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More pics coming tomorrow, I promise. But in the meantime...

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Beth, stop dressing up Mia's baby dolls. What a sweet little face!! cute.

Awwwww he's perfect! Congratulations to all of you!

What an adorable little guy!

Ohhh...he is so, so precious!

Well that little face just makes you melt, doesn't it!

Adorable - what a peaceful little face!

That's a handsome boy! Congratulations to you, Chris and Mia!

He looks just like a doll. I want to sit for hours and 'watch' him sleep! What a sweetie!

I hope you're getting settled in as a family of 4 and I can't wait to see more pictures!


He's beautiful

What a little sweetheart he is. I can understand now why Mia can't stop kissing him! You must just sit and stare at him, he's so beautiful.
Congrats to you all. What a miracle!

Are those Mia's eyes I see?

May I suggest an alternative caption: "NOM NOM NOM"

He is precious and looks absolutely perfect.

So tiny!

And so beautiful!

He's amazing!!! Congratulations to you all!!!

Aw Beth, he's absolutely perfect! Congrats to you guys.

He's so sweet. I hope you're all doing well!

Wow, what an amazingly beautiful child. It almost makes me want to procreate again.


Hugs to you all!

HAHAHA, I thought the same thing as the first commenter. He looks so perfect that he's almost like a little plastic doll. I love it.

Wow... this makes me get excited that I'm having a boy... he looks so perfect!

First time commenting... but I've been reading for awhile, I found you on Kait's (Struggle & Emerge) link list...

Aww he is beautiful. I can totally see why Mia cannot stop kissing him!!

the baby is too perfect. I swear that made my uterus ache.

Aw hello Owen! He's just so beautiful. *sniff*

He's beautiful.

gosh. perfect.

that pic nearly made me broody again (I've got no. 5, nearly 6mths on my lap at the min, so that's impressive)

Wow, he looks like a doll! He's beautiful Beth.

Absolutely adorable. Cute cute cute.

Wow, Beth! He is absolutely gorgeous! I want to borrow him so I can sniff his perfect little head. Best wishes to your beautiful little family!

Perfection Personified!

He's absolutely precious! Can't wait to see more pictures.


Ohhhh, so sweet. He does look like a little doll.

He looks perfect. Good work.

Oh what a great picture! Your Owen certainly is a handsome boy!
I hope you are taking care of yourself and getting plenty of rest.

Cute, cute, cute! Well done!

oh dear... i think my ovaries just burst.

Is it just me, or does he look exactly like Mia? So, so sweet.

such. a. doll.

a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e! another beautiful baby for your family! congrats!

Oh, my ovaries hurt... and I already have 2 kids! He's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

I think I just let-down. so cute!

He has Mia's lips...too cute!

that's a dumplin.

You two should just crank out babies and beautify the world.

Oh perfect, perfect, beautiful baby - he is lovely.

oh my god.
he's gorgeous.

My ovaries are aching.

This is the sweetest picture ever!

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