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Like Lent, sort of

Things I have given up for the remainder of this pregnancy.

  • Pants of the non-yoga variety.
  • Nutrition. (Brownies? For breakfast? Hell yes.)
  • Shoelaces.
  • The shaving of the legs. (Ok sure, I might get inspired once I go into labor, but I did it on Saturday and I can assure you it was not at all worth it.)
  • Caring whether my expansive midsection is fully covered by my increasingly too short shirts.

You wanna make something of it?

Comments (23)

I gave those all up weeks ago and I am 33 weeks! Way to stick it out.

But at least you are clipping your toenails!

4 out of 5 of those I don't care about and I haven't been pregnant for 8 years!

I am quite sure I will be in the same boat 20-weeks from now. At this current moment I am constantly worried about whether the fly on my jeans is exposing my underroo's to the entire meeting I am about to lead, b/c I REFUSE to go to those maternity pants yet... so I am using the regular jeans + elastic on button hole + bella band = comfort (sort of)

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

wouldnt think of making anything of it!!!! I am sure the doc has seen plenty of hairy legs on very pregnant woman.


I'm not pregnant and I've already given up most of those things.

yum, any excuse for brownies for breakfast!

lol I think you're entitled! I mean... jebus... you've got a human... IN YER BELLAY!!! Enjoy! (And Have a brownie for me... My GOD I'm craving chocolate... sigh)

Amen my sista! I wouldn't want you to go at it alone. I'm here for ya, I'm here for ya.

In your honor, I think we should all give up those things for the remainder of this pregnancy!

To be as supportive as I can, I will be giving up these things as well. We have to support each other, as women, ya know?! Just for you, I will also be giving up exercise and counting calories!

I hear ya, but now that Amanda is 31 I had to finally lose the rest of the baby weight! LOL
Knowing you, Beth, you will be back in shape by summertime. We just have to get "Whatshisname" to get moving on out!

Hey there are women that aren't even pregnant and don't care if their shirt rolls up over their belly! I work with one and she is about 60 years old.

As for the legs, just hand Chris the razor and tell him not to cut you. Isn't that what marriage is all about? Not cutting the other person?

I'm not even pregnant and I've given up shaving my legs. It's amazing how much warmer my legs are - it's like perma leg-warmers :)

oddly enough, at 29 weeks with twins on board, suddenly shaved legs seem twice as important to me. That and painted toenails. But I really can't reach my toes around the megabelly anymore, so I think I'll have chipped toenails for the next six months. Since the only shoes I can easily put on by myself at this point are slip ons with an open toe, ugly toenails are driving me crazy.

I've willingly given up squatting, bending to the floor and sitting on the floor. Just can't do it anymore.

I'm a little scared when I read about someone reaching the end of this whole thing. I'm sure by the time I hit that point, I'll just want it over but at 13 weeks if my mind wanders beyond something further than 20 weeks I start to hyperventilate a little.

Good luck and brownies for breakfast is always acceptable!

By this point for me - nothing else fit but a HUUUUUGe pair of yoga pants and bringt pink crocs. Hey I was classy at work, let me tell you...

I would take any justification to eat brownies for breakfast. I've also skipped shaving my legs for two weeks now because it is winter and I'm wearing pants or tights all the time so no one actually sees my legs, and yes, I am lazy.

yep, exactly my words with my two. Yoga pants are gods greatest creation, and shaving after the 30th week is reserved for only the start of labor. You go girl ! :)

Sounds perfectly normal to me... especially the brownies in the morning part.

Love the new look! It's like you're nesting through your blog. Quite impressive.

As far as "Lent" goes, I gave up most of those things at the end of my pregnancy too. I also gave up wearing my wedding rings, strapping on my own sandals (the very few times I wasn't wearing flip-flops...a benefit of summer pregnancies), caring that I only had 2 pairs of pants that fit, and smiling without looking like I had a mouth full of marbles. Yes, my cheeks were pregnant too.

When where you in relation to your due date when you had Mia? Just curious....

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