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Magic 8-Ball cervix update #1: 36 weeks

"My sources say no."

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well that was the correct response for 36 weeks, right?

maybe next week will be better

As someone who owns 2 Magic 8 Balls (one traditional black, and one that looks like a basketball) all I have to say is, I'll "Ask again later."

I am going to go out on a limb and say thats a good response to have right??
I think "Concentrate and Ask Again" would have been a response I would NOT Have wanted.

New to your blog, and that's hilarious. My sources said no right up to 42 weeks. Good luck.

Uh oh - that sounds suspiciously like closed, thick, high and hard as the counter. Hopefully another few weeks will help...

As Lunasea said my sources also said no right up to 42 weeks as well. FINGERS CROSSED FOR YOU!!!

Just consider it a bit more time of semi-silence....

That was my poor excuse for consolation, but you know I'm feelin for ya girl.

Hang in there!

Hang in there!

At least the response wasn't, "Not gonna happen," because, well, I'm sure you would've been bawling.

Fingers crossed!

What, you're not pregnant?!? THEN WHAT THE HELL IS IT??!? I'M SO AFRAID FOR YOU!!!

I had a feeling that this magic 8-ball idea would only end in tears.

I was NEVER dilated until JUST before the birth. BOTH pregnancies. The week before my 5 year old was born, it was "nada". The day she ended up makikng her grand appearance, I asked the ob to "please check to see if I was dilated" as I was crampy all day (turns out they were contractions - huh, who knew?!) and the ob said, "No, won't check you." Turns out, my water broke on the way home and she was born a few hours later. (ASS - if he'd have checked me, I'd have saved myself a drive).

WIth my 2 year old, the day BEFORE she was born was my appt, and I was maybe a smidge (like LESS than a cm). Then voila, labor that night and out she came.

I was not a "walk around dilated to 2 for 2 weeks" kinda gal.

I was dialated for a month before my son's due date - and he was an additional two weeks late...... grrrrr.

I am sure Wally is much better behaved then Rito was :)

you are killing me... creativty and gestation at once... you really are wonder woman

Very funny ! Did they tell you how much Wally weighs ?

"My sources say no"?????? What the hell kind of toy-thing says stuff like that? (*mumbles to self* I'm going to have to go to Wikipedia and look up magic 8 ball now *mumble mumble*)

And...I'm sure you know this already, but what happens over a few weeks with the first one happens over a few hours with the second. Be glad you're not having happens in hours with the 3rd one. Ouch.

That is an awesome way to relate the doctor's findings - very LOL! Nice blog & I will be back to check you out some more!

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