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Oh my lard

You know what's awesome about being pregnant? Eating homemade oatmeal raisin cookies dipped in peanut butter for lunch. Because hey, I'm already fat, what's another pound or two?

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Mmmm... Food.

Just use that peanut butter to stick a cookie to each hip! :) I am such a brat, sorry.


I gained 42 pounds with my pregnancy, Henry is 2 weeks old as of today and I have lost 32 pounds...there is hope my love..enjoy the food!

Ah, but don't you know that cookies make sweet babies?

I said that too - now I'm 6 months post-partum and weigh more than I did 6 months pregnant....grrr.... Enjoy the cookies!

You're in the home stretch, these pigout fests don't count .... enjoy!

Oreos dipped in peanut butter are MUCH healthier. Or something.

I did the same thing. Breastfeeding is like running 5 miles a day. Eat the cookies.

minus the raisins...that sounds like the best. lunch. ever.

Not a big fan of peanut butter, but perhaps oatmeal cookies dipped in homemade caramel, ooooohhhhh! Ok now I am craving caramel and can't get away with it, because I don't have the excuse of being pregnant.

I'm peanut butter obsessed. And now I'm considering this cookie / peanut butter combo for breakfast. That's probably a thousand Weight Watchers points.

Must stick to the weight watchers plan...
Really would rather have cookies and peanut butter...

Oh my lord... that DOES sound delicious... espcially to another pregnant woman... where do you think I can find some homemade oatmeal raisin cookies and a jar of PB at 8:00 in the a.m.???
If this suggestive craving doesn't pass I am TOTALLY blaming you.

key words here - HOME MADE. the cookies were homemade. no guilt :)

Oatmeal, raisins, peanuts...I'm only hearing healthy words. Yum.

mmm... yummy! minus the peanut butter, I hate peanutbutter :-)
I didnt know you were pregnant.. im so behind on blogs! BTW you are like the 16th person I know pregnant!

ESPECIALLY if someone else made them FOR you while you it around like a pregnant queen and finish cooking that babay!

What? You didn't bring enough to share with everyone?

Now this pregnant lady wants home made oatmeal cookies (PB is optional). Sigh...

Mmm peanut butter!

oh yeah! I love that too! In fact I had a sugar cookie and 2 oreos for lunch yesterday. Isn't it fun being preg....oh yeah, I'm not pregnant. Um.. Anyone else just FAT and doing that? Cherish your reason Beth. for the rest of us. haha! :)

What's the big deal? Oatmeal- good for you. Raisins- that's fruit, therefore good for you. Homemade- even better for you. Peanut butter- that's nut fat and, therefore, also good for you. That's not junk food, that's health food!

Unless that spoils the fun, in which case- it's totally junk food, you naughty lady.

Memmmmmmoriesssssss! Yes, that was the best part of being pregnant. Enjoy!

Remember, too, that at this stage of pregnancy he's gaining like a pound a day (well, not quite, but still... loads). You'll waste away without that peanut butter covered cookie(s)!

I thought the same thing last year when I was pregnant. Hence the reason Weight Watchers is my best friend now. Haha!

Peanut butter makes anything better. And besides who, especially "who"s that don't have the uterus thing, would dare to argue?

LOL - that's one of the things I miss about being pregnant. Enjoy!

Googling recipe right now ... nursing count too, right?

Number one, your not fat. Number two, can I have some?

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