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A few random observations

A c-section after labor hurts a lot more than a c-section without labor. Oh my word yes.

Leaking amniotic fluid for the better part of a day is gross.

Did you catch that Owen was 9 lbs 3 ounces? I don't feel I'm getting appropriate credit for birthing a two month old.

The nice thing about a big baby is that he has a big mouth, and for that my nipples are incredibly grateful.

Why did I think pacifiers were evil when Mia was born? I love pacifiers. I want to marry pacifiers.

My son is gorgeous.

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LOL!!! Hilarious! Congratulations! And I agree with you - pacifiers were my best friends when my girls were babies!

Congrats! Can't wait to meet him.

Congratulations Beth, Chris and Mia!!!!

I'm looking forward to pictures of the new little prince. :-)

You did awesome!
My neighbor did 10 hours of labor, then a c-section for a 10lb baby boy. She was miserable, but you sound like you're doing well.
Congratulations to you all and Happy Valentine's Day!

Congrats! And good job on carrying around and birthing that 2 month old. :-)

Sorry to hear things didn't go exactly as planned, but I bet you kinda forgot about all that as soon as you saw his sweet face. But hey, at least you can still use the story to guilt him waaay down the line.

Hey, glad you're back! Congradulations Beth! Yes, that is one big baby! Love the name! I hope you're feeling better and will have a quick recovery!

9 POUNDS? Good Heavens bless us and save us, that's amazing. How did you carry him as long as you did?! You must have a uterus of STEEL.

Hearty congratulations, he is Beautiful! And I love the name Owen!

I cannot wrap my brain around birthing a two month old. As soon as I can, I will give you due credit, but until then this is all I can offer:


Also cannot express how sad I was that Mister wanted nothing to do with pacifiers. But I was thrilled when he found his thumb. Still, was more than happy to support a full-blown paci addiction.

I'm adding "big mouth" to my wishlist for this next child, right along with "sleeps like a champ" and "rarely cries."

Finally, I totally agree. Owen is Gorgeous.

(Applauding wildly!!!!) I am so proud of you! A 2 month old child is not an easy thing to deliver. And I can imagine that you are just plain in pain all over.
Looking forward to seeing some pictures!
Hugs to you all!!!

Congratulations! I had a similar labor/c-section with Max. You have my complete sympathy. The best advice I got was to keep moving. It helps in the long run, even though it's agony.

9+ pounds is a two-month-old indeed! I am really proud of you. Congratulations!

Actually I was shocked that he was so big. But since nobody else made a big issue about, I kept quiet! Sorry.
Yes he does look as big as a two month old!! Chubby cheeks and all!
And from what I understand you did a great job!!!
He IS gorgeous!!!

Oh, ew, yes.

I am so happy for ALL of you... can't wait to see future pictures of Owen and especially ones with Mia!!
Pacifiers - Check... making a mental note.

I agree with your observations about c-sections with and without a labour. Done them both. And also the thing about big baby=big mouth! Yes! My son was 10 lb. 12oz. at birth (he looked also looked like at least a three month old) and I thought if he clamped down hard I might lose a whole breast!

I agree with your observations about c-sections with and without a labour. Done them both. And also the thing about big baby=big mouth! Yes! My son was 10 lb. 12oz. at birth (he looked also looked like at least a three month old) and I thought if he clamped down hard I might lose a whole breast! But 9lb. 3oz. is also huge. So beware! :)

That is one big baby. Nice job!
I hope you have people coming to help you - lifting things, opening your water, all that good stuff that you suddenly realize involves your abdomen.
Congratulations! And welcome back!

That is one big boy! Your vagina probably thanks you for not pushing him out all the way! :)

Congrats though, I am pleased to hear of his big mouth and affection for pacifiers. The plug is indeed a blessing.

Congratulations Beth! I'm sorry you had to labor and THEN have a C-section. That's how I did it with my 1st and it sucked. I also envied how you talked about your c-section with Mia as if it was no big deal. Now I guess we know the difference!

And good to know about the pacifiers working out now! I too didnt want Emma to have a paci until she was a bit older (and then of course she didnt want one at all) and I think I might try to get the new baby interested. Might very well save my sanity.

We here in the Sparkle Pants household are thrilled to death for you guys!!!

9lbs 3oz - you my friend are a rock star, kind of explains why everything hurt so much while he was still in there!
Big difference on C-sections with and without labor. My first and last were with labor, middle 3 without labor. Take all the help you can. You aready proved you are WonderWoman by giving birth to a toddler, now take it care of yourself -- oh and Owen and Mia and Chris. Ok Chris can take care of himself.

