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Mia Monday #110: Pink Hat Edition

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she's so CUTE!

Absolutely adorable!

Adorable! Was she singing?

I hope today is an easy, transitional day for you.

I think she's singing too.. hmmm,
'the sun has got his hat on'?
'Where did you get that hat'?

She suddenly looks so much like you in these pictures to me! So sweet!

So cute!

So Mia Monday, are we now gonna have Owen Tuesday?
She's soo gorgeous!
Pol x

I don't know what she was singing, but it looks like it was loud and with mucho gusto.

Agh! The cute!!

Also, I'm digging Owen's fuzzy fluffy hair!

Those are adorable! Is the pink hat a prelude to the red hat when she is an old lady? LOL
It does look like she is belting out a Broadway show tune!

It's not even noon and you're already posting. Go you!
The girl has quite the flair for drama, it seems. Love it!

I love the second to last photo where it appears that Owen is looking at her outta the corner of his eye like, "Whatinthaheck?" Too cute. You have quite a diva in training!

my first thought was, "oh, she's adorable, wearing a sitz bath as a hat." Heh. Sorry.

They certainly love dress up don't they? She looks so ADORABLE!

cute as a button...
have fun today and do everything bit by bit.

I especially like the last one :) So cute.

Look how cute she is!

She really is a cutie.
Now we just need a weekly Owen fix!
Also, I can't help but notice how BIG Owen is in the background!! Love those chubby cheeks!

I was going to say how much I think she looks like you too! She is definitely rockin' the hat!

Haha, well she certainly looks to be having a splendid time! It's so sweet to see you and Owen in the background, like you guys are all just having a blast being a perfect little nuclear family:) Good luck with the mommy at home alone stuff!!!!

The fact that Mia is beautiful goes without saying, but you are a very pretty lady too! Congratulations on your sweet family.

Love the pink hat. Mia is so adorable!

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