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Oh bummer

My cats have been dead for almost two years now, and it still makes me sad to open a can of tuna fish and just drain it down the sink.

Anybody wanna come over for a dish of tuna juice?

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Gosh, has it been 2 years already? I'd love to share a tuna juice smoothie with you. (okay, not really)

This is absolutely none of my business...but (there's always a "but" after that statement, isn't there?) I thought your family was vegetarian? I'm vegetarian too so that little factoid stuck with me.

Two years? It seems like yesterday! Love the new digs, btw.

The dachshunds and I will be over in an hour! LOL!

Oddly enough, I have the only cat in the history of EVER that doesn't like tuna. Can you imagine? I open a can and she doesn't come running. She could care less. I'm used to previous cats who would mow me down if I opened a can of pineapple for crissake.

Get the little pouches of tuna next time, no juice, and no sad memories.

I love tuna straight from the can. Um....FYI, I guess.

*sigh*. Houses are lonely without kitties in them. I understand...

Aww. My cat won't eat tuna either. She comes running when she hears the can opener, but she always turns up her nose if you give her a taste.

I can't believe it's been two years either.

oh, maybe that's the thing I need to cure my all-day morning sickness?

I'm all about taking one for the team, but I'm not quite sure I could stretch my cooperation to shots of tuna juice. Pickle juice though?

Bu Bu will be right there... he hates to see good tuna go to waste...

There's got to be something you can do with that juice. Tuna-tini? Catmopolitan?

RIP Callie

Aw. Yeah, that is a bummer. I'll be sad in the same situation, but with canned chicken when Cleo goes.

When we unpacked the box with the cats' ashes I cried all over again. You never know when it's gonna hit you.

I know how you feel. It'll be a year on the 23rd since my little Piper went - heart disease just shouldn't happen, she was only five.

I get that way too sometimes, and it's been way longer than 2yrs, when I open a can of tuna. I expect to hear a yowl and little padded feet come a'running, begging for a piece. I never thought to give them the juice, though! I will with the next cats.

We made the mistake of telling our 6 year old that his dog would probably die in the next few years. Now, he constantly asks us when Zeus is going to die!

*Hugs* I can relate. We had to put down my 19 year old cat, Tia, last July and walking past the pet isle and the grocery store still chokes me up to the point of tears. She loved the tuna/chicken juice too and she'd just about climb my head to get her teeth into some chicken.

I'm so sorry to hear you're still missing your kitties. =[

My mother in law was over a month or two ago and opened a can of chicken and DRAINED IT DOWN THE SINK! My four cats were absolutely devastated.

Oh that is so sad...

I remember loosing my cat about 14 years ago...that really broke my heart I never want to have a pet anymore...

that sucks...alot...sorry!

thinking of you and wally and sending you happy, and, as-painless-as-possible labor vibes..:*)

go team wally!

PS - I know I'm a little late on this one but I dig the new design (yea, I'm late on everything these days..but I figured you'd give me a know with both of us being in our 9th month and all!)

Princess Piglet is packing her catnip and will be there tomorrow....

Princess Piglet is packing her catnip and will be there tomorrow....

Has anyone mentioned that your comments are still not remembering personal info?

I've been craving tuna w/ provolone for days, but tuna juice? Not so much.

I know. Simba used to bolt into the kitchen whenever I opened ANY TIN -- just in case it was tuna.... The other three aren't that smart when it comes to tuna....

Love the new design, by the way! I'm sooo happy to see you're still in love with Clive (even though he's mine)....because I LOVE seeing him whenever I come here! :) Dang, I should get him on MY sidebar. He IS my REAL (nevermind pretend!) boyfriend!

I miss my dog Rio every day. (Our cat? Not so much.)

aww, sniff sniff, that's totally understandable. I don't think you ever really get over the death of a beloved pet:(

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