ammo on her in ten years.

How does the name scare her?

My fifteen month old pointed at the bathroom sink and said "dirty" the other day. I think it was about time I cleaned it when she's noticing its dirty.

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