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I feel pretty

Ok everybody, on the count of three, hit that little "refresh" button up at the top of your browser. Ready? 1, 2, 3! Did that fix it? If not, let me know, but I think I've gotten most of the bugs out. Also, dear Mac users, if one of you would like to loan me your machine for several days I will be happy to test/fix this design for a Mac, but until I get a volunteer, sorry but there's nothing I can do about it.

Now, aren't I pretty? I am, yes. Tell me I'm pretty, you know you want to. I think I will develop a firm policy to totally redesign my website every four years whether it needs it or not. And yes, a couple of you miss the purple and I do just a bit too, but it was well past time to do something else and I feel like I have a big girl blog now instead of whatever mishmash I had cobbled together with my own sorely lacking design skills and almost non-existent html and css knowledge.

Why do I look so pretty? It is all courtesy of Emily. See, we worked out this deal where I would install MT for her and she would do a new design for me, and she got by far the raw end of that deal but she did it anyway and she's amazing. I think the sum total of the guidance I gave her was "purple, not too girly, and for the love of god no big cartoon woman at the top." (Is that cartoon woman thing still a trend? It seems not to be so much and nothing against you personally if you have one but man, they were just every-damned-where for a while, weren't they?) Anyway, out of my totally unhelpful "dude, keep it sort of simple, maybe, and possibly also a nav bar?" comments, Emily made an absolutely gorgeous design. Which I then made her change to suit my whims, and she didn't mention even once that it really did look better her way, oh no, she just changed it and changed it to make me happy.

And then! Then she let me implement it myself, which would have driven me flat up the wall in her position because who knows what I'm going to screw up, and then she spent hours of yesterday helping me fix the things I screwed up, and she didn't even complain that I changed a couple of little things even though again, her stuff was certainly way better than mine.

There were a couple of things I was really afraid of when I agreed to have someone else design this site. First, I was scared I would hate it. Second, I was scared there would be all this drama like what do you mean to reorganized your sidebar, you stupid, design-impaired loser? It was perfect! But there was not a bit of that - Emily very graciously made any changes I asked for and didn't even mention the changes I made other than to help me make them look better.

And you know what the best part of this is? For you, I mean, obviously the best part for me is that I have this amazing new design. The best part for you is that Emily does this professionally, and if you asked nicely I'm sure she would agree to do a design for you for a very reasonable fee. And even if you don't want her to do a new design for you, I think you should head over there and tongue kiss her just for being so fabulous. You will have to get in line behind me though, and I plan to be taking up most of her tongue kissing time for at least the next few days.


Now, let's talk about my fat ass, shall we? Although actually, while I looked stupidly large for being 6 months pregnant back in October or so, I look pretty ok for being nine months pregnant, although the ass really is distressingly fat. And no, this fetus is showing no signs whatsoever of coming out any time soon, but my own OB told me herself yesterday that none of that means I won't go into labor any minute. (And please, pretty please, I mean thank you and all, but there is no need to tell me all the ways you know to send myself into labor because a) I don't think they do a damned thing if you aren't basically ready to go there yourself, and b) I have access to google and I know how to use it.) The truth is that I'm not in a screaming rush to get this kid out of me. Sure, I'm pretty uncomfortable, but other than a couple hours at the end of the day it isn't too bad and really the worst part has been two spots of eczema on my hands for which I am not allowed any good drugs and which drive me batshit insane a couple of times a week. (And again, thanks but no thanks on the natural remedies. See google, access to above.) I would like very much to go into labor sometime before 7:30 on February 11, which is when my c-section is scheduled, but it that means going into labor at 6:30 on February 11 that would be ok with me.

I did have a couple of hours very early Tuesday morning when I thought labor might be happening. Turns out it was more likely a case of too many brownies, but it was an interesting experience. My first thought on thinking this might be the onset of labor was "oh god, please no." Turns out I'm still a little more scared of the whole thing than I have been allowing myself to believe. It all just sounds so... unpleasant. And yes, I have chosen to try it the old-fashioned way even though I could have been busy having myself a c-section right about now, but the reasons for that decision have nothing to do with the "experience" of labor or childbirth. My c-section with Mia was great, my recovery was great, if it goes that way again then oh well, no biggie.