I know what you mean! I labored all day (and later discovered w/out much benefit of the ineffective epidural) and then went to an emergency c-section (cord around the neck)(and that's where i felt everything they were doing down below and they had to knock me out for the whole thing) and damn if that girl wasn't 10 lbs! She was the 2nd caesarian (1st was scheduled) so I was so happy I got to labor at all. Hope you feel that way too. In the end.. as long as everyone's healthy it's good. But it's nice to feel good about the journey as well.

Congratulations again, chica - and welcome home :)

Oh, my mother could so relate. My baby brother was born 9 lbs, 1 oz via C-section after labor as well. Fun fun fun. She still says to this day when he first came out, she thought she had given birth to a side of beef. The doctor joked with her that the next day she could take his hand and walk him outta the hospital.

I don't think she thought that was funny. At all.

So, yeah. You rock my socks, mama.

you are so amazing!

Lucky for you I recently divorced pacifiers and they are available.

Well done you!

Credit, mama. MUCHO big credit.

I will grant you (based on your daughter as evidence) that your son is most likely beautiful, but I will not agree to it as a full fact until I see more pictures. Evidence!

(I kid- heal well and fast, pretty lady with the gorgeous children!)

Congratulations, again! Glad to hear things are well and the baby is healthy.

I think my wife would have agreed with you on that first point, except her 2nd c-section (the one with no labor) was more painful just because the anesthesiologist did a totally crappy job and the spinal didn't seem to do too much and the scar tissue they cut through made the whole process pretty long and drawn out.

you have a son. and of course he is gorgeous!

you definitely get extra credit for 1. big baby, 2. labor AND c-section (totally unfair)

Congratulations on Owen, how exciting! I had my son on February 10 as well, and labored for 12 hours and it was the most painful thing I have ever experienced, and 4 days later I am already forgetting the pain because I can't stop staring at him. I am sure you feel the same way!

And 9 lbs 3 oz? You rock. Mine was 6 lbs 13 oz and that was big enough for me!

Enjoy every minute of it!

oh the magic of a binky...its a miracle. Its not so hard to break throw them away either. Just about a week and its forgotten.

yes, your little boy is gorgeous!

Oh yes, you get so much credit for birthing a kid that size. Believe you me.

Take full advantage of the pacifier.

Happy Valentines Day to all of you.

I feel your pain! I had an emergency C-section with Eric and let me tell you after laboring and pushing for hours I was beat up!

Congrats again on the little (big) guy. Can't wait to see more pictures.

Ouch, gross, good, and awwwww.

You totally get credit for the 9+ pounder. Seriously, both my kids were three months old or so before they hit that weight.

oh....welcome to the world of being pro-paci. it's a fantastic place. :)

Yeah, when I read over 9 lbs I got all ouchy for you.

Congrats on the big mouth, less nipple torture. & as someone else whose child never took a pacifier or bottle, I am thrilled to hear pacifiers are your friend this time around. It's definitely something I would do differently if I could.

& while all this is nice, you know we really just want pictures. Not of your nipples, just of the kids.

That's a big boy Beth ! I guess you got to experience labour....and 2 c-sections for the scar of 1. Congratulations, I hope that you're resting and feeling alright. Take care !

Girrrrl, TJ was 9lbs 1oz.... you have BIG, GIANT shopping bags full of credit from me. Oh yea, you are in da club. The big fat baby club. But T(GULP), after 2 hours of pushing and 30 seconds away from a CSection, decided to come out.

Things that big are just not meant to come from things that small.

I'm going to cross my legs now.

I certainly hope you are pleased with the fact that you certainly gave it your best shot!

Your humor still radiates so I assume your are somewhat comfortable and content with baby Owen!

Congrats on birthing a large baby! I'm glad the two of you came out of it healthy, though I'm sorry you had to hurt. Anyway, at least your sense of humour is intact, and there's probably a lot to be said for big-mouthed babies and happy nipples.

Welcome to the big baby club :)
So happy you're all home safe, sound, and healthy.

Oh yeah, I did the all day labor, then the C-section for my 9-lb, 10-oz, 22" long baby boy, and I can attest to your words. Side note -- really big baby boys want real food real soon. Good luck breastfeeding!

Seriously, congratulations, and I'm sure he is gorgeous.

So gorgeous that you can't show him off? Just kidding. :)

Truly, congrats. I'm so happy for you all. And I adore the name Owen.

