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An Update on The Fish

Hey guys, Chris here again. I just wanted to let you know that Beth and Owen continue to do well. I expect them to get sprung from the hospital tomorrow. Finally, the Cactus-Fish Four can be together in one place - home.

Since you read Beth pretty regularly, I'm sure you already know how much she rocks. But in case you didn't, she rocks hardcore. The past couple days have been pretty rough for Beth - 10 hours of labor followed by a c-section and some wicked-bad pain. And she's rocked it. She is truly amazing. But I suspect you knew that all along. I did. I just wanted to spell it out.

I'm sure Beth will tell you the whole story when she gets a few minutes to rub together. Wait, that's pennies. Anyhoo, when she has some time, I'm sure she'll walk you through it. In the mean time, thanks for all the email, comments and good vibes. We've needed them. And they worked.

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No surprise to us that you, Beth, are sporting a gigantic set of ovaries for powering through all of this. See? That just doesn't sound as complimentary as saying you've got "balls". I've gotta work on that...

Either way, cheers to the Cactus-Fish family. Can't wait for more pictures.

Oh! So cute!!! Glad you are all doing well! CONGRATS!!!

Fantastic! Wishing you all the best!


I am so ridiculously happy for you guys. :)

Great job, Beth. Yay to you and family, hope your recovery goes well.

Congratulations! Blessings for you all!

Um, and, btw, I totally meant to add !!!s to that but was IMing with Mel about how excited I was that you had the baby that I gave all my !!!s to her. oops.

I'm so happy that he's finally here and I hope your recovery goes quickly. And isn't it a lucky thing for our children that we love them soooo much that we EVENTUALLY forget (or block out in some cases)our pain before, during and after labor!!! Owen looks so yummy and he's so chubby and squishy!

That is one sweet looking son you have there. And of course we know that Beth rocks!

Ugh! So sorry you had to go through labor AND c-section. Hopefully they gave you good pain meds--percocet worked well for me on baby #2, unlike the vicodin from #1. Here's hoping your recovery goes smoothly!

Oh wow. Owen likes the drama.

Oh. Sweet. Chubby. Baby!

Welcome to the world, Owen! Well done, Beth!

And Hang on, Chris. The ride only gets better.

Beautiful Boy!

Congratulations to you both! He is a stunningly gorgeous little man.

Funny, Beth, because I just tried for a vbac a month ago and had the same amount of labour followed by a c-section. Sucks, no?

Ah, these babies. Good thing they're so cute!

Congrats again, and enjoy!

I never had a doubt that Beth was beyond Fab! I knew she would do fine. Sorry to hear that she has had a lot of pain, but that bruiser of a son of yours, well, it's no surprise that he wasn't going to come out easily!
He is beautiful and I look forward to more pictures!
Hugs to you three!!!

Congrats Beth and Chris!

Congrats! He is such a little cutie! Hope you recover quickly!!

Always knew Beth rocks! Sending all my best vibes for a speedy recovery. Baby Owen is gorgeous; congratulations, again!

Congrats to you all!

We knew she was awesome! Speedy recovery thoughts from me too!

Owen is gorgeous! Can't wait to hear all the details!

I'm so glad everyone is healthy. Owen is beautiful! Take your time resting up. We'll be here whenever you feel up to posting again.

Yes Beth, you are a true super star! Labor and then c-section? Owie, owie, owie!! That was my experience the first time around and it was rough. Just glad you are both doing good and can't wait to hear all about it.

Great to see some pics and sorry to read that Beth had a hard time. Here's to home comforts.

Can't wait to hear the details but really, no rush. You've got a lot to get situated. Glad everything turned out well in the end, and hope Beth is on some killer drugs!

Yay, Beth! Sounds like you did a great job---and LOOKS like it, too: look at that darling, darling baby.

I did that "labor followed by c-section" with my first baby. That was A BITCH. A TOTAL BITCH.

Man, what an entrance!

But he's gorgeous.

He is so adorable!!!!!

And Beth, to have to go through labor, a C-section and Elton John...this kid is going to be Trouble with a capital T! But he is a cutie!!!!

Beautiful. That is all. Hugs and kisses to you and your family.

Ugh. Labor followed by a C-section is not fun. And neither is the recovery.

But that's one handsome little fella you've got there!

Beth, you DO rock! Best wishes from me and my Owen to you and yours.

yay for pictures of baby Owen.

does he look like Mia?

Hi Peanut! *cootchie coo*

Oh, and hi to Beth, Chris and Mia, too. Sorry, I was distracted by the cuteness. Ahem.

He's lovely! Man, labor and a c-section, Beth you do rock. Is it just me, or does he have Mia's eyes?

