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Mia Monday #108: Last Days Edition

Everything we do these days, I think oh, this is Mia's last whatever as an only child. So naturally, I had to document the last only child playground trip this weekend.

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Oh my! She looks so big in those pictures!

she's so cute... It totally makes me lean towards hoping the baby I am carrying is a little girl. I know I shouldn't say that but... its true.
How are you feeling... tomorrow is MY DAY I picked for you...

She's getting so tall!

oh my. I want that outfit for myself! Am pretty sure I won't look as darned cute in it tho. no fair!

How do you think Mia will react to the baby? Just remember that she's not the only only-child that's gotten a new sibling. She will adjust and so will you. Still sending good vibes your way.

Hurry up and have that baby, woman!

Very cute! She is SO tall!

wowee - does she ever look like a big girl!

Good lord, that is a beautiful child!

I remember thinking that way before having my second.
She looks so big in these pictures!!

wow, she looks so big! Tall too! You guys do not have any snow...must send some your way after Wally is born.

Awww. Her last Mia Monday while being an only child consists of her last playground trip while being an only child. It's such a moment. (Thinks she realizes the significance?)

Mia got so tall!
and adorable as always.

Wow... she's just breathtaking. She's got a really beautiful face Beth. Yer gonna have to shackle her once puberty hits...

Wow ! She's so big ! I hope that Wally's name starts with T, W, F or S so that we can get weekly shots of that kid as well :) Take care Beth.

Holy crap, the cuteness. Does she ever stop smiling? Or will the permanent grin last until the angst of teen-hood wipes it from her face (good luck with that, by the way)?

Ah yes, the last of the lasts, but soon you will have the first time Mia holds Wally, the first time Mia kisses Wally... So many firsts!!!

I love the one where she's swinging! And I love Maribeth's view of things. Awesome.

Oh wow! She's getting so big! It's like she's totally practicing to be the big sister! She's still so cute! I love her smile on the slide!

Ditto to Maribeth on the lasts giving way to lots of firsts! And firsts are way more fun, yes?

I've siad it once, I've siad it a thousand times - she's absolutely feaking adorable! I hope you guys had fun!

Mia is ROCKIN' that track suit! Move over J-Lo! :)

She is so beautiful! What a great big sister she'll be, I'm sure.

Hang in there. I know the last few days are hell, but in a few days or so, you'll be holding that bundle and the misery will be long forgotten.

Delurking to say these pics are not only adorable, but total evidence that baby#2 will show his sweet self at any time now. The connection? My immediate reaction is that Mia looks so very grown up so suddenly - she has moved into official Big Sis-ness in appearance as well as status. I frequent your blog daily and was flored to see how much she has grown.
My best to you all, I will await the good news with the rest of the blog-o-sphere. Thank you for sharing this exciting time with us! :-)

Love Mia's "red carpet pose" in the 2nd picture! She's just beautiful!

Oh my gosh Beth, she DOES look so grown up. The baby is all gone, she's a little girl now.
.....and she's got some great taste in clothes AND men to prove it!

Awww! Is Mia cute or is Mia cute!!!

Awww. LOVE THIS! It's been too snowy here to go to the park!

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