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Hypothetical question

Let's pretend you had a friend. No wait, let's pretend you had a friend of a friend, or maybe a friend of a friend's cousin's roommate's vet tech who had recently had a baby. And let's say this totally imaginary person was looking at herself in the mirror one evening and discovered that those short little hairs right under her real hair on the back of her neck had gotten a little cocky during her pregnancy and spread ever so slightly to the side of her neck. And let's further pretend that this non-existent woman also noticed that her ordinarily much-hated but not really offensive sideburns had also gotten a little cocky during her pregnancy and expanded downward and outward. And let's additionally presume that this figment of our imaginations was now forced to contemplate the fact that she was sporting a small amount of excess body hair that to those who are cruel-minded and cold and dead inside may resemble nothing so much as a small, sparse, hate to even say it, but, beard.

In that situation, would you advise this poor, innocent, otherwise very lovely woman to just tough it out with the reassurance that this was merely the result of overactive hormones and therefore certain to resolve itself very quickly? As in, by Friday at the latest. Or would you advise said woman to attempt some sort of hair removal, in which case and knowing that waxing is not an option due to overly-sensitive skin, what method would you recommend? Or alternately, would you merely make a sympathetic clucking noise with your tongue, send her a link to the world's largest purveyor of full-face masks, and immediately contact the American MILF Society to have her forever stricken from its rolls?

Not that I personally care, you understand. Just a totally random, unrelated to anything whatsoever, curiosity thing.

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Vaniqa really works. My sister started getting tons of peach fuzz on her face after her 3rd was born.

She started using it a while back and it's made a huge difference. The results, after a few months of use, are permanent.

Not that you, personally, would find this information helpful...

: )

I have a six-week-old named Owen, myself. And I am very interested in the answers you get. You know, for a friend. I noticed she was having some back-of-the-neck trouble. I'm looking for a solution FOR HER. Mmhmm.

I'm going to have my friend pay attention to this because after her second child she started sporting an upper lip shadow that drives her absolutely nuts. Not that I'd say anything to her about it, but...

Wonderful blog! First time commenter.

I too have some unwanted "man hairs", I mean my friend's neice's roomate from college does...:)

Having 3 children can do that to a gal...even 1 babe...

Plucking is the free solution if you have 5 hours each day. Bleaching works too, but not if you have sensitive skin. DO NOT SHAVE or you will soon sport a full beard. A friend has just completed IPL (Intense Pulse Light) therapy and it worked great. Reasonably priced. If you have some extra cash flow, then Laser baby!

I have researched both lots...thinking of doing the IPL - here in Canada costs about 250 for 6 treatments (they are done 4 weeks apart) and the hair is gone for good!

As if having the little duffers isn't enough!

Best of luck on being hairless :)

I would suggest that this imaginary woman probably still has some of those hormones kicking around and it isn't the case she thinks it is.

If in a few (weeks, months) when most things are back to normal and said hair is still irritating, I would suggest that the pretend woman start collecting pennies in the sofa for laser hair removal.

Since I've never had a kid you likely don't want my advice, but I'm writing here anyway, aren't I? I'd wait a week or two to see if it's temporary (plucking in the meantime), but if it seemed not to be I would RUN to the closest laser hair removal place.

HAIR REMOVAL. You know, hypothetically.

It is likely hormonal and wil probably clear up on its own. However I can totally sympathize if you wanted to tell your friend to get rid of the hair. Plucking would do the trick, definitely don't shave it. If it persists maybe the laser treatment although it's pricey. For now I would tell her to pluck it.

Gotta go with plucking.

As someone with sensitive skin, my suggestion is sally hansen bleaching cream that's specifically for the face. I can't even use a facial cleanser other than Cetaphil, and that cream doesn't bother me in the least.

I do have a friend of a friend's cousin's vet tech who sometimes sports the very finest of light blond hair on her upper lip (which is odd because this girl is very dark haired by nature) which can sometimes in just the right light, when the sun is at its apex in the sky, cast a small shadow which some might accidentally mistake for a mustache.

I know that this person has a regular esthetician who kindly removes those wee blond hairs ever so gently with hot wax and linen strips. Or so I've heard....

Mmmmm. Well, since I am a WASP version of a Mexican hairless, it is hard for me to give your friends, friend any advice. I guess in this instance I'd give it time, unless your friends friend is posing for a magazine spread, and then I'd think of some sort of hair removal.
Don't ask me which because like I said I hardly have any body hair at all.

As a gal with VERY sensitive skin (layers of it actually come off, I mean there is blood, if waxing is attempted) and with a few extra hairs she would prefer weren't there and also way too fair haired for laser to be effective I ( I mean my friend) has her brows (and possibly other facial areas) threaded or banded. This has the same fabulous effects a waxing, is just as quick, lasts just as long yet it's not at all messy and does not leave sensitive skin irritated or worse.
Here is a video of how it's done-

Your still STILL doesn't remember me. Your site is the ONLY one that refuses to remember me. It's annoying, I might just stop commenting althgether. :(

Dont worry, all your hair will fall out in a month or 2. That post-partum hormone thing.

