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Magic 8-Ball cervix update #3: 38 weeks

"Outlook not so good."

(If things look weird around here, try refreshing the page. Will give you the skinny on my beautiful new design tomorrow. In the meantime, let me know if I broke anything. It isn't like I'll be too distracted by labor to fix it.)

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Maybe you should go out dancing (in your yoga pants of course) and shake up that 8-ball a bit...

Black cohosh and blue cohosh: Black cohosh is often used to relieve irregular contractions and encourage stronger contractions & blue cohosh helps to increase uterine tone

A big ole spicy meal (Thai or Mexican!)

Red Raspberry leaf tea (you can find this anywhere and I have a friend who swears by it but you have to be consistent and drink a ton of it!!)

Whatever you do, do NOT go the castor oil route. It doesn't work. I'm just saying. Unless of course you like the taste of melted crayons slowly inching down your throat. Then I would say drink up!

Hi! It's broken! I'm seeing stuff all over the page: BlogHer ad in the center, post crammed into left margin, Walt Whitman quote across the top like the header.

OR I could REFRESH before leaving my comment! Now it looks GREAT! I love it!

I was seeing the same thing as Swistle in Firefox, but in IE it appears to be okay. And pretty! Nice work.

I'm on IE, so I'm not surprised something doesn't work...

I can't see your pictures in the sidebar.

Ooooh, pretty. (Your new template, not your cervix. Although I'm sure your cervix is lovely.)

Using Firefox and it's all screwed up. Will try it on explorer.

It says done but with errors on the page. I can see some nice changes, but looks like a few links are not right. Keep tweeking.

Your up to the minute report.
Okay, I'm back on Firefox and it's working! Yay!!!'s so pretty!

Love the new look!

oHHH Purty.

Using IE here- next to each post title under the BlogHer Ads, is some wierd code stuff.

I cannot see your pictures either :-( But I like it! It's still purple, so all is well! And good luck with that baby-exit thing!

Oh, and I just thought I'd check it out in Safari to see how that worked and it does, sidebar pics and all :-) Oh..or they did work?! What the heck? They're gone, and I am confused, with little blue question marks. Argh.

Oh, and I just thought I'd check it out in Safari to see how that worked and it does, sidebar pics and all :-) Oh..or they did work?! What the heck? They're gone, and I am confused, with little blue question marks. Argh.

The right hand section of main content screen is hogging too much space and the pictures only appear until you click on comment.

I like the new look.

My girlfriend is head ob-gyn nurse at the local hospital. She swears pepperoni pizza is always a common denominator for onset of labor.

Firefox here too. It was looking all goofy with your sidebar on top and posts underneath. I hit "refresh" and it fixed itself.

Not much longer to go for you. I told Chris it would be Groundhog Day. Bet every day seems like a week though about now.

It's actually a much better layout now that the ads aren't being pushed over your content when the screen size changes, i.e. whenever the list of bookmarks are opened on the left. So, the new layout is definitely a bonus in that respect.

Also, it's so bright and shiny!

Do you love it? If you love it, I love it.

Do you love it? If you love it, I love it.

I am loving the Magic 8 Ball style.

Um, yeah, I'd love to give you advice but unfortunately I'm not very good at the inducing labor thing. I am very good at avoiding the phone and hiding in my house for every day past the due date, however.

Looks good... although I'll admit I do miss the purpleness. :-)

Oooh... purty! I love it.

Have you tried the eggplant? LOL You're totally going on Saturday. Totally. Wanna make sure you have the baby then? Make huge plans for all the last minute stuff you want to get done before the little guy makes his appearance.

Where are your older posts for losers like me who are coming out of their mid-life crises and trying to catch up???

Love the new look :)

I'm using Firefox, and everything looks great! I love the new look ~ very pretty.

I love the new look, it is great!!!

I have tried both Firefox and IE7 with a cleared cache and don't have any problems. :o)

Hey! The new look, it has arrived! Looks good to me!

Did I mention I love me some dots? ;) So cute!

WHOA!!! What is happening here??? *confused and stunned*

i'm glad that clive made it. it looks lovely your site!

Hmmm... I've tried posting a comment twice, but have been told "Too many comments have been submitted from you in a short period of time. Please try again in a short while." (using Firefox

Since I have been a negligent reader-turned-lurker recently, is this your way of rapping me on the knuckles?

I like the new look a lot... much more subtle than before.

And, think of it this way: the child HAS to be born at some point (don't they?)

Love the new design!

Love the new template and I'm not seeing any problems!

That magic 8-ball cervix update is hilarious! Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately FOR YOU, I have no good recommendations on how to get you another answer, although a trip to Target seemed to do the trick for my second kiddo! I was almost a week overdue with the first. All I can say is that I hope it happens when you're ready, instead of the worst possible time! heh

Yea! I like the new look. I had tried yesterday afternoon without success, but it's cooperating this morning.

Design looks great, all good on Mac Firefox!

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