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Day One

So, yesterday was... good. Really good, even. Granted, Owen is still in that stage where he is usually sleeping and when he bothers to wake up is generally content to stare at the wall for a while until you get around to him, and Mia seemed a bit bored for part of the day but it won't kill her to learn how to entertain herself a bit more. I even got everyone dressed and breakfasted by 9:00 - 8:30 if I get to count Owen's 5:00 feeding as his breakfast - and I only managed it because I braved a major tantrum and got Mia dressed before we even came downstairs. Oh, and I didn't brush my teeth until nearly 2:00, but that seems like a minor detail. I even did a couple of loads of laundry, just to show off and be fancy.

Mia has been sporting a major attitude problem this past week, partly I am sure attributable to Owen's arrival, but also in large part the result of the ongoing Poop Saga (oh my fucking god, how hard is it to just poop already?) and Chris being home from work for two weeks. Don't get me wrong, Chris is an amazing parent and Mia adores him, but she just gets overstimulated when she scores that much unfettered Daddy Access and it is reflected in her behavior. Also, Chris is reluctant to punish (and usually has no reason to since Mia likes to pull her Perfect Little Princess act for him) and Mia is well aware that Daddy will spend 30 minutes talking her into putting her shoes on where Mommy would give her a three count and a consequence. The result is a rather truculent toddler where usually we have a really lovely little girl.

So, we started working on attitude and behavior yesterday, and the change in the six hours between waking up and naptime was remarkable. One time-out, one sequestered toy, one mondo poop and we were back on track. Or at least back on track to getting back on track. This just confirms my no shit sherlock belief that toddlers desperately want to know exactly what is expected of them. Not that they will always choose to comply, certainly, but rules make them happy.

And now for the Random Update portion of today's post:

You remember how I blathered on and on about wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans at 5 days post-partum? Yeah well, that was short-lived. Entirely too tight denim plus recent abdominal surgery is not a good combination and after about 30 minutes I was ripping those suckers off my body and diving into some sweatpants. So now when I get sick to death of maternity pants I wear yoga pants, and vice versa.

I had my 2 week OB appointment yesterday (and a husband kind enough to come home early to entertain the toddler so I only had to take the infant with me) and I am down 30 pounds from my top pregnant weight. Of course, 10 pounds of that was baby and it still leaves me up 18 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, and there, now you know. I suppose it isn't any wonder that I birthed a sumo wrestler when you add those two numbers together to find how much I gained with this pregnancy. However, I am only 6 pounds over my pre-pregnancy pre-diet weight, so that seems somewhat manageable. I'm still forbidden to do any real exercise though, so boo-hoo, guess I'd better just keep eating cookies and sitting on the couch for another four weeks.

Mia has started nursing and burping her dolls and stuffed animals. She does take great pains to explain that she is giving them milk from her pretend breasts, lest there be any confusion.

Owen, who emerged from my uterus the spitting image of his big sister, looks less and less like Mia every day. Even when he is wrapped in one of her pink blankets. Ah, the burden of being a younger brother. I'm sure Mia will be putting his hair in pigtails just as soon as he has enough to make that possible. He does like to freak Mommy out by choking on nothing and refusing to breathe for what feels like months at a time, but he hasn't actually turned blue since the day we came home from the hospital and has been so easy in every other way that I guess I will spot him that one.

And now, to face today. I'll be taking two children to Storytime and then to visit the Hotty Pediatrician. Pray for me.

Comments (34)

I am melting from the sweetness of those pictures!

I'm sure things will calm down when you get back into a regular routine.....

Sounds like you are really handling the whole "parenting more than one" thing very well. It gets much easier, really.

Just wanted to comment on Owen's choking on nothing- does he have any other signs of reflux? This was the first sign we had that my third had terrible reflux. He gained like a freshman living in a dorm with an all-you-can-eat meal plan, slept through the night way earlier than the other boys, and didn't even get any fussier than is to be expected. But randomly, at a ped appt, he gagged, choked, and stopped breathing, and freaked the dr out.

I don't want to make you nervous or anything- it's not necessarily a big deal (we managed his reflux without meds), but I just wanted to let you know you might want to have the hottie check him out for that. Hey- it might extend your visit!

Good luck.

awww...the pretend breast are just too cute! Good luck on the outing. Will you be doing a Owen weekly picture too? I love the Mia ones, you inspired me to do a weekly picture of my kids.

go Beth! you can do this! (and yay on the washing - yes you are being fancy!)

the stopping breathing thing - is he awake or asleep? cos there's a sleep disorder (non-threatening) when you stop breathing every now and then... has a complicated word I can't remember.

He could just be chilled and not bothered about every breath but it wouldn't hurt to ask the hottie about it :)

oh and yoga pants can look totally cute.

The only way I could love those pictures more is if they were my own kids. However, Raegan refused to be photographed with her brand new baby brothers.

How sweet they look together!

IMHO anything below 25 lbs. is doable. You can do it.

Have fun at the hottie pediatrician's today.

I can't believe you're going to take them both out already! It took me at least a month to work up to that. Way to go!

The pictures are adorable. I can't get Piper anywhere near Graham when the camera is within reach.

