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It seems that I am quite pregnant, oh quite pregnant indeed. In the past few days, I have been forced to face some harsh realities. Such as, yes, actually, I would like to sit down. Preferably with my feet up. Thank you, yes, I do need help lifting that, moving that, getting that out to my car. Yes, the laundry can wait in the basement until someone other than me is available to carry it up two flights of stairs; and if you could change the light bulb at the bottom of the basement stairs while you are at it, that would be great, because no, I have no business climbing up on a chair to reach that. And no, Mia, I'm sorry, but I cannot swing you in circles over my head or run around the nursery with you or even give you a bath.

I am not at all accustomed to asking for help or waiting for other people to do things for me, and it aggravates me, makes me angry even. But right now, there are a lot of things I just flat out can't do, and even more things that I could do, but have gotten through even my thick melon-headed skull that it would be a bad idea. So if anyone needs me, I'll be on the couch eating ice cream (blessed, blessed ice cream does not give me heartburn) for the next three to six weeks.

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Hang in there baby- you are almost there....

Oh my god. i am so not looking forward to the next 34 weeks...because I AM VIVIDLY REMEMBERING that stage from the last time. I think I'll go change all the light bulbs in the house right now.

I am due on Wednesday. I am at the point where I can't even get off the couch with out help. I feel your pain. I hate having other people doing "my job" for me.

I highly recommend haagen daz sticky toffee pudding ice cream. You are at that close but yet so far stage that blows. Mine was nutter butter cookies the last 2 weeks.

You are an inspiration to me as I await the birth of my first baby!!! I am only just beginning to feel the tickles of movement and am still thinking that pregnancy is okay and kind of cool.

Yes - I'm aware that I'll learn. I'm trying to feel positive about things for as long as I possible can. :)

You are an inspiration to me as I await the birth of my first baby!!! I am only just beginning to feel the tickles of movement and am still thinking that pregnancy is okay and kind of cool.

Yes - I'm aware that I'll learn. I'm trying to feel positive about things for as long as I possible can. :)

You deserve it. I'm glad, though, that you're recognizing that you might need help (sounds weird ... not *THAT* kind of help ... even though we all need a little) and asking for it.

I can't wait to hear the entry where you REALLY hate asking for help tying your shoes or putting your underwear on or something that we (way way way)

Oh, you poor thing. That is just no fun at all. And since I feel like commiserating, I shall share this with you. I, too, am suffering yet happy. You see I am 6 weeks pregnant! When I was pregnant with my first, everything was perfectly peachy until the last VERY HOT AND VERY ITCHY 5 weeks. This time? Ohhh, this time is different. I wake up to stomach cramps. I spend much of my morning and a good chunk of my afternoon "tossing my cookies". I have no appetite but I must eat. And everything stinks. REEKS. I made beef stew for the husband and daughter the other night and thought I was going to have to wear a gas mask to get through it. (I ate mashed potatoes from Boston Market, if you are interested).

So, yeah. Good times here too. And now I remember what I have to look forward to! (But yes, I'm excited! And Happy! And still rather nauseous.)

Ah, more of the parts of pregnancy that no one really tells you about! Huzzah! ;-) I hope you can manage not to be too frustrated, and accept the help you need. Is Chris able to take some time off work, or can your mom maybe come help you out? (Or would that drive you crazy? Because that would be understandable too.)

Good for you, letting people help you. It's hard to swallow, but ice cream makes it go down easier.

Ohhh, I feel your pain! Totally! ENJOY your icecream! And, sit sit sit! :) Feel well...!

I found that concept difficult, too.

Take good care of yourself and eat lots of ice cream!

Hey, I found you! I didn't know you had another blog until I read the final clubmom entry comments. So now I will bookmark you!

I'm starting to feel pregnant, for real, just at 20 weeks. FINALLY I think my husband is realizing it as he's seen the babe on TV and also felt some tummy monkey kicks. HE LET ME SLEEP IN TODAY!!! Took the noisy toddler downstairs. Of course I didn't get back to sleep but it was a nice gesture!

I remember the final days of being pregnant with K - and "overpregnant" as the due date came and went. BIG BIG BIG! And I am the chief bottlewasher, potato peeler and bath giver around here since DH is gone 11 hours a day, so I don't know what I'm going to do later on!

Best wishes to you - gestate in peace!

Ice cream and the couch? Sounds like heaven to me! You're almost there chicka!

Well I suppose if you can't do that precious laundry, the next best thing is always sitting on the couch with ice cream.

That's ok, enjoy the last few weeks as best you can!

Rest, ask for help and eat all the yummy ice cream. You'll still have a smokin' ass.

New bump pictures are coming when?

I had wicked heartburn during both pregnancies, and ice cream was a huge relief! Enjoy every bite!

Can I join you? Man, the last few days, just have not been easy ones!

As long as you have to sit and eat ice cream, have you tried the slow-churned options? Deliciously smooth and so creamy. I am now at work dreaming of Edy's slow-churned vanilla peanut butter cup....

This is what men are for. They lift, they climb, they carry the toddlers.

Best of luck, hun. Fetuses love ice cream. And that is just one of the last few excuses you have to eat ice cream all day. Enjoy.

What kind of ice cream?

I hate asking for help too, and I'm 27 weeks. I think that's why our move was so stressful for me, because I couldn't do 75% of the stuff I used to (lift heavy things, move furniture, go all day and not be exhausted, use cleaning products that could burn my nose hairs, etc.) So I know what you mean. Damn being previously independant!

But you're right. Those are things you shouldn't be doing, and since Wally is happy in there, you don't want to mess with that. The Boy was the only reason why I didn't just say "Screw it! I'll get that box because you are taking too long and driving me crazy!" Didn't want to hurt the little chicken.

So while I'd gladly come over and help you with those things, I'm not really in a position to bust that stuff out either.

I'll be over here eating ice cream too. Here, have some sprinkles. cream...
i wish i could be pregnant again so i could eat my weight in ice cream...

oh boy was I not good at asking for help either (before and after births). I hear your pain!
But well done for letting going as much as you can and sitting - reduce your world (as much as practically possible, anyhow) to what flavour of icecream you fancy next!

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