Wait, I seem to have forgotten my point. I suppose it is a) Beth is scared of labor, and b) if Chris shows up here sometime in the next not-quite two weeks and announces that Wally was delivered by c-section and mama and baby are doing great, there is no need to dedicate the slightest bit of concern or sympathy regarding the c-section bit because I just don't care that much.

(And I just have to throw this in, since I am vaguely on the subject. You know what really chaps my ass? When I was researching the whole VBAC vs. repeat c-section issue I found all these websites that listed the risks of both methods. The c-section list was always pages and pages long and listed all sorts of dire things like death from hospital-acquired infections and crushing post-partum depression and total inability to ever bond with your child and being miserable for the rest of your life, and the list of vaginal delivery risks said minor tearing and shoulder nerve damage to the fetus. And hey, you know what's a major risk of vaginal delivery? Fetal death. You know another one? Maternal death. In fact, for much of human history (and to this day in a lot of places on this planet) childbirth was a pretty common way for women to die. You know why it isn't much of a risk for us? Because before it gets that far, we have c-sections. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.)

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It looks great on my Mac!

I have a Mac and I would have let you use it, except I have a cartoon woman on in the masthead of my blog, and, well, we all know how you feel about that.

Well put. And, also, you look pretty.

SO very pretty!!!

On the Mac/web site design, this site might help.

Are you really going to not post a pic of yourself all 39 weeks preggos? C'mmmmoooonnnnnn!!!! Call it a "before" pic if you want.

You're pretty.

I have a Mac and it looks good (and purple) over here. I agree with you that things will happen how and when they are good and ready. Can't wait to see pictures of the new little guy!

Just commenting to
a) test it out again
b) see if this time it will remember my info
c) tell you that it still looks good with FF


Glad that all is well with Wally even if he isnt making an exit situation yet. Henry REFUSED to make an exit and was lodged in my pelvis AFTER being induced and laboring for 24 hours. Had a csection and let me tell you, if I ever have to have one again, I am moving to your state and have your doctor do it. I am STILL recovering 4 weeks later, with an infection mind you and a scare from 16 oh yes SIXTEEN staples across my stomach. Not to mention being anemic and going into shock from losing over a third of my blood during the procedure. God bless your experience, some of us just arent as lucky (or pretty) as you!

Thank you for pointing out that C-Sections are NOT only for celebrity tummy tucks but actually a way to save a woman from a life threatening labor and possible loss of her uterus if prior conditions exist. I am going to be having one and I cannot TELL you how many people have expressed their opinions on it... even after I tell them I have had 4-prior surgeries which could V Delivery dangerous to me... they still roll their eyes..

very pretty. it wouldn't let me comment last night though! she was being quite the bee-otch. maybe she's calmed down today.

You know, as long as the baby gets out in one piece and you eventually end up in one piece again, then I'd consider it all a success. The goal is healthy baby, and healthy mother, no? And kudos on 9 months of successful gestating while I'm at it!

And also, I cannot wait to hear that this Wally has arrived, and also to hear what you have named him!

And also also, I have a Mac and the site looks beeeautiful.

Well said. I had two sections (one elective due to pre-eclampsia and one emergency due to ....all sorts of bad stuff after 36 hours labour) and without c-sections I certainly would not have survived and chances are neither would my sons. Good luck with whatever route Wally chooses to arrive by!


Glad that all is well with Wally even if he isnt making an exit situation yet. Henry REFUSED to make an exit and was lodged in my pelvis AFTER being induced and laboring for 24 hours. Had a csection and let me tell you, if I ever have to have one again, I am moving to your state and have your doctor do it. I am STILL recovering 4 weeks later, with an infection mind you and a scare from 16 oh yes SIXTEEN staples across my stomach. Not to mention being anemic and going into shock from losing over a third of my blood during the procedure. God bless your experience, some of us just arent as lucky (or pretty) as you!