In the meantime don't shave, don't wax, use Nair.

Holy crap - is there no end to the humiliation I can expect to endure in order to create life? Isn't it enough that I am getting hugely fat and have to let all sorts of random people go spelunking in my uterus?

I'd recommend Nair's hair removing face cream. It's available for regular and sensitive skin, doesn't have that nasty fake cucumber smell that other hair removers have, and it works really well. I use it, and I only have my Italian heritage to blame for my hair, no babies! Hope this helps (your friend).

Oh, holy mother of god, NAIR!?!? You know it's just napalm with a nice scent added, right? In all seriousness, I envy those women that can use Nair. How easy it must be if it works and doesn't require burn treatment afterwards. I'm dark haired and sensitive skinned. Bad combo. But I second Beth for Sally Hansen's bleaching cream. It's great. Pluck the fierce and bleach the rest. Then spring for laser if it keeps on coming. Had a friend that had the really bad patch (read goatee) lasered and it worked really really well.

I say give it another 8 weeks before you panic about anything hair related.

I mean SHE. SHE. The vettech, not you. That was a typo.

Tell "her" that bleach works fine for my sensitive skin. Also tell "her" to not do anything more drastic until she (seriously) has had time for the hormones to dissipate AND she's talked to her ob/gyn, first. For me, nursing kept the hormones swimming and stewing for a looong time....but it eventually worked itself out ('cept for that one chin whisker that I pluck out every couple of weeks).

I'm glad you posted this question. My friend's sister's plumber's grand-niece has a bit of sideburn located peach fuzz (despite not having any babies but she is "getting up there"...nearly 35). She has been too shy to ask her doctors about it. So she is..or, will be, that is...interested to know these answers.

I have a hormonal imbalance and have thus been dealing with unwanted facial hair for the last few years (and am horrified to know that this will only become increasingly annoying as I age, and at some point getting those suckers lasered will start to sound mighty good). I use a combination of hair removal cream (not bleach, since my hair is red/blond) - I think Sally Hansen has something, just be sure if your skin is sensitive to use it for the shortest amount of time recommended and slowly increase in time if it's not effective - and tweezing. The tweezing is only necessary for stubborn hairs, or for those obsessive types like us that care way too much.

However, if we're talking about just a little fuzziness that will probably go away, just grab a razer. It works, is fast, and your sensitive skin shouldn't be bothered by it.

Best of luck! I am continually comforted by knowing that many more women struggle with this than I originally thought.

Tell your "friend" to not panic YET. But, if the hairs are persistant look for someplace that does "Threading". I believe its Asian in culture (indian shops). I had an Indian friend who had her eyebrows threaded. All they use is a spool of thread and twist it in such a way that grabs the hair. You use no chemicals so its great for sensitive skin.

of course you know this will all fall out - especially with the breastfeeding thing. I don't know about you but when I breastfeed - all my hair falls out - and then you sport the baby hairs that are growing back at your hairline after your body recovers.

So - no it won't be gone by Friday, but it will be gone - sit tight!!!

If you can't sit tight - I think you should bleach it. Don't shave though - because OMG - that would be no fun and stubbly.

I would advise this person to start shaving next to her husband every morning. It'll doubtless bring them closer in their relationship. Also, to use aftershave in order to finally feel the sting of puberty that boys have to endure.

As other's have suggested, I'd give at least 6 to 8 weeks for your hormones to get back to normal, endure the post-partum hair loss and then re-assess the situation.

Whatever you do, don't shave it. That will only make it worse. Some minor plucking or laser hair removel would be a much better tactic. I think I would probably mention it to your OB-GYN on the next visit. I'm betting she will have some helpful insight. [I think I recall you referring to that person as a "she"]

Totally, it's hormonal. For your friend. But I would use my friend's husband's electric razor and just buzz those babies right off. But then, MY friend has lightish hair. If YOUR friend has darkish hair, it might be different.

So that's very interesting about your friend. I had the same thing happen with my pregnancy, but none of my friends did -- and I was the only one that had a boy. I wonder if the extra testosterone coursing through our blood from our lovely boys caused the extra growth. 'Cos I ended up with an actual mustache. Thicker and fuller than my husband's I swear. I waxed for a while, then decided to do something permanent and had laser treatments done to kill the big black hairs. Not sure what to recommend to your friend, except that I'm quite sure said hairs will not be gone by Friday. My son is almost 2 and mine were still kicking around. Grrrr.

i am useless in this department....but this much i not shave it.

I would go with the wax. Just suck it up and do it if it bothers you that much.


If your *friend* can tolerate bleaching, I'd try that for now and see if the hormones don't calm down in a few weeks. If it continues, I highly recommend the laser treatment option, especially if you are sure this is *her* last pregnancy/birth. I had the laser treatment on my underarms (b/c I'm too lazy to shave), and it was wonderful....until I got pregnant and some (but not all) of the hair grew back.

