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Mia Monday #106: Snowprints Edition

Mia's homemade word for making footprints in the snow? Snowprints. Yeah, that's pretty damned cute.

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too cute!

btw...I know that you know that Bloglines is sharing you with the world again, but did you know that they're sharing these pictures too? I remember that you had a problem with that and rewrote your rss to stop it...just a heads up...

That is too cute! I want a winter jacket just like Mia's. And a country where it snows.

Yay, Bloglines is back!

Adorable. Have you noticed how toddlers have this amazing ability to look like a big kid one minute and like a sweet baby the next?

I was looking at Chris' picture of Mia in her boots and she looked like such a big girl. I came here and she looks like a sweet baby again. I see that in my own little bear sometimes. It knocks me out.

yep, pretty damned cute! Cool snowman too. Sorry he's having some problems now.

Cute Snowman!

Definately cute.

too cute!

i so love being the one taking the pictures of the kids in the snow...being the one actually, um, in the snow with them, not so much :)

Oh these are so cute! And by the way, you look wonderful. Not chubby at all, just like you are doing the layered look.

"snowprints" indeed, so cute!

Chris is kind of working the 'scary smile' angle in the second-to-last photo. Also, sorry to hear that the snowman is now on suicide watch. And so young, too. Heartbreaking.

Absolutely adorable, all of you! But I agree with ocdcontrolfreak...she looks so much more grown up showing off her new boots than she does in the snow pictures. I imagine that she always looks to grown up to you, after all she's still your baby.

That's sososo cute. I love when kids see that stuff for the first time.

Hooray for snowmen! :) (You know, before they decide to end it all...)

aw i saw one of these photos on chris' flickr. so nice to see more. from cutest baby to cutest toddler!

How much fun is that!

Your snowman looks so much better then ours :(

3rd from the bottom is definitely christmas card material.

"Snowprints" I love it!

I know delurking day was the other day, but that's how I found you. I went back and started reading from the beginning, and I wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed reading and getting to know you via the blog. You make me smile. :)

That's a TON of snow! Sheesh.

Looks like she had a great time making her snowprints.

Those are some darned CUTE photos! Mia is edible, she's so adorable. Also? Pleasantly surprised to see a picture of you in the mix. Still preggers, I gather. So no big "moment" the other night? I suppose that was a little too much to ask. You look great, btw!

WOW! I think you officially have the 3rd cutest child in the universe (after my 2 of course!). I sure hope Wally can live up to the high cuteness standard that Mia has set!

We actually had snow in GA this weekend. Beautiful, fluffy, magical snow! Mila and Summer rode their Barbie Jeep and make "roads" in the snow! I love the 20 minutes of actual winter we have every year! AND? I Love Love that it does only last 20 minutes. Me + Turtlenecks = Ugly mommy!

She is adorable :)

Snowprints makes more sense. She's cute and smart.

Those phot's are lovely, she is such a cutie :0)
Pol x

Is this the same adorable child who was so afraid of the snow?

How everything changes in a heartbeat.

my kid did the same thing...sorta, he'd have sneezing attacks and say "the bless you's wont stop"
love those little kid-isms

Wow, that is one pretty cool snowman. I feel like a great mom when I can find two semi-matching rocks for eyes. We never get farther than that.

And snowprints...priceless.

I love that kid.

Oh my GOD, who is that enormous woman holding Mi... oh... wait a minute...


Okay, as soon as I hit 'Post' I regretted messing with a pregnant woman...

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