Congrats! I love the name, glad you are (reasonably) well and can't wait for details and photos.

Take care of yourself and Owen. Chris and Mia will take care of each other I am sure :)

I totally sympathize with you. I had 9lb. 15oz. baby via c-section as well. Did they have to go up to the pediatric ward to get diapers to fit? I am so glad to hear all is well. Congrats again!

Woohoo!! You rock the most!!

Congrats again.

Can't wait for more pics, tell Chris to get on the ball! ;)

He! is! so! beautiful! WORD about c-sections after labor. They! suck!

Congratulations! I can't wait to see more pictures of your newest addition! 9 lbs... wow! No wonder you were so uncomfortable towards the end there. My first was 8 lbs 12 oz, and she had a big mouth too. Perfect for breastfeeding! Hopefully my second baby will take to pacifiers, because I too thought they were evil the first go-around and once I learned the error of my ways, it was too late.


Thanks for letting me know that c section after labor hurts, bad. I won't try it, of course, I have to get preggo first.

You are correct.
You do rock the long drawn out labor, followed by CS, birth process of a 2 month old, gorgeous, big mouth baby boy!
Rest up!

Yes. Pacifiers are godsends. And nothing against those who dont use them, but, in my mind- they're much easier to end the use of than a thumb.

Pacifier advice: have many, many, many onhand. I had them in the diaper bag, glove box of all vehicles, purse, you name it. ALWAYS have extras. He will make you sorry if you dont! (one thing good about thumbs... hard to lose)

Congrats, again!

Welcome home!

I hear you on the c-section after labor and the giving birth to a 2-month-old (also on the leaking amniotic fluid all day long, but perhaps you've said all you care to about that already). My 9lb7oz daughter (c-section after 3 days of labor) never fit in the 0-3 month size clothes. This distressed me to no end at the time...

Congratulations to the whole family, and best wishes for a speedy recovery to you, Beth! (Not so) little Owen is adorable. I long to see a picture of Mia kissing Owen. Not that I'm nagging, or anything.

We're so proud of you. You said you wanted to try labor, and now you know :)
We're thinking of you.

Congratulations, he is beautiful!

I give you much credit for birthing a 2 month old, my mom birthed a 3 month old with me....10 lbs 4.5 oz! I am afraid when I have babies one of these days he/she will be HUGE! haha

Meghan was 9lb 1oz and I was pushing for two hours because of that.

I think your great giving labour a chance and even though it didn't work out, I'm proud of you.

I'll take your word for it on 1-4. But yes! to pacifiers (especially for 2nd children, who must sometimes wait), and hell yes! to your son being gorgeous. You do good work.

Congratulations! I should've guessed the name--pretend celebrity boyfriends ALWAYS count for something, right?

And my daughter was 8 lbs, 14 ounces at her birth (one month to the day before Owen's!) Now she's 11 lbs, 1 ounce. CHUB!

She looks gigantic to me, but maybe that's because I haul her around all day, attached to my nipples.

My first c-section was after 26 hours of labor and 3 hours pushing. My second was scheduled. Big difference. Huge difference. MASSIVE difference. But still...I didn't deliver 9lb 3oz. That's. Just. Wrong. (Was Mia that big?) I feel your pain and wish you a speedy recovery.

Oh on the pacifier's amazing what you do with #2 that you wouldn't have even thought of doing with #1. Simply amazing.

You are such an old hand at this mother thing this time around. I have complete confidence in you. Yes you gave birth to a giant...especially compared to your size. My second child was 9.2 and my 3rd and last child (who is now 35 y.o.) weighed in at 10.3 That was enough for me. Can hardly wait for more pictures to come out of him and you.

Yeah, I was really upset for you that you went to all that laboring trouble only to then have to go through with the c after all.

I'm wondering if the twins will change my mind about pacifiers when they pop out in 7 weeks.

God bless you and Chris and your babies. Make sure you get some rest when you can -if you can.

Oh, you poor, poor thing. What a cruel fate - laboring for 10 whole hours only to have a c-section. But you do have one cute baby! Congrats!

I did note that you delivered one large baby. Glad to hear nursing is successful so far. I have had 3 c-sections, and would agree that those that did not follow hours of labor were much better. I hope your at home recovery goes well.

I'm glad you are both well. That is exactly why I am not having anymore babies. They just seem to get bigger the more you have and my last was a pound more than my middle resulting in 10lbs 7oz of baby (I hold the record in our family for the largest baby hopefully after my little sister gives birth in may I will still be the champ). Trust me pushing that out was sheer will.

