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It's been way too long since we've had any firemen around here

Mia and I went to have the car seats inspected yesterday. Car seats. Plural. It appears that I am going to have another child. Yikes. Oh, anyway, Chris moved Mia's car seat and installed the infant car seat over the weekend, so we went to have them checked out. At the fire station.

Now, the last time I had firemen inspect my car seats (and I am more disappointed than I can express that this is not a euphemism for anything) I was sorely disappointed. The firemen were all either old or unattractive or bemulleted and regardless were more interested in discussing where they wanted to go for lunch than in flirting even slightly with an unkempt, likely unshowered, housewife. So my expectations were not high.

But yesterday, oh my, yesterday. There was just one fireman, which was initially a bit of a disappointment, until I realized that he was a certifiable hotty. I mean seriously, not the kind of person you want to be confronted with when 37 weeks pregnant and unable to pretend even for a second and with absolutely no basis in reality that it might be possible to have just the tiniest of flings with the hotty fireman who works right around the corner from your old house and dammit why did we move, that house was perfect? Yeah, that kind of hotty. And just the tiniest bit flirty in the way that only hugely pregnant women can really appreciate with appropriate gratitude, so that I know he is also the father of two girls and that they (the firemen) throw a football around when they get bored (he made sure to demonstrate his skills in that area) and that he didn't even care that I sneaked over to our former county for the inspection because our current county wouldn't do it until March. Also, he let Mia sit in the fire truck, and you should have seen the way that kid's face lit up when I put her behind the steering wheel. Made her week and mine.

You know the only thing that really sucked about the entire experience? He was entirely too young for me.


(Magic 8-ball cervix update #2 coming later today. Hey, did I tell you that last week they had to do an ultrasound to make sure the fetus was head down, because he was so high up they couldn't tell for sure any other way? Dude, get the heck out of my ribs already.)

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Beth, Beth, Beth, they can never be too young for you.

I'm sooooooo jealous! That's more action than I've gotten in a while... Hubby's been in Ireland for two weeks. Maybe I should set another oven fire, yanno so that the fire fighters will come over to flirt with me.

Too young? Whatever. You would have totally made out with him.... and then ran home to brag about it to Chris.

That fetus hasn't dropped yet? Geez. Head south, little liquid-breathing person!

Holding on with all his might to stay in there, is he?

Mine did that. Evil little things sometimes. Lucky them come out so cute.

I feel that way (guys being too young) about half the population! Seriously as I approach my 50th birthday next November all I can think is that I am REALLY old!

I dated a volunteer fireman for a while, he was a cutie, and dumb as rocks. I think he's still pining for me.

It seems Mia takes after her Mom with her love of firemen and firetrucks ;). I wish you had a picture of her sitting in the truck.
Looking forward to Magic 8-Ball Cervix Update #2- keep my fingers crossed for you.
I am sticking with 2/5/08 :)

HOT fireman are never too young.

HOT firemen with kids are sexy.

HOT firemen that give your kids special fun attention are a blessing.

*This goes for police men too.

just how old was he?? i'm sure he's not too young for me...send him on over my way ;)

So, wait, was he head down?

Wally, I mean. Not the fireman. That could have been weird.

You can always do what my stepdaughter does and put tinfoil in the microwave while my wife and I are gone and call the fire department.

REad more about it.


What a nice fireman! And, hello, who says he's too young for you? You're in your prime!

mmm. fireman. yes, please.

I have a t-shirt that says I (Heart) Firemen. I love them that much!

If he's over 18, he's not too young. Yeeehaw!

I want Punk Rock Mom's tshirt :-D And like someone else said, I think that Mia's going to inherit your love of firemen ;-)

I am all for hot firemen!

Awww, well that's a nice little treat for the week! Who doesn't want attention from a hottie firemen who is good with kids? And i agree with 'The Autumn Dahlia'.....if he's over 18, he's not to "fix your seat" You totally need a t-shirt that says something like that, and if you can make sure and wear it while pregnant, even better!

You're back! Or more correctly, I can access your blog again! For some reason your blog was not loading (or something technical that I have really no idea about) and I was left hanging with no idea what happened to your blog. Its nice to visit again, good luck with getting the kid out of your ribs.

It's gotta be a boy thing. Mini was the same way. He never dropped. He was all content to stay up in my neck for a good long time until the doctor ripped him out of there.

Maybe you should try an entice him with ice cream.

I am considering maybe sending you a trampoline and hoping that gravity will do the job to get that kid the hell out of your ribs! I remember that feeling and I hated it! Of course, now that I think about it, jumping on a trampoline would probably cause a whole new set of problems that I'm positive you don't even want to think about! =/

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