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Like mother...

Still pregnant.

Mia tells me quite often these days that she has a baby in her tummy. So I ask her about the baby, whether he is coming out soon, what we will do with him once he comes out, and what his name is. Sometimes she tells me his name is the name of one or another of the babies of her acquaintance, sometimes she goes with the actual name of her impending little brother, but most often she tells me that the baby in her tummy is named Baby Hotty Pediatrician. (She uses his real name, obviously.)

Mia has also been refusing to poop again, which calamitous and really fucking annoying results, and I keep telling her that if she doesn't poop I am going to take her to the doctor. To which she says "OK!" and smiles and asks if we can go now, right now.

I think my toddler may be trying to move in on my (totally in my own head) boyfriend.

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It's all fun and games until you end up on Springer. Remember that.

Maybe if the DOCTOR tells her to poop?

Cole, on the other hand, has been telling us that people have already pooped and are in need of a diaper change.

Dammit! Someone beat me to the Springer remark.

I think it would be really funny if she actually called her baby Baby Hottie Pediatrician.

Not the part about your still being pregnant, obviously.

What would be even funnier is if she called the docter "Hottie Pediatrician" because she'd heard you say it. I had a kindergartener the other day who told me that his "dad thought his teacher was smokin' hot." :)

Trade ya - my kids won't stop pooping. I changed 14 poopy diapers on Friday!

Hee hee. Not about you still being pregnant.

We have a neighbor whom I "affectionatley" call The Weirdo.
He looks like he's on his way to Woodstock. The man wears pink hi top Chuck Taylors, and leaves his Chrismas lights up all year long. He turns them on whenever the mood strikes.
Not pretty Christmas lights either, those rope lights that he has wrapped around a few tree trunks, through his hedges and has some swirly designs (They remind me of "A Nightmare Before Christmas") in the upper windows of the house.

Driving home the other night, Maggie pipes up from her carseat, with the perfect amount of exasperation in her voice, "There's the Weeeer-doe with his Chrissmuss lights on again."

CRAP! I hate it when I don't spellcheck.

I agree that hearing her say Baby Hottie Pediatrician would be kick ass.

Does Mia know of a little sumpin, sumpin?

GO Jerry! GO Jerry!

Maybe start mixing Benefiber in her sippy cup! Does she like dried Prunes? I don't know Beth. I've never had a child who wouldn't poop. Usually my problem was the opposite. The would poop in their pants at the worst possible moment! Good luck!


At least you can agree she has good taste in men, but the girl is never going to get the hottie doctor away from you using poop as an excuse to go see him.

Can you imagine if you went into labor in his office? Better shave your legs just in case......

I really appreciate you starting the post with "still pregnant". I like efficiency.

That must be some pretty powerful magnetism that man has ;-)

My sister had the same problem with my nephew. I had never heard of anything like it until my nephew started doing it. We thought he would go to kindergarten with this problem!! It was like he was afraid to poop!

The little hussy!

Any excuse for you to see hotty pediatrician. We ALL know she was pooping just fine! ;) (kidding -- haha me so funny! ahem.) So you're still preggers.... Soon!!!

Is she fully toilet trained? The monkey isn't even close....

OMG, she is totally trying to steal your man. The little minx!

Beth- on the pooping thing...Daya's doing that too. I really do understand.

Get the children's glycerin suppositories- they're about $2.50 for a whole jar. Stick one up Mia's butt (easy to do even with a protesting, squirming toddler), she'll poop painlessly in about 15 minutes.

Wait until she puts her little dolly to her chest and says she's feeding the baby. That had me hysterical. Miranda then started putting the bottle to her nipple, saying "Mommy! Milk!". Ah, the nature of things.

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