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Pictures are coming. Birth story is coming. Everybody just keep your pants on.

Speaking of pants, I'm wearing pre-pregnancy jeans today. Granted I am using the hair tie in the button trick and looking like I'm trying to be some bemuffin-topped hoochie mama, but still. Day 5 post-partum and I'm wearing non-maternity pants that I could button if I absolutely had to.

But on to my point for today. Mia keeps telling us that Owen makes her happy. She can't stop kissing him, she just can't. Unless she is taking a break from kissing him in order to hug him. If he cries, or really makes any noise, she heads for him in a dead run so she can make him feel better. Last night, Owen was spending a few minutes admiring the ceiling from the comfort of the pack and play, and Mia made trip after trip to her playroom to retrieve stuffed animals to give to him. Then she moved onto balls, careful each time to make sure nothing was touching his face.

I know there will be issues, I know there are challenges to come. But I also know that I have the most amazing, sweet and loving little girl you could ever hope to meet, and I am so very proud of her.

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That is so sweet to hear. Mia will be such a great sister to Owen (who is still Wally or The Fetus) in my head). It feels weird to have a whole new person to read about.

And don't worry she will be throwing those balls at him in about 7 months!

What a good little mommy she is. Isn't that what all brothers need from their big sisters? Well... for a while.

Very glad that you're home, and that you've brought Mia such a great present.

Okay, I was never threatening to take my pants off, but I may do that if you don't show us that precious boy of yours soon! I'll behave for now, though. =]

Sounds like Mia is enjoying being a big sister! I'm gonna put my money on her adjusting just fine!

I'm so glad she's doing well with him. Isn't the big sister love amazing? And woohoo on being able to wear your non maternity jeans!! :-)

You might get lucky. Truly, I adored my brother from the moment he was born, just like that. We are exactly two years and two months apart. I was his protector and playmate until he hit ten and I stopped liking him for a few years. Mostly cause he was a pain in the ass.

Now and for the last say ten years though, we've been best friends again. (We're 27 and 25.)

doesn't surprise me the least that mia is such a wonderful older sister... very very happy that all is going so well.


I just knew that Mia would be the best sister ever. I am so happy that life is looking so good right now. I hope you are getting plenty of rest and that you are also taking the time to enjoy this moment in your life. Just thinking about the Cactus-Fish family makes me smile!!!

Sounds like wonderful, precious, perfection. You are blessed :)

Awwww- I can just picture that in my head... sibling love!!

Hooray!!! I'm not at all surprised that Mia is such a good big sister.

Of course she is. You guys are. It runs in families, you know.

How wonderfully sweet, exactly how I'd imagined Mia would be with him. I'm planning on dropping off some blueberry muffins tomorrow afternoon, speak now if you're up to your eyeballs in baked goods already :)

Oh, my gosh, that is so sweet. I love this characteristic in kids - taking care of, watching out for those smaller and younger. And a newborn brother? Well, as I said, so sweet.

Oh, it's just such a happy day in blogland :-D (Amalah is pregnant again, if you hadn't already read that.)
I am so happy to hear that Mia is loving on Owen, and can't wait to see pictures of the cuteness!

I bet it almost makes you cry to see Mia so sweet. I know you are loving this time now. It really is precious.

I hate you about the pants thing though. You suck.

That is honestly the sweetest thing I have ever heard. You guys are SO lucky!!!

Sounds like Mia is on the right track! My Owen has a love/hate relationship with big bro Ethan, as they both love the same toys and neither likes to share! Otherwise, they love each other tons! The best is to see them hug each other, pat each other's back, and then hold hands to go play together! Makes me want another, and then I wake up and realize WTH am I thinking, NO MORE!

Can't wait to see pics!

You guys are so lucky! First the post from Chris this morning had me blubbering at my desk and now yours...good thing no one's here at office to see me!

Enjoy every moment of this sweetness. You go Mia, you rock!

Ok, this one made me cry the hardest.

I love how new babies bring out this most sincere compassionate behavior in their older sibling.

You've raised her well!

I'm so glad you and Owen are home with Mia. I know it was hard to be away from her.

I was also blessed with that "amazingly helpful older sibling" for both the second and third kiddos. There really is no sight like it.

Owen is beatiful, Mia is beautiful and Mom and her pre-preggy jeans is beautiful!

Go Go Gadget Cactus-Fishes!!!

Been trying to congratulate you all week, and finally getting the chance. CONGRATULATIONS! My goodness - over 9lbs - what a picnic-size watermelon of an angel - I'm with whoever said, it's probably a lovely thing that darling boy came out of the area he did, instead of the area he didn't. And how sweet that Mia loves him so! She's so special. Oh, and Owen is a very nice name.

That's wonderful news !

Oh! This gives me hope! My daughter is 22 months and we're thinking of starting to try to get pregnant soon. My biggest fear is that she will HATE her new sibling and it will be SO hard.

Yay for Mia and Owen and your incredible shrinking waistband!

That literally brought tears to my eyes.

And can't wait to see THOSE pictures!

"[Don't] Keep your pants on."

