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Reasons to hate me

(Yup, still pregnant.)

39 weeks into pregnancy #2 (and final), nary a stretch mark to be found.

As I was getting into bed Sunday night, I noticed that the toes on my left foot felt a little funny. So I looked, and indeed, my left foot was looking a little puffy. This is the first swelling I've had with this pregnancy. On Monday morning, I finally ditched my wedding ring as it was becoming ever so slightly uncomfortable.

I have never vomited while pregnant.

All my shoes still fit.

Anyway, this labor thing. How does that work, exactly? I mean, I am not in labor right now. Will I just be in labor all of the sudden at some point? Or does it sneak up on you all gradual like? Will I get a memo stating I may find myself in labor at some point in the next 12 hours? Am I more likely to go into labor if I expend the effort to actually hang the pictures we finally framed for the nursery, or more likely to go into labor if I leave them all piled up in the crib? This whole "wait and see" thing really isn't working for me.

(Chris had some critical, could-not-be-missed work whatever at 10:00 Monday morning and did not tell me about it until 10:00 Sunday night. Which, dude! Clearly, that was when I was meant to deliver this baby but 12 hours just is not enough warning and now I've totally missed the opportunity and am going to be pregnant forever and it is ALL HIS FAULT, just like everything else in the world.)

(Additionally, are men lacking some genetic whosiwhatsits that allows for the loading of a dishwasher, or is my husband just trying to drive me fully around the bend?)

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Hi there! Hope you don't mind...I've been reading your blog!

I had the same fear as you with both of my girls! But with both, my water broke before I went in to labour. It was like "okay, guess it's time now"!

Best of luck to you! And congratulations!

Dishwashers are for the weak. Real men wash dishes by hand in boiling hot water while biting on a belt to handle the pain. So, to answer your questions, 'yes' and 'probably'.

I wish I could speak from experience but from my induced labor once the contractions started they were pretty intense (that is with Cervadil only at that point.) The one person I do know who had a natural labor process said both times her water broke labor was noticeable immediately and she went to the hospital and delivered in a matter of hours. Some people have contractions for days leading up and some do not. All NOT very helpful I am sure!

I have never vomited and I do not have stretch marks either. The swelling well that remains to be seen - I would love NOT too just like I would love not have pregnancy acne but I am TOTALLY losing that battle!

My husband gets annoyed with how I load a dishwasher so perhaps it just a personal thing? I think I do a fine job of loading but he will rearrange the entire thing and hrmmpp the whole time at me!

I have heard that walking or physical activity is a good way to start the whole natural labor thing but I do not buy it. I literally walked over hill and dale to no available so again totally useless information!

Two of 3 labors "snuck" up on me. On the 2nd, my water broke and the contractions came immediately following.

Also, with #2 he was 2 weeks late- I was active duty military and stationed in a remote area, if not on base, about 45 minutes from the nearest hospital. . . . since baby #1 came in 2 hours, start to finish, was strongly cautioned against leaving the base. Was really good for a long time, but finally got cabin fever and the day before he was born, spent the day shopping til I dropped (about 8 hours!)! All the walking must have been encouragement for him to take his leave and make his appearance. He was born about 8 hours after I got home (at least he wasnt born in the Mojave Desert on the way home!)

Basically, they come when they're darn well ready, (or when your doc says its been long enough . . . .) but if you are up to it- keep up your regular routine - it may just encourage him to appear!

Good Luck!

For me, I had been having false contractions for days so I wasn't thinking labor was imminent. I was 4 days shy of my due date. We sat down to watch a movie and I had three contractions in a row that hurt more than usual, so I got up to move around, and my water broke. Then they started in earnest. He was born 3 hours later!

Here's wishing you the best of luck and a short, easy labor!

In my experience, the less prepared I was, the more imminent was the labor. It's all highly scientific Beth, but basically, the way it works is that if you think you have all the time in the world, BAM! Baby. If you are diligent and prepared, you'll be pregnant for roughly 57-63 weeks.

Case in point: we did NOTHING to prepare for Mister. Truly, I cannot stress the level of unpreparedness enough. He was born 3 weeks early. With Lady, I had my bag packed at 36 weeks (just in case!) and didn't go into labor until I finally took it out of the car and left it at home while I attended my 39 week OB visit.

