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Mia Monday #104: No, You Look at the Camera Edition

Mia has an absolute horror of dirty hands, but it seems that she is willing to suffer for her art.

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed a goose egg the size of Kansas smack in the middle of my child's forehead. I don't want to talk about it. She's fine, you should see the other guy, etc., but Chris and I plan to have nightmares about the experience for the rest of our lives.

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Ah, the young artiste at work. Can I just say that I'm a little bit jealous of her awesome easel? Because I am.

Bumps and bruises all come with growing up! She will be fine and wont remember a thing. From experience I can tell you it will take you and Chris a while to get over the trauma, tho, as you anticipate. But really, its not so bad. It is when we grow up without the dirt, the bumps and bruises, scrapes and such that parents need to worry!

Two pieces of wisdom I can pass on- do with them as you wish: (1) we worry about our kids "from the womb to the tomb" and (2) if you feel really bad when something like this happens, you know you're a good parent- (its preparing you for when they're teenagers)!

p.s. when my middle son was 6 I was teaching him to catch fly baseballs.... he missed one, and it hit him square in the middle of his forehead. . . you could see the stitching marks that are on the baseball! If that was not bad enough, he went to school the next day and told his teacher that his mom hit him in the head with a baseball!! Its been 15 years, and I'm still not over it :)

Caleb had so many bruises from running into things at one point that we were afraid to take him to the pediatrician. As it turned out, the Doc said they worry more if the kid has NO bruises than if the look like they have been jumping into a gravel pit (within reason).

And is that a reusable finger-painting board?

She looks like she is doing much better than her parents. A little bump isn't going to deter her art.

I'm sorry Mia has an egg, and I know it is much easier said than done, but try not to beat yourself up; she is just fine.

The kids, they bruise themselves with astonishing regularity! I still think you're a fabulous mother ;-) You know, fwiw.

A true artist. And look! She is wearing an adorable too-huge smock that's all droopey in a cute way! Awww.

If it was Easter she could paint the egg.


Seriously, you guys. She's such a cute kid. You should lay off the corporal punishment once in a while.

Also, I am dying from the little artiste. She is SO CUTE! God. Almost makes me think that maybe perhaps someday in the next 10 years maybe on a good day or on a less good day but still good enough to be called a good day I should have a kid.

Too cute! You are a BRAVE woman to allow painting in your house!

Poor Mia! But she looks like she's doing just fine. My bear seems to collect bumps and bruises on the forehead (and occasionally cheek) in time for birthdays and major holidays. I like to keep my in-laws on their toes.

Brave Brave woman - art projects in white clothes!

I have to say that Nate has had a few bumps and bruises, too. There was the time his face hit the kitchen floor - this was rather recent. All I wanted to do was cry with him as the blood gushed out of his poor little lip. I kept it together until bedtime, though. Then, I lost it.

I love the last one, where she totally looks the role of the temperamental artist waiting for her muse.

Addy has the same easel. I've let her use the paints once before hiding them in a box until she is 16. Actually, it wasn't that bad, I was just terrified the entire time she had a brush in her hand.

Last year Addy got bit by a dog causing a very tiny yet noticeable (to me only) scar on her ear. I referred to it as a "hunting accident" if anyone asked and thankfully no one pressed for any additional info 'cause I felt sick about it and how much worse it could have been. These things suck and I'm sorry.

This is totally off subject here, but the last picture...she looks EXACTLY like Drew Barrymore in ET!

It must be an age thing with the dirty hands, my two and half year old gorgeous niece Sydney is exactly the same (unless it involves paint of course lol).
My weirdo husband has a mannequin (dont ask lol) which is in desperate need of a respray and it seriously concerns Sydney that "Kylie" has dirty hands, so much so we bought her a new outfit for christmas and a pair of long gloves to go with it!
How sad are we lol
Pol x

Very cute, I love the easel! I like the 3rd picture, it looks like the I'm done, wash my hands look. :)

She looks so cute in her smock.

Ouch on the goose egg.

Scars are cool. They tell people that you are someone to be taken seriously because you have been there, done that, received the t-shirt, made your enemy wear said t-shirt, then set the t-shirt on fire.

Also, that is one badass smock.

Art in white clothes? You are insane. You must love doing laundry.

The monkey's the same way with the hands - and she'll also suffer for her art!! :)

I fell down the stairs when I was, like, less than a year old. My mom has told us the story about a hundred times -- big egg on my forehead and everything....

I know Mia's fine -- I hope you are,too, now!!

Bones hit his mouth on the coffee table once separating that little "v" thingy that attached the inside of your lip to your gums. I still have a twitch.

You are braver than I! Paint inside my house with 2 boys under age 3, not in this century!

Owen, who just turned 1 on the 4th, fell into the tub drainer lever two days before Christmas. So, in all the pics he has a goose egg and nice little cut right in the middle of his forehead! Yeah, just FedEx that bad mommy award right over here! I replay his fall in slo-mo frequently! He's just fine, and since he's the smaller one of my WWE tag-team duo, I have a feeling that he'll have more bumps, bruises, and scrapes to scare the bejezus outta mommy with!

You let her finger paint in a white sweatshirt? Wearing white scares me ... I can't do ANYTHING in it without staining myself.

goose eggs on the forehead suddenly become a mere blip after one lives through the experience of the daycare calling one at work so that one will take one's child to the ER because said child has a gash on his forehead that may require stitches.

It was more traumatic for me than him. And thank God for dermabond... at least one of the boys living in my house is still stitch-free.

The art is lovely!

Sorry I missed this on Monday. Life is being a little cruel right now. always Miabean is beautiful, even with her bump!

My youngest son (who is now 24) lived most of his young life with a goose-egg on his forehead. He was always going way too fast and would trip and go smack himself (usually on the paved sidewalk! Eek!). Like I say, he's okay now... except he races cars. Hmmm...

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