Isn't that how this whole thing got started? lol

Oh I just love it. She really is a sweet girl, and I'm SO happy to know she's just loving this time with her new brother. :)

Thank God you mentioned Mia because when she reads this blog, she will want to know that she wasn't forgotten in the new baby hoo hah (sp?).

Glad all is well.

Awww...Mia is so sweet. can wear your pre-pregnancy pants??
I was only able to that with my first. With the second it took me about a month but with the third...well lets just say that that may never happen. She is 12 and I will never be the same!
I am so happy for the Cactus-Fish family :o) And I cannot wait to see more pictures!!!!

That is fabulous that Mia is so attentive and interested in her baby brother! Siblinghood is a wonderful thing!

she's a great kid, why wouldn't she be a great sister?

sounds like how emily was with both josh and isabella. she loved 'em HARD ;)

That is just so sweet! I hope Mia continues to be enamored with her brother. How lucky would he be to have an adoring sister like her :)

Now about those pants...I won't even go there except to say that it must be true what everyone said to me about subsequent c/s being easier recovery...our last baby was my first c/s, and I swear if I tried anything on my body that in any way bound my midsection even the slightest, I thought I would die. For that reason alone I didn't even attempt pre-preg pants for a couple months!

my giant 9lb+ baby was born when my daughter was about 3 1/4. She fell in love instantly. And back then when i wasnt even sure i liked having a boy baby, i think she taught me that boys are pretty okay too.

today, Jamie is almost 2 and seriously, they get along better than i ever thought possible. i'm sure it will change before too long, but for now, my heart just melts at all the hugs and kisses that pass between those two. :)

My youngest is 2.5yo and I still can't fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans. Trying really hard not to hate you.

The story about Mia helped. Keep telling those kind of tales and I'll forgive you for the jeans thing. And pictures... pictures will help.

You are truly blessed, I have a 3 year old daughter and no other in the works but I have often wondered how my sweet little one would react to a brother or sister and how I would possibly share the love I have for her. Stories like yours make me think that maybe someday it will happen and it will be all ok.

Take your time being with your lovely Mia and Owen - don't worry about US! I'm so glad things are going well right now for you all. Hugs!

Woohoo to the pants!!!
And Miss Mia, what a doll.

Pre-pregnancy jeans? Already? Bitch. And I mean that from the bottom of my pregnant bottom. (Fine. I'm jealous. Whatever!)

Mia is a doll. I hope my bear is 1/2 as good with the new baby. Of course, she'll be a little younger but perhaps she can channel Mia's innate goodness? So sweet.

Nice work on the pants. Don't you love that little trick?!

And Mia? Awesome. Dylan still (6 months later) insists on a fairly regular basis, okay ALL THE DAMN TIME, that I "Put the baby down." He merely tolerates Zach's presence. Girls are so much more nurturing. Just wait. You'll see.

I should hate you because of the whole jeans thing, but really it is impressive and I am just jealous because I know there is no way in hell my pre-pregnancy jeans will be fitting even in the first month post partum, let alone the first week! Here I am 35 weeks pregnant, wondering what the hell I'll be able to squeeze into following my baby's birth. My pants didn't fit that great before the pregnancy! But I digress. Back to you, really happy for you and especially happy to hear that Mia is already showing such love and interest in her baby brother. That must make your heart swell with love for her and the family you've created!

Can I just say you and your pre-pregnancy jeans 5 days post-partum can kiss my butt? It was MONTHS before I could wear pp jeans with the last one, and I'm expecting as much this time. Which is why I'm REFUSING to hand them over in exchange for maternity pants until I absolutely HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE.

That's wonderful about Mia and the baby. She's such a treasure. I sincerely hope that we are as fortunate as you when our Little Button gets her baby brother in 4 months. She adores babies, but she's also such a Mama's girl that I'm a bit anxious about the jealousy thing.

Such sweetness!


You've given birth!


That's so sweet. Funny though, with Miss Mia I'm not one bit surprised she's so sweet and nurturing :)

You're right - there will be issues but you'll deal with them with confidence and grace just like you have with your beautiful daughter. Owen and Mia are both so lucky to have you and Chris for parents.


Such a sweet big sister! Go Mia!

What's really going to rock is how much he will love her...Thomas is totally into bigger kids and coos and babbles at them, like, FINALLY, someone to talk to! Grownups are so boring!

I can't wait to see pictures of Outrageously Cute Owen. But I will be patient.

I'm really pleased with Mia's reaction to her new baby.

Makes me want one.

I didn't doubt she'd be like this for minute :)

and empressive on the jeans btw!

That makes me so warm and fuzzy.

I'm so happy for all of you!

Tried to leave a comment on your earlier post but it thought I was a spambot. I'm not sure you got it - no big deal. Just something like my largest was 7 lbs and I couldn't imagine that big a baby. He was the same weight as my son's youngest who also arrived half grown.

I'm so glad Mia adores Owen. She's been looking forward to him for what must seem like a lifetime to her.

Makes me think back to how my oldest was with her sister when she was born. She was so sweet and helpful. They still get along pretty well, my youngest actually causes most of the problems now! lol! Either way, this post made me smile and get all warm and fuzzy so thanks :) Congratulations again to a beautiful family!

Hmm just realized - is Owen's name anything to do with your PCB? ;-)

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