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Mia Monday #105: Tea Party and Butterflies

I spent Sunday morning pasting butterflies and flowers to Mia's walls. As soon as I finished, she told me she didn't like them and asked me to take them down. I refused, because I am a mean mommy. Eventually, she decided to just ignore them and host a tea party on her bed.

Oh yes, those are the "tower cups" we discussed last week. So now you know.

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I really like the butterflies ! Maybe I should get some for my room ;)

She's probably going to develop a Hitchcock-ian fear of birds now, because every time she wakes up at night she'll be surrounded by winged predators.

Mean mommy, indeed.

If you want to come and paste them in our house we promise to appreciate your hard work and effort.

those butterflies are great - did you order them online or find them in a store, I'm looking for boyish ones for Cole...

Um, Beth? I hate to break it to you, but I don't see Mia eating any candy in these photos.
Which, naturally, I suspect means that you are doubly mean and denied her the very candy that you ate right in front of her.

That's it, I'm calling DYFS.
Unless, of course, you want to share your candy with ME? (No, I'm not above being bribed with candy)
Your choice. Choose wisely.

Mean as you are, I think the butterflies look awesome.

We have two sets of the tower cups and I think my daughter has played with those $4 toys every day since we've gotten them. The simpler things and all that, I suppose.

Where did you find wall stickies that big? I keep looking for some for Button's room but the only one's I can find are about a quarter of that size.

We must share a brain b/c Michael got cars and trucks on his walls. And he loves those cups also. I think they were $5.

I second the request for details on the butterflies. I'd love to do something like that in Maddie's room.

Well she isn't screaming in the pictures, so clearly she isn't too horrified by the presence of the butterflies. They look great, by the way!

Inquiring minds abound - also asking, where did you get the butterflies? They look great!

We have 3 sets of those cups (although one set is square) and my 2 kdis fight over them all the tmie. Best toy ever.

Well, I like the butterflies, so if you were my mommy, then I would never call you mean.

Ok, Mia can move into my room and I'm moving into hers. Or.... I'll put the butterflies on my wall... that may be less weird. I'm SURE BF would love to have the butterflies, teehee.

I love the butterflies! Somedays I wish I had a girl so I could get all cutesy in one room of this house :)

Love the stacking cups as well, Rito loves his and has played with them since he was 7 months old each and every day.

Amazing how the simple cheap toys have the most mileage hey?

I totally want those butterflies for my bedroom!

Those are fabulous butterflies. But they are not nearly as beautiful as your daughter. And of course the tower/stacking cups are a hit, they are likely the least expensive toy she owns.

One more vote for loving the butterflies :-)

i remember like it was yesterday when i used to be able to sit in that same position with no trouble at all...

i totally thought you had painted those butterflies and was thinking to myself...WOW. beth painted those - that is amazing! and then i read your post. LOL!

These look like the exact decals my sister-in-law just put on my niece's walls. If so, they are "Wallies." She bought hers in a craft store, (AC Moore I think), but they are available online at They are under the "murals" heading. Or just search for butterlies. There are lots of cool designs for boys and girls.

I absolutely adore butterflies and those are beautiful!!! :)

Oh man. I couldn't sit like she's sitting in that last picture for more than ten seconds without ripping my groin out for life. daughter would love butterflies on her walls. She is so in love with them.

BTW, your daughter is so cute. I love her hairstyle.


The walls look adorable.
Those cups look like the kind I sold many years ago when I sold "Discovery Toys"

What are the plans for the boy's room?

I really hope I get to paint pinks walls with butterflies real soon. Boy stuff is so blah.

Great job by the way. Shouldn't you like be sitting around with your feet up right about now?

The butterflies look great. Bright and cheerful!

I can't believe she doesn't like the butterflies! I'd love those in my bedroom.

I desperately need those butterflies! I've been looking for great big wall stickies FOREVER. Sadly, everything I find is either itsy bitsy or not what I want. I also need some sort of comparable boy design -frogs maybe?

Ah, the tower cups. I just knew that had to be what you were talking about. We need some of those. I can remember playing with my little brother's set when we were kids. They're great for open ended imaginative play.

Well, you have less than a week until you're in the safety zone. Are you having that anxious "it's going to fast/it's not going fast enough" conflict?

I love the butterflies! Maybe they'll grown on her. :)

You know, I bought those same cups for #1 10 years ago, and that was my thought for what she meant by tower cups. How funny.

I LOVE the butterflies! Adorable!

I swear, she has the most gorgeous and perfect hair ever. She could be a baby hair model, if you know, they actually had those.

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