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Mia Monday #109: Big Girl Edition

Mia with cousin Payton and baby brother Owen.

Many more newborn pictures are here, feel free to come back and tell me how beautiful my children are.

Comments (77)

So very cute! You take great pictures, too!

I'm not sure Mia could look happier! She's simply glowing with joy. Owen is just beautiful!

They are. Beautiful for sure. :)

Hope you're feeling better.

The flick pics are really great. I see you used natural light for much better than the harsh flash. He is so super sweet. Now you are just like me with one of each. Its the best thing in the world. I think that only special people get one of each. I know...its silly. I cant imagine anything better because you get to try everything over except in new way. The first one grew fast but trust me if you even blink this one will be a year old. I hated how fast the second one grew and thought why even have a third since this one grew up so fast I couldnt even enjoy Mia will be a great big sis. I just hope she doesnt start beating him in the head when he starts standing like mine did. Only child she has ever hit...her baby brother.

Mia looks so *happy* in these pictures. You really do have two of the most beautiful children ever birthed.

They really are precious, adorable children. Mia's big smile is just the sweetest.

You and Chris do good work together:-)

Mia looks so happy!

Painfully beautiful! I think I have to go breathe deeply for a little now.

Um, yeah! They ARE beautiful. I know that when you have a kid, suddenly your other one looks monstrously big, but I didn't know that rule applied to OTHER people's kids. Seriously, she looks like she should have a cell phone and a boyfriend already.

Beyond adorable! All three are cuties - I love how Mia has an arm around her little cousin, too! Owen looks like a little doll compared with Mia, she looks so grown up - until you notice the treads on the bottom of her socks and the fact that her feet barely dangle off the edge of the chair!

Congratulations again! I think those three are going to be partners in crime once they all get a little older!

So gorgeous! Mia looks so proud to be a big sister.

Great pictures! Owen is a sweetie, and Mia couldn't be more proud!

Congrats to all!

What beautiful babies! doesn't Mia look so proud??? so sweet!

On a side note, I cannot believe how big Payton is now!

So adorable! He looks so giant up against Mia like that. Welcome to the 9 pound newborn club!

Yes - I think I must come back and tell you how beautiful your children are! And look at that smile on Mia's face. She's so happy to be a big sister.

Mia is so grown up and beautiful! And Owen is so new and adorable! And Miss Payton is so big and cute herself. Wow. Gorgeous children.

Congratulations to you and your family! Your children are beautiful. And that is one big baby boy! I don't think my son was that size until 2 months. Kudos to you!!!

Of course your children are beautiful!! What a great picture, I can't believe how big Payton is getting...
GOD I can't wait for July to get here!

They are definitely going to get into (and out of) trouble together. Your children (children!) are fantastically beautiful, Beth, and your nephew is adorable, too. What a great big sister Mia is already!

Oh. Oh, oh, oh. Amazing. Just amazing. Mia is SO so beautiful -- From these pics I think I can see what she'll look like when she's a woman.
And Owen is precious. And huge!
They are just lovely.

Completely adorable! Mia looks so happy!

I see zillions of hours of these three playing together in their future. Oh, the fun they will have! My brother and I have a cousin around my age who lived nearby when we were all young, and half of my childhood memories involve all three of us playing cars and singing songs! It was the best time!

Beautiful. For. Sure.

Gosh, you have some gorgeous kids! Congratulations on becoming a family of four!

Mia looks so pleased with herself, lovely photos. You have beautiful children.

Mia looks like she's about to burst with pride. Beautiful!

So cute! Your children ARE beautiful!

good god, i have to stop looking -- you're going to make me breed again. they are absolutely gorgeous children, in my completely unsolicited opinion.

I think that's the happiest I've ever seen Mia in pictures :)

Oooo, he is SUCH a squooshy-ooshums yuvey little BABY, I am just going to NOM NOM NOM him right UP.

Oooo, he is SUCH a squooshy-ooshums yuvey little BABY, I am just going to NOM NOM NOM him right UP.

SO AFFECTED am I by your children's gorgeousness (and you are looking awesome yourself, by the way), I had to double-post my comment! Apparently!

Oh look at Mia! She is so happy I think she could just burst! But then, she is such a loving little girl I knew she would be a great big sister.
You are looking totally HOT Beth! I bet the Hottie Pediatrician can't take his eyes off of you!
Also, totally love you robe!

wow... did you give birth to a 3 month old?

they all look precious, those cousins.