Of course Beth rocks, we never doubted it. What a beautiful family you all are!

Beth does indeed rock hardcore! Go girl!

Congrats to you on beautiful your little family. Just beautiful!

Well done Beth for being so strong, and Chris for being such a loving husband. You guys are awesome.
And you make GORGEOUS babies! He's beautiful!!!!!! Those cheeks and chin are just too much!

- Caitlin

Congratulations! What a strapping son!
Even though Beth said she didn't want to hear any condolences about a c-section, jic you feel differently now, sorry you didn't get your VBAC. I was really pulling for you! I hope your recovery is quick - and Mia cooperates as much as a toddler can.
Congrats again - best wishes to your wonderful family!

Wow - that sounds suspiciously like my last labor! Except I only had a 6-pounder to show for it!

Congratulations on the beautiful little Cactus-Fish!

He is adorable. I hope you both continue to do well. Can't wait to see more pics.

Congrats!!! A beautiful baby for your family no matter how he got here. Everyone's health is paramount but I'm sure you already know that! lol...


I'm so glad all went well. Too bad Beth got the labor part but not the delivery she was hoping for, but in the end, its the precious little one that counts, and he is precious!

You have a wonderful family. Congratulations, and heal quickly, Beth!

Sorry it was so rough for Beth. He's a cutie.

I really want to call you and I can't find your cell phone anywhere.

Congrats, hon. I'll give you a call at home in a few days. Please let me know if you need anything!

Congrats, again!

oh, he is just gorgeous! congratulations again! she had labor AND a c-section? totally unfair. hope she's feeling better soon.

Precious baby!! Labor and a c-section, wow. But the outcome is so worth it.

Awww welcome Owen!

Congrats! I am glad to hear both Beth and Owen are doing well, I'm sure it wasn't easy for either of them! Best wishes~

He's gorgeous, and I would not want to deliver a 9 lb baby. I understand the c-sections well and wish for a speedy recovery. Good thing you have a supportive husband, and wonderful that the baby is healthy with no problems. Congratulations again.

That is one goregous kiddo you have there!

I think Chris is even more in love than before...and well, why shouldn't he be with yet another treasure to add to his list of great loves? Congrats and all the best with your recovery.

Oh geez.. Labor AND a C-Section?! ACK!!! I don't envy you darlin, but you are one tough cookie. I hope you are recovering nicely and getting some much needed rest. Yeah, right! I know how hospitals are. =/

That son of yours sure is beautiful, though! Best wishes to you all.

congrats, momma!

Congratulations, and celebrations, tadada tada tada.. tada tada !!!!


Way to Go Beth!!! You are one tough chick! Owen looks gorgeous and sweet. Congratulations to all of you!

Hooray for Beth, who most definitely does rock! 10 hours of labor and a c-section sounds tough. You sure do have beautiful, healthy looking son though. congratulations :)

Aw, the Cactus-Fish Four. I love it. Congrats again!

No kidding Beth rocks. To go through labor for that long and then have a c-section - that must have been tough.

Congrats again to the Cactus-Fish family!

She's a trooper! SOSOSO glad everyone is doing well. I'm sure Mia's all set to be big sister!

Those pictures make my uterus ache. My youngest is only 5 months old and I already want another. Owen is an absolute doll.

So glad that you all are doing well. What a handsome boy he is - and exercising his lungs, I see!

A healthy baby and mama- looks like your (and our!) wishes came true. Congratulations, beautiful family!

Congrats to you and your family-- I have a quick question, I am going to be in the same situation as you next month (second c-section). I remember reading that you said you were done after this baby, so will I after this one. Did they tie your tubes at the same time as the c-section while they were in there? I would like to do that to avoid another surgury down the line. Just curious.

Congrats! Anxious to hear more.

Awww hello to the gorgeous little man!
Hope you are all doing well!
Hope they get sprug soon :)

As well, I did the labor and c-section thing. Ouchie! However, what a beautiful baby boy!!! Love those first pictures of babies. Beautiful Owen!!! Congrats!

HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! Oh, goodness. Squishy new baby goodness, I can't get enough. Beth, you are AMAZING. You are a goddess, a rock star, a birthing superstar.

Wow, Beth, you DO rock.

Your son is beautiful. Can't wait to learn more about his journey into the world.

I'm glad you got to experience labour as you (kinda) wanted to, and congrats on your planned result - health happy mom and baby!
(all the rest is mere details :) )

and I must confirm - definitely cute. Tho I still think of him as Wally!

Oh, sure... I leave for a few weeks to get operated on and you HAVE THE BABY!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Wooooo hooo! What a beautiful baby boy (no surprise) and glad rock-star mommy is doing well. All the best to the whole family!

COngrats Beth.

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