My guess would be hormones...? Give it a little time to go away on it's own...?

Ok, I have no idea. My second pregnancy did the opposite for me; I almost never had to shave my legs because the hairs just stopped growing through most of it. Heaven. Of course, that's all changed now...

I had a fair bit of excess hair when I had both boys, I think it was down to the extra testosterone I'd suggest that your *friend* tries her best to leave it or if not then Bleach it away.

It will eventually sort it's self out promise.

I'm a Nair girl too, and here's my rule: if YOU notice it, everyone else noticed it a month ago. It takes five minutes to get rid of it and you won't have to worry about it again. The hair will grow back a little stubly at first, but then it thins out. I love the Nair.

I know someone who knows someone who had this same issue post partum as well and she did a lot of plucking though hair removal might have been a better solution come to think for it... for my friend. But it did resolve itself eventually on her that is...

I also have a "friend" who seemed to amass a small (yet noticeable) amount of excess body hair during pregnancy. Sideburns mostly, although the regular fuzz on the upper lip seemed to...darken. My "friend" plucked the hell out of her upper lip and pretended the sideburns didn't exist. My "friend" is pregnant again and isn't sure what to do because I, I mean SHE, is rather certain she'll suffer the same annoyance again. So if you would, my "friend" would totally appreciate knowing what happens with YOUR friend. Because my "friend" also has sensitive skin and waxing is BAD.

I think we really need a picture to be able to advise your vet tech person. Await same with interest.

I would tell this friend that having a male child does this! Seriously, I had this issue with both boys and although breastfeeding will cure this problem (takes a little time) the immediate cure for me was bleach. It's stinky and messy, but removes the traces of Yeti from your visage! Yes, this is what I'd tell your friend!

PS - Owen is adorable and Mia's still cute as ever!

it will fall out, along with the rest of (your friend's) hair in the next few months. i always hated the "shedding like a dog" stage. ugh.

Depending on the financial situation of said pretend individual I would say: Option A. Get theeself to the nearest electrolysis center stat and fork over the $10,000 needed to get rid of ladybeard. Option B. Take a Vicodin and go wax - tender skin be darned - bleeding and swelling stop sister. Option C. Make friends with the nearest razor.

There is no guarantee baby/hormone hair will ever go back to normal! My "baby" was born 2 1/2 years ago, and my career as a milk maid stopped 1 year ago, meaning all said weird hormones should have ceased and desisted - yet my leg hair still has the hateful ability to grow-in black and course 10 minutes after I've shaved. Before pregnancy I had soft, light-colored leg hair that seemed to grow so slowly I could have silky smooth legs only shaving every three days or so.

*sigh* The price we pay for adorable babies. P.S. This is reason number #74 why I can't leave my husband.

I would recommend that this imaginary person use facial hair bleach, since any type of hair removal is likely to make the hair grow back thicker and more stubbly. And since it is most likely pregnancy-related, it'll probably fall out on its own, so in the meantime, she should just try to make it less obvious.

My little bun is still in the oven so have no personal experience with this particular malady... I do, however, have experience with women who dye their facial and other extraneous hair blonde or white, thinking this makes it disappear. It doesn't, and in some cases makes it more I'd vote for hair removal, at any cost.

My problem is being quite moley. I have a few large ones on my face, and these awful little things called 'skin tags' on my neck. What can I say, I am ripe for growing these things, I hear this afflicts women of Eastern European descent, how lovely. I wanted to have a few removed but then found out I was pregnant so am waiting, but along with said fetus they're growing too. Holy moley, am making that appointment with a scalpel as soon as the baby is born!

well my sister-in-law's niece's plumber's girlfriend is very dark haired and during being pregnant and having lots of boys, found that the regular fuz on her top lip darken. She used hair removal cream a couple of times, and it seems fine now. Just needs a touch up occasionally round about that time of the month.

It's hormonal basacaly, but I definitely WOULDN'T shave.

Oh and ditto on the post pregnancy leg hair, though it was fairly dark before too. Er, on my sister-in-law's niece's plumber's girlfriend I mean.

oh and skin tags and moles can grow during pregnancy and can disapear or be removed after. :)

I loved pregnancy because all of my - yes, my - obnoxious extraneous body hair just stopped growing. Two years later, and it's back to mustache-mania. My hair doesn't tend to be dark enough for laser treatments to work, so I'm a big fan of the Nair for faces. It's a little tube designed just for the upper lip. I have sensitive skin and it doesn't bother me in the least.

And Tamara - hear ya' on the moles! I can't believe how they grew in pregnancy!

I saw an episode of Oprah where Dr. Oz talked about that. He said new unwanted hair can be a sign of a hormonal problem. Before you get to the waxing, I would talk to your OB/GYN. Your hormones are probably wacked out right now from the pregnancy/birth/breastfeeding, but that doesn't mean the hair isn't a symptom of a problem.

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