What gorgeous children :-) Mia's hair's so long! And those glowing little cheeks...
Peyton looks totally sketched out in the second one...and Owen? Well he's beautiful and so BIG!!! Wow.

Ohmygosh, they are beautiful together. All that cousin love! And how did Payton get to be so BIG?! And Mia so blond?! Owen is simply delicious. I love him, I really do, in that strange Internet way. :) So happy for you!

You really did give birth to a (beautiful) 2-month-old! He looks very comfy in his (beautiful) big sister's arms.


Anyone know about a "scratch and sniff" technology because that baby smells so good on this end!

Mia is obviously so proud to have her very own baby brother! And WOW!! how big cousin Peyton seems next to baby Owen!

You people in the cactus-fish family grow some seriously gorgeous children.

Seriously - could Mia's smile be ANY bigger? She looks like she is in big sister heaven. It is too much sweetness this early in the week.

And Owen! *sigh* So perfect.

Congratulations to all of you, Beth!

How can I be expected not to have any more children when you keep having such gorgeous ones?

Oh, he is so precious! And Mia, what a sweet sister! It chokes me up.

Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous how gorgeous they are.

Oh what beautiful children you have. So precious. And holy guacamole! Look at how big Payton is already!

Ahhh! Adorable!!!! Congratulations to you all -- what a lovely family.

Congratulations on such beautiful children!!!

I haven't read through the other comments, so forgive me if I'm repeating, but Mia's hair looks so much more blond in these pictures.

I'm not going to say anything that hasn't already been said (but I'll add my voice to harmonize the chorus all the same), but all three are beautiful children, and it's lovely to see how happy Mia is.

Owen is beautiful, Mia is beautiful, you are beautiful, I'm sure your husband is beautiful...what a lucky woman you are! Congratulations.

Could Mia smile ANY bigger? What a beautiful, proud, big sister. Oh, and Owen is a cute, squishy, baby.

That baby is HUGE!!!

but CUTE. Mia looks like a very proud big sister.

Seriously, Owen is almost as big as Mia! Good God woman- what were you thinking trying to have a vaginal delivery!

They are all beautiful ! The grandparents must be in Heaven.

Wow, you really did give birth to a 2 month old! He's beautiful.

Your children are both beautiful indeed, great to see you all so happy :0)
Pol x

They are absolutely beautiful. Congrats again!

Beautiful. Mia looks so happy :)

Beautiful! I love Mia's smile.

I figure you won't mind hearing it, beautiful, adorable, sweet family. Rest, recover and enjoy.

Oh, such beautiful, perfect children. The picture of Mia holding Owen's hand is one for eternity. Congratulations and you look wonderful!!!

Mia looks so happy! And how BIG is Owen!!

Absolutamente preciosos. Ambos. Sois unos artistas haciendo niņos. ;-) Gorgeous!! Congratulations for your children. By the way, you should be very very proud of Mia.

Yes, your children are beautiful! And Mia does look truly happy about having a baby brother.

Mia looks so incredibly proud!

You DO have beautiful children. And I'm not just saying that because it's "the thing to say".

You look great too, by the way! Not like someone who's just been through a rough labor followed by a c-section.

Congratulations again to all of you!

God, that Mia is a beautiful, beautiful little girl. Baby is cute too but you know, a baby.

Aww...they are truly beautiful :)

I tried to view these pictures on a Blackberry 'cause I've been out of town and was disappointed that the Blackberry yielded no details.

Beth - they are gorgeous! What a proud big sister Miss Mia is...

My goodness! First - gorgeous! Of course! Second - As BIG as MIA - oh my goodness gracious that came out of you!

wow. you were right. he is big.

ack! too much cuteness! owen i have to say looks absolutely perfect. he does truly look like a doll! love this and how cute is mia with that huge grin!

your children ARE beautiful! That Mia, i swear, i've never seen more beautiful child! Uh...well done, or something:)

Mia looks like she's about to burst with pride and joy. And you really do have the perfectest looking newborn I have ever seen.

Mia looks so big here!

(Your children really are beautiful and I'm not just saying that because you told me to)

Beth they are beyond beautiful... Mia is glowing and Owen is growing :)


wow, he looks almost as big as her, even though i know obviously he's not. wow. they both look great, beth. (and chris);)

Owen and Mia are BEAUTIFUL!!! Beautifuller than even Clive O-- wait.... Did you? Owen? After Clive? Naaaahhhh.... Clive's mine, anyway. ;)

Coming back to read the birth story later when have more time -- skimmed over hemorrhaging! Wow.... Glad you're okay! Feel well....

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