You look pretty,
Oh, so pretty,
You look pretty and witty and bright!
And I pity
Any girl who isn't you tonight.
(okay, so I stole those lyrics!)

About the VBAC controversy thing,well I think it's Bull.
Here's hoping Wally walzes into this world on his own, but if not, well heck, we just want a happy healthy delivery of both mother and baby!

I do love the new site.

Love the new look!

Yes, I can now see your pictures in the sidebar.

I hate to mention it, though, but on the post page itself (but not on the main page), not all the navigation links at the top point the right place.

Now, I have to now... Does your hospital have wi-fi?

But it's not storing my personal info either

Love the new design. Clean, professional and still you.

Thank you for the last paragraph.

Wow, I want to tongue kiss your new design! It is super gorgeous.

Love the new design. And wow - it's hard to believe that you've only got less that 2 weeks left!

Dude, I was thinking V-BAC right up until week 38(thousand).
At that point they told me...he wasn't dropping (he had dropped at one time but I coughed him back up with a flu) and he could hang out there for 2-3 weeks just gettin fatter.
c-section it is!

(funny I was just reading in national geographic about how since out evolution to bipedal beings we are not longer built for easy/unassisted childbirth like our primate friends)

I use a Mac, and your site looks fine. I also checked all your little pages at the top and they work well too. So from my end (using Safari as a browser) I think you got it, akthough I can not speak for other peoples Mac's.

1) I have a Mac, and your blog looks great.

2) Your thoughts on c-sections make me want to send you presents. I have been so grateful that my c-section saved my life and my baby's life and my future reproductive possibilities, and I hate so much when people act as if I had it because I am a total patsy who believed a manipulative doctor who did it for her (the doctor's---I'm losing track of antecedents here) own convenience.

I've heard from other people who found reason to check out those chat boards that a lot of the people that post messages bad-mouthing one thing or another turn out to be some of the most self-righteous, judgmental asshats in all of femaledom. Evidently, Mia turned out OK. And you appear to be alive. So. Y'know. C-sections, ho!

The worst topics, by far it seems, involve breastfeeding. You'd think from the violent reactions of the 'boob-squad' that anyone who doesn't breastfeed may as well feed their children expired cat food for all the emotional and physical damage they're doing.

I hate to stereotype, but you're all psychopaths.

Disclaimer: I had a induced vaginal birth with my firstborn (son) and a unplanned c-section (went in to be induced, but WHOOPS, she was breech!) with my daughter. My recovery was a snap (probably because I didn't labor) with the c-section and I would have a scheduled c-section if I planned on having a 3rd kid.

I find the whole "how we birth" discussion so very interesting. My sister is a college professor and she has a colleague that researches this subject. She says that one reason that the c-section rate is higher than it once was is that ob/gyns are not learning how to manage difficult deliveries, so there is a generation of docs who don't/can't use a suction or forceps skillfully. This is a scary proposition to me. The ob who delivered my son is old-school: his c-section rate is 3%! I have no doubt that I avoided a c-section because he was able to use his skill and experience to deliver my son (all 8 and a half pounds of him!). Although, to his credit, at the time it seemed like a completely mellow delivery. Not scary at all.

All that said, I generally support ANY choice a women makes regarding their reproductive rights and birth choices. Now, I may get attacked for saying this, but giving birth to my children (the actual PROCESS) was not super important to me. My 1st ob's philosophy was "Healthy mom, healthy baby, and a not so bad experience". I agree. For me (and I can only speak for me), not having the epidural would have been horrible. Women should be fully informed, but then be able to make their own decisions, without judgment.

Okay, I'll step off the soapbox now! =)

It's looking good to me! And I just did it in safari because I thought you might wonder what it'd look like is all, not to be all, 'accommodate me and my mac!"

I am suddenly blinded by the glowing visual of ANY kind of childbirth. If you'll excuse me for a sec, I think I'll go thank my vagine for not squeezing anything out of there lately.

Great new design! And yes, as someone who does blog designs, cartoon women at the top are still a trend.

Emily is very nice!

You are fabulous!

Can't wait to meet Wally!

Enjoy the last few days of pregnancy and Mia all to yourself!!

