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If you had asked me fifteen years ago where I would be today, this probably would not have been my answer. I had different ideas at 18 that didn't involve the suburbs 10 miles from the house where I grew up or a career in housewifery and that were decidedly more glamorous and outrageous than real life usually turns out to be. But, if you had asked me 15 years ago who I would be spending my undefined life with today, I probably would have hazarded a guess that it would be Chris.

Today is our 15th anniversary, although we seem to disagree as to the 15th anniversary of what exactly. Chris feels it is the 15th anniversary of the night I picked him up in a bathroom. I think it is the 15th anniversary of... erm... something else entirely. Either way, I knew early on that we were kindred spirits, that by starting up with this guy I was probably committing myself to the long haul. And I am happy to have made it 15 years in with no end in sight.

It hasn't all been good, in fact some of it has been pretty damned miserable. It hasn't all been happy, I haven't loved every minute of it and, to be honest, I haven't even loved him every minute of it. But here we are, and as they say, we are still married. Happily married, wouldn't change it for the world married, can't imagine it any other way married. And blessed beyond reason by our quiet little life, our happy little family, all those things that would have sounded so boring to me 15 years ago but that have turned out to be everything I ever wanted.

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Congratulations to you both! =)

happy to hear it hasnt been all chocolates and roses, but that you have had a great ride. Nice to know there are more of us out there ;)

Awww! In that very BIG way, in which someone can say "Awww." Not at all in the sappy, sarcastic way someone can say it, but in that way which also means "awe." In all it's definitions - I looked them up. Bless you both! (Make that almost-four). Here's to 15x5!

Happy anniversary, y'all! Here's to another 15 years...and 15 after that! :D

Congratulations, you crazy kids.

Happy Anniversary!

Congrats on you happy boringness :) I think a lot of us are in the same boat, but it usually pans out how it should!

Happy anniversary!

Happy Anniversary. 15 years is quite an accomplishment. Yes indeed.

And dude, thanks a million for being honest. Marriage is hard. Very hard.

Despite what anniversary it is, have a happy one.

You've got me curious now. Because I don't think it's common for people who are miserable at some point to pull through to the amazing life that you three.9 are enjoying. What were the worst times? How did you pull through?

The best advice I gave my son before he got married was, in *my* opinion, to know and understand, that you cannot possibly live with someone 365 days a year and love/like them every single minute of every day. Its just not realistic. Once you understand that there will be times when you flat out dont like that person at that moment AND realize it is just for a little bit of time. . . then life is, in fact, very good! Its okay, and quite normal!

You and Chris are very special people. You obviously know that what you have is worth fighting for :o) Mia is proof that all is good in the Fish/Cactus life, (even if it has its moments)! Your baby boy soon to come is another lucky little one!

Here's to your first 15, and the next 15 to come! Congratulations!


Mia and Future Baby are so lucky to have such wonderful parents who are so clearly meant for each other. Happy Anniversary!

And here's to many many more. And cookies.

Happy anniversary, and from a newly-engaged person, thank you for your honesty.

Happy Anniversary!!! And wishes for many, many more.... You are role models for the rest of us...and thanks for the honesty, it's always nice to know that everyone else doesn't have the wonderful marriage when you are struggling just to see each other because of schedules.

You know, I am so glad you two met and that you have shared your lives with us.
Happy Anniversary, and may the years ahead be even more wonderful!

It still shocks the hell out of me when I realize Mark and I have been together for almost 12 years. I'm pretty sure it'll still be shocking at 15. But it's the good kind of shocking. The, damn-how'd-we-get-so-lucky kinda shocking.

Congrats to you both.

Isn't it amazing that although we believed we "knew it all" at 18, we couldn't have imagined how great this all can be. Even when it's not.

Happy Anniversary!

Here's to 15 more and 15 more and 15 more. Anymore than that might be scary.

Oh gosh this is just so incredibly real and beautiful. Happy anniversary.

So many congratulations! Yeah for bathroom pick-ups, and. . .erm, other stuff!

