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Magic 8-Ball Cervix Update #4: 39 Weeks

"Very doubtful."

I told you people not to get excited.

Also, do you know that I am 33 years old and until I hit Wikipedia last night I had no clear idea whatsoever how a cervix functioned? I'm rather ashamed of that.

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Oh, I don't know that you need to learn about cervixes until your 30s really. Just think, you can spend the next 50 years telling everyone you know! Great playground talk.

I'll be 33 this year and just learned about how the cervix works a few weeks ago myself. I guess I never cared 'til now...

Obviously every cervix is different, but I went to my 40 week appt on a Thursday and was dismayed to find I was not dilated or effaced AT ALL. My water broke the next night (my due date) and I had the baby on Saturday, so you just never know.

& um, yeah, how do cervixes work? You want to school us all?

34 years and still no clue... Not sure I want to?!

Maybe you could tell your cervix what you've learned and get it going.

Okay I went from a closed cervix to fully effaced in about 1 1/2 hours! This kid (my second) all but flew out of me, as if shot out of a bazooka! So, despair not. It is possible that Wally will make his debut before your scheduled.

I'll be 33 in 10 days and still don't have a clue.

Hi, good luck! Labor is still a mystery - you could hang out at 2cm for weeks, or go from 0-baby in a few hours. I think they have those last appointments and measuring excitement just to torture us.

I'm a doctor, and even we don't exactly know how the cervix works, or what all the physiological tic tocks lead to labor. Welcome to the 21st century of medicine!

And good luck (again)! I hope to read of a happy and healthy Mama and Wally-bean very soon!

I'll be 36 on Easter and I still don't know. Guess I'll be hitting Wiki later.

Um, isn't it sort of like a valve? That's my impression,although it could be totally wrong. I figure all I need to know for now is that I have one.

And? How does it work?

I am 37, have had 3 kids and still am confused by all the functions of the women parts.

Sending thinning/dilating thoughts your way!

Wait, the cervix has a function? I thought it was just for looks.

Even though I have Declan (OK, via c-section), I still don't know how a cervix functions. The closest we've been to it is when the OB put my IUD in.

I am 22. Thanks to you (and wikipedia) I now know. :)

thank heavens for wikipedia... its like a back-up brain of sorts.

what on earth DID we do before the internet? pay attention and/or god forbid, ASK QUESTIONS in sex ed?

We have a CERVIX?? Is that like a crucifix?? Cause I don't like the sound of that. I need to call my mom and get the update about this where-babies-come-from thing. Or maybe I should ask my son, he's in the know.

Hm yeah no particular clue here, either! But I don't really need to know right now, so I'll just leave that wiki page alone for now. I use wiki for all kinds of other stuff that I really should know though - and for some things I probably shouldn't.

Um, yeah. How I got hooked up with one of my online groups who chart & practice natural family planning is beyond me. I was always intimidated to ask any cervical or menstrual related questions around them because they all knew their um, stuff a little too well. I felt so dumb. The good thing is, you do not have to know how it works for it to work, thankfully ;)

That's okay Beth, I didn't really know either. So I just *had* to go and google it after reading this. And uh, well....there are some intense photos out there. Not exactly bedtime fairytale stuff, but.....oh well.

And on that note, Sweet dreams to me!

What is Magic 8-Ball? I'm lost here!

Take a hot bath already! It did the trick for me.

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