Binkies are heaven :)

9#with labor and c-section? I hope you rest up and enjoy your valentine's day with Owen and Mia.

But I can't wait to hear why both labor and c-section...

9 lbs...whew! sounds like you gave it the old college try, but yeah, 9+ lbs is reason enough for a c/s :)

Rest up & take it easy, mama! YOU DID GREAT!

*happy dances*

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you, Beth, and Chris and Mia and Owen! You rock, girl!

We need more pics. You know, 'cause you have nothing else going on right now.

Big babies rock. So much less fragile. ;)

Congratulations!!! He is beautiful!

"I want to marry pacifiers."

I am pretty sure that is not legal.

But what I *am* sure of is that any kid from you and Chris will be gorgeous.

Congratulations to you!!! I refused pacifiers for my first child and whole-heartedly embraced them for the next two. It doesn't seem to have stunted them. My third was 9 lb 11 oz. Welcome to the 9+ team!

Congratulations--I can't believe how big he was! Now that it is over, it must be a huge relief. I had heard a c-section after labor is really painful but never heard why. Sorry about that, and hope you recuperate quickly. But again, he's here and he's beautiful and you must be happy to be home.

In my experience you birthed a THREE month old. OUCHIE! How is your recovery going? I'm just so happy to hear that you are all doing (relatively?) well. And yes, Owen is one handsome little imp.

I'm sure the whole labor and delivery story is coming. Can't wait to hear it. In the meantime, hopefully you are sleeping lots and taking it easy in between.

Congratulations again! So happy for you. :)

Congrats again, I hope you are all doing well.

We need pictures. PIIIICTUUUURES!

9lbs3oz. You are awesome! And pacis? Very, very good.

Oh! So great to hear back from u, and ur humor seems still intact. Hats off to you for birthing a lovely 9 pounder!! waiting to hear the details...

two of mine were 9lbplus-ers, and I'm 5ft4. Definitely does explain why the last month or so is a grind!

no. 3 was the biggest - just under 10lbs, a right bruser, never really looked like a newborn sadly!


Sounds like some days from hell. Thank God for black humour!

And when I wrote hell I of course referred to the pain, not the baby.

Unless Owen turns into that kid from the Family Guy. Then I would worry.

I still thought pacifiers were evil with #2 - now that she's 7 mos old and I'm a human passy I'm really regretting that decision. Good for you for learning faster from your mistakes than I did. And yes - you have given birth to a 2 month old - he weighs more than either one of mine ever did at 2 months - congratulations! Get some rest and enjoy some good ol' family time with Chris.

If you were in my kitchen right now you'd see a crazy standing ovation. I know what you're talking about and I feel for you. I had a 9lb 2oz boy with a massive head. Forceps, cutting, the whole thing. Owie. But, I've been told there are so many other painful things to worry about after a C. Big Hugs!

Warning though: Owen will continue to get big if you've got great boob-juice! My guy was 19 lbs at 4 months! You'd never know it now though... All the best!!! Can't wait to see pics.

I have my finger up like ET saying *OUCH*
I am sure everything getting back into place in your tummy is WAY is bad enough having the uterus contract back down! HUGS

Owen is beautiful! 9 pounds and delivering a 2 month old? Ridiculous! MORE hugs! He is beautiful!

Hope you are feeling more of yourself soon! And I hope Mia is LOVING the new role of *Big* sister!

Amen on the pacifiers and the big mouth.

I will forever be grateful that my two boys were small-ish at birth. Forever. As will my hoo-ha.

Congratulations! Sorry you had a difficult labor, but it looks like the end product is pretty awesome :)

Congratulations, Beth! I am caught up (started with nail clippings, the post entitled Second Child), but going to compress all my comments in one place, because I know you don't have forever to sit around reading my emails, LOL.

Isn't the second kid so much easier in some ways? I totally feel your c-section after labor pain. OWOWOWOWOWOWOW.

And of course Mia is the most precious of all children! (Except for Owen, of course). I am thrilled for you!

I'm a little late to the celebration but.....CONGRATS! I really thought the 9 lb 3 oz was a typo when I read Chris' post. Wow. You rock! What a beautiful boy!

As for the c-section. Oh, hell yeah. My first was after more than a day of induced labor. During my last post-partum visit, I was crying telling the doc that I would never have another child if they were going to make me try labor first again. The scheduled one was soooo much easier.

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