Happy anniversery Beth. That was really sweet! I love that you acknowledge the smaller anniversaries, i do the same....there are just SO many more than weddings to celebrate, right! You should totally get a present for each and every one of them!

You definitely get out of it what you put in to it...I'm in a similar boat...absolutely thrilled / blessed with my humble life!

Morale: Hang out more in bathrooms.

Happy Anniversary!! Whether it be your first kiss or your first something else!

It's a good thing we don't get what we think we want when we're young. Happy 15th anniversary of whatever it was that happened 15 years ago in a bathroom (I smell romance novel!).

Congratulations to you both :)

Congratulations - may you enjoy amny more happy years together.

Awwww... Happy 15 to whatever it is the two of you are celebrating! =]

Happy 15 years since you first had sex standing up (together)!

Oh Happy Anniversary! So, we're two days past the earliest possible safe delivery date, right?

Here's to many more than 15 more years! :)

Happy Anniversary you crazy kids!!! :)

Fifteen years of pure unadulterated bliss would have been so boring, though, don't you think?

Congrats to you both.

Awww, you two are just so cute! Happy 15th whatever!

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Congratulations! 15 years is a long time. So it's not your wedding anniversary but your anniversary of another, perhaps more important moment? That's lovely. I met my husband when I was interning at his company at the age of 21. He was a much older 23. We "dated" for a year. By "dated" I mean got drunk and hooked up. I WISH I knew what our anniversary was of our first "date". But given that we were always, er, boozing and kissing, all I can tell you is that it was in the autumn. We didn't stay together, and in fact went 3 years without seeing each other. But we've been "back" together since 1999 (or is it 1998?). Ah, romance!

Congratulations again. Doing anything to celebrate? I hear "dating" can hurry things along in terms of getting that baby moving. If you are so inclined. I'll stop now.

Congratulations to you both, what an accomplishment!
May I ask you a question?
Was Chris your first "real boyfriend"?
My first "real boyfriend" and I have been together for a year and a half (we're both 21) and I know he's the one and he thinks the same about me. I feel the way about him that you described feeling about Chris. Some people think I need to go be with other guys so I don't miss anything, but I have no intentions to give up somthing so good to go find out I had what I wanted.
I guess I'm just looking for someone else who has lasted with their "first".
Sorry to ramble on...congratulations, and here's to another 15 a few times over.

Brainless muscle and I have been together for 30 yrs. We picked each other up at a party, spent the night together (ahhhh the 70's free sex). Three days later we met up again, and have been together ever since. It has not been easy, but we were always been friends. That is the seceret, marry your best friend and life will be ok. You two have the right sentiment.

That is Nice. I'm so happy your 15-year story is so much better than my 15-year story. But this 16th year... it's looking up. :)

Hooray! And much happiness to all four of you!

Beautiful. Happy anniversary!


Congrats to both of you. Marriage really is worth fighting for, when you find that special someone. I'm glad 15 years later you still feel comfy and happy together, even with the additions of children and a home.

So do you have any advice for us newlyish marrieds on how to get through the parts where its miserable and you dont like them let alone love them??
Pol x

aw, congrats congrats congrats!

glad we're not the only ones to argue over dates. Husband says we met on 12th Dec, I say 10th (the 12th is an aniversary of something quite different!)

Still, here we are 13 years later, been married 8 years and with 5 kids.

When we first moved in together, a mutual friend told me he gave us about 3 months till we drove each other crazy.

My response? Now, as then, - actually it takes about a week and whose business is that but ours?!

Happy Anniversary!

As I told Chris, Bryan and I started dating 15 years ago over Jagermeister shots... so ROCK. ON. US!

Congrats on your anniversary, girl.


Your last paragraph is the type of honesty that makes me believe that marriage is worth all of the struggles in the end. I'm really grateful for that kind of truth telling, just so ya know. ;-)

What a lovely post. I know Doug and I have been together 10 years and I feel the same way. Not all perfect, not close, but all things considered, pretty good.

Happy whatever it is. Sorry I'm so late getting around.

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