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Mia Monday #107: Haute Couture Edition

She's ahead of her time.

Comments (25)

Too cute!

she is so adorable! she is one of those kids you can totally tell will be beautiful when they grow up!

we need to get her and d together so they can have a fashion show.

Yeah, your anonymity is totally going to be blown open when she's a star.

So fashionable :-) And of course, as usual, so adorable!

You guys are in so much trouble when she is a teenager.

How do you find her in that room? She so totally blends in! :)

She's beautiful! (as usual)

I'm totally coveting that shirt for my daughter!

She looks terrifyingly (but adorably!) grown-up in that first picture! I like her style! I especially love the shirt. It should be easier for grown women to pull off butterfly shirts.

Does she like the wall butterflies yet?

Awww so adorable! She is so yummy and cute. Thanks for sharing!

you make me CRY with wanting a girl. ::sniffle:: so so cute

is that a sock tied around her waist??


What a total fashion icon! LOL!
She is just adorable and gets more beautiful as the days pass.
How are you feeling?

Tres chic!

I just got a FLASH from the future, like 14 years from now.

She's quite the fashionista already. You are in so much trouble when she gets older.

I spy toddler belly.

She's so hip she matches her room.

I cannot get over what a Big Girl she is getting to be... LOVE THE PURPLE BUTTERFLY ROOM!!

She really does look quite adorably grown-up in that first picture. I can't get over the difference between her here and in the "Most Beautiful Child" picture in your sidebar.

hey, miabean has her big bed up now. How is she doing in it? I was really worried about mine falling out...then never did.

Again, I'm going to say it. I love her room.

The belt is the best part.

hey, now. i know mia looks like you but how is it that her belly (photo 3) matches the description you gave of your own in the above post? you two must spend entirely too much time together...

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