Wow. From that angle, it's really easy to see just how much Mia has grown! I wish you luck with the outing!

My daughter did the same thing (nursing her dolls) when I had her sister. It is so adorable, yes?
I don't want you to stress about those 6 pounds. I am just getting my baby weight off now, and Amanda is 31. LOL (BTW I have lost 20 pounds at Weight Watchers. She was one big baby!)

There you go again, making my teeth ache from sweetness with those pictures. I love the 2nd one so incredibly much.
Yes, that 5 am feeding counts as breakfast.

Hopefully storytime is enjoyable for everyone! And for the record, yoga pants are totally hip and in style. I think that they are more so if they mean that you are actually doing yoga, but who has time to get caught up in little details like that?! I like to wear mine just so that people THINK that I am hip and in style and do yoga...

Congratulations on getting through the first day! I'm sending good luck vibes to getting through your outing.
The pictures are adorable :)

Couldn't agree more on the toddler-rule thing. It seems like so many people handle them with such care these days that the kids grow into hoodlums while their parents look at each other and shrug their shoulders. It's mildly infuriating.

Mia got...really BIG!

Maybe it's because she's next to the baby?
Great pics, good luck!

Ooh. My brother used to pull that "I'm just the most perfect little boy in the whole world" act around my mother. AFTER he had just finished tearing the house apart and running around hollering like a wild banshee while I was babysitting.

He's 14 now, and I still love to rub it in his face that he was a BANSHEE.

I tell people all the freaking time that kids are obsessive compulsive anal retentive little tyrants who demand order instead of chaos like most everyone believes. It takes dealing with a toddler to really understand this I think.

I want Mia to be my big sister. Is that at all possible?

Glad that things are going relatively well. Hoping for more of the same so you can keep you sanity.

"This just confirms my no shit sherlock belief that toddlers desperately want to know exactly what is expected of them. Not that they will always choose to comply, certainly, but rules make them happy."

Beth - this might have been the best thing I've read online in a VERY long time. Even though I'm still pregnant with my 1st, I've been around enough kids, worked in daycare centers, and day camps, to know this is true. For you to actually come out and say it means SO much. I hope every parent lets that statement resonate with them.

The pictures? Are. Adorable!

You brave woman you! Taking the two out just two weeks postpartum! I remember taking my girls out together for the first time when the baby was three weeks. I felt like, see, I can totally do two kids. Not a problem! We'll see how I feel when we bring home baby #3 and I have to take three girls out! As a friend pointed out, at least I won't have a two year old this time. Although, my soon to be four year old can prove to be quite stubborn at times. So glad you're doing well!!

Love your no shit sherlock approach to toddlers. :grin:

Wow, look how long Mia looks next to Owen! I didn't know she was so big!

Oh I'm SO glad things went well and that you seem to have things under control. Good luck at story time *fingers crossed*

I'm STILL scared to take two kids to storytime. Good luck!

"Just to show off and be fancy." And we are all suitably impressed! Good job, Beth :-) Good luck at the Hotty Pediatrician. Remember, no matter how many times he declares his undying love, you've made a vow to love Chris for better or for worse and that's just how the cookie crumbles ;)

"This just confirms my no shit sherlock belief that toddlers desperately want to know exactly what is expected of them. Not that they will always choose to comply, certainly, but rules make them happy."

Substitue "toddlers" for "our children" and you'll have it. Mine our 5 and 16 and this still holds true.

Awwww! I love the patting! She looks so BIG next to her baby brother doesn't she?

Oh, look how gentle and loving she is with him! Totally melting my heart.

Laundry AND a two child outing! The super powers continue.

Ah yes, the overstimulated toddler, I know that oh so well. Camille was ready for her life to return and for everyone to leave her house already. Since then, she's been much easier to deal with, other than the typical 2 year old stuff.


look how ginormous she looks next to baby owen.
haha. emily used to 'nurse' her dolls too. with my nursing pillow too ;)

Love the photos! Little Dude is totally spoiled by his daddy, too, so I can understand how things are going after daddy has been home to cater to her. We only have the one, thank goodness, but I sometimes dread always being "the heavy," as I try to rein him in.

You're a braver person than me!

My son, at nearly 13, still snaps to attention with the use of a three count.

Wow - I'm so glad that I read the whole post and got to the pictures at the bottem - so worth it!

Mia is looking more and more like you everyday. Those pictures of the two of them are so adorable. Sounds like you have this "parent of 2" thing DOWN! Will you come to my house at the end of August and teach me? Because I'm still slightly terrified.

You are so right, rules and boundaries absolutely make them happy - there is not a doubt in my mind. I have 4 kids of my own and I ran a daycare for 7 years. The kids whose parents continually indulged them and did not set limits were the ones forever unhappy and causing conflict in those settings. Nothing was ever good enough, they always wanted more and more and more.

Adorable pictures of Mia with Owen :)

WOW mia is such a little girl now! it's weird when my friends (or blog friends as you are, but i'm in DC in June and hope to meet up with you guys, if only for coffee) have kids and then they GROW UP! passage of time! omg. it's amazing when you see it in a kid vs in an adult.

that's all.
just wow.

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