I should've waited until I got home to read the post, because I was laughing out loud. You crack me up... I'm glad that you (and everyone else) are enjoying the new design. Your description of your instructions was really pretty much spot on! :o)

You seem much more calm about Wally's birth than Mia's, which I think is kind of neat. I think Mia's gonna be the coolest big sister of all time.

Oh my world is offically rocked. New design. I think I will like it when I get used to it not being the old one.

BTW - thinking of you often and sending you good labor/delivery thoughts...

Oh, so very pretty! I really like it.

I say any delivery that ends up with happy & healthy baby and mom is a winenr, whether that is VBAC or c-section.

I'm with you. My previous two were vaginal and I was always terrified of c-section, but now I figure anything that'll get them out safely and in a timely manner is cool. Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but I'd rather hold my twins in until the 40 weeks, but the DOCS insist that they must get out at 37. I know I don't have their degree, but I'd still feel safer holding them in there three weeks longer.

On the other hand, three weeks earlier means Biggest Brother will be on Spring Break and I'll have a week of not worrying about him getting to and from school.

I have a mac and you're lookin' fine! Not like you could borrow mine though - that means cross-border-borrowing!

Hey, whatever works for baby and mom is what I believe in.... EVERYONE'S experience is different!

Pretty, pretty, pretty. But it would be even prettier if you hadn't made your type smaller than it was on your old site. Now I have to do the same thing as when I read Chris' site...copy the text into a blank e-mail which enlarges it to 12 point so I can actually read it without squinting or climbing on top of my monitor to get a closer look. It bothers the cat when I climb on top of my monitor. That's his spot.

quite snazzy, i must say, though i never thought of your old one as boring or lacking html.

i especially like that when your page loads it is the whitman excerpt that i get first. sure, its mere nanoseconds before the rest decides to show up, but its just, i don't know, neat.


I use a mac and it looks absolutely perfect and works perfectly fine!! And even if it didn't I'm selfish and wouldn't give my mac up for testing purposes!

I've had three c-sections and my sister had two. Different reasons...none concerning convenience. I don't get why c-sections are presented as being the easy way out. A nurse told me that people recover from c-sections much faster than from abdominal surgery for other purposes--that's good but it was still difficult. But I don't care--I'm just grateful for medicine as it exists today. Wouldn't want a c-section a hundred years ago.

it looks awesome! great job. i'm glad you kept some purple around.

keeping my fingers crossed for an easy early labor or a non-truamatic c-section. remember, any landing you can walk away from is a good one.

Do you feel pretty?
Oh so pretty?
Do you feel pretty
and witty
and bright?

Sorry, I had to. The design kicks butt.

My mom had all three of us via c-section. Minus the scar, I don't think she wouldda changed a thing because, um, if she hadn't, two out of the three of us wouldn't be here today. And I like living.

So pretty! Love the polka dots. :)
I had the worst c-section expierence. I was swollen and miserable. I couldn't walk upright for days. I'd try a VBAC before I got another one. Either way, I hope the baby comes when you are good and ready.

Love the new design Beth (and Emily), it looks great. And i hope Wally arrives at the very last moment if he has too, just so you are as comfortable and ready as possible! I totally think we need a 39 week preggo pic! I love belly pics:)

I'm with you on the rabidly anti-C-section crowd. I don't get it. When I had my daughter, my water broke and labor didn't start for hours, so they gave me pitocin. The OB on call (not my normal doc) started talking to me very gingerly about the fact that if the baby didn't come soon, we'd have to do a c-section. I was all, "ok, and...?" The way she said it made it sound like it was something so dire, like they were going to do a c-section and amputate one of my arms while they were at it. I didn't see what the big deal was. Healthy baby + healthy mama = all that matters. How they get here? Not so much.

I had two c-sections, 19 months apart no less, and I'm fine. I would also like to report that my kids are also fine. Good luck!

I love the new design! The purple used to stand out in my work place. And the news abt the natural birth stats is a surprise for me. Did not know that!

Pretty, pretty design. >

LOVE the new design. LOVE.

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