You see? The less prepared, the better.

And I've heard labor runs the gamut as far as eons of contractions versus water breaks and surprise there's baby, but my labors both started with some suspiciously uncomfortable crampage, which turned steadily into full on contractions, which in turn got closer together and worse. I remember the OB nurse telling me I'd know it was time to come in to the hospital when I couldn't speak through the contractions. She was right, those suckers start to hurt.

This is all very exciting!

I wasn't sure I'd know when I was going into labor either. Around noon that day, I was feeling sort of crampy. Then at 8:10 PM, my water definitely broke. Not everyone's does but this way, I was absolutely sure!

You can't have that kid until the date and time that I chose in the pool. Duh.

Also, I think not loading the dishwasher is Chris' way of making you do stuff so the baby will come sooner. I hear activity makes babies appear. I wouldn't know, beins how I haven't shoved a child out my vag.

I do hate you.

And Chris is not the only one. It's a male thing, although some women will brag that their husband's know how to load and use a dishwasher.

My husband loads the dishwasher (from time to time), but he does it WRONG. So I can't look at it when he does it.

i've had five spontaneous labours (and five vaginal deliveries) and I just - don't - know!

You're quite rightly going to scream at me, but it happens when it happens!

Oh's all husbands. My favorite is when the dishwasher is completely empty and he leaves his dishes on the counter next to the empty sink. If you're too lazy to put them in the dishwasher-the sink is RIGHT there! Sorry. I know-preaching to the choir.

I just hate anyone who doesn't get kidney stones during pregnancy.

I would recommend scheduling your husband taking the bar exam on your due date, then you'll go into obvious labor the day before, but be in denial for about 10 hours and do things like sitting in on conference calls, then it will go really fast once you get to the hospital - but then Chris has to miss it. So maybe not.

Hmm I dunno, but I think today is my day for the pool, so get on that ;-)
Seriously though, wishing you a healthy delivery, and patience in the meantime!

Speaking from experience. Let's see, 1st kid, Srom (spontanteous rupture of membranes) went to hosp, 7 hrs later-baby. 2nd kid, (2 wks overdue) went to hosp w/contractions 4-5 min apart, 6hrs later-baby. 3rd kid, full blown labor at 36wks, unable to stop contractions after many hrs, finally a baby. 4th kid, at 3:00 am started having hard core contractions. Had to take a shower to shave legs of course, got to hosp at 4:47 am-baby. So, as you can see, every baby is different and you'll know when you know. That simple. I know you've probably mentioned this, but will your OB induce you or go straight to repeat C/S?

Officially prying myself from lurkdom to warn you not to open that can of worms about men & dishwashers. Once he loads it, you will wish you had never suggested such a thing, as soon as you see how things just get randomly thrown in there. Bowls facing up. Plates in various directions, ye none of them in a direction that would actually result in them getting clean. If I didn't know better, I would think they stand fifteen feet away from the dishwasher & throw them in beanbag-toss-style.

The first time I went into labour went like this: feel kinda icky for a few days with stupidly mild cramps that feel like maybe constipation? Take laxative, have it work, have cramps stick around anyways. Don't sleep for a few nights from the cramps that hit every 8m or so but it.can' (pre-term). Finally decide that enough is enough and you need sleep and, therefore, drugs for this "constipation" and head to hospital. In car on way there have contractions every 2-3mins and realize you're in labour.

My hubby can watch me unload the clean dishes and reload a few dirty ones and then after I walk away he will immediately place dirty dishes he has just used in the sink. That's right, the sink. When I ask him to load them in the dishwasher, he will say "are they clean or dirty", as though either I want him to mix clean and dirty dishes together, or he is an imbecile. Your guess is as good as mine.

I went into labor only twice, and once turned out to be false labor.

When I went into real labor, it started exactly the way I hoped it would: my water broke. That's IDEAL, because it tells you absolutely for sure that it's real labor. Which is good because then I felt only the mildest of crampy feelings for the next 9 hours, and then, like, mild gas pains for a couple of hours, and then what felt like BAD gas pains, getting increasingly worse and closer together, very steady (no stopping when I got up and walked around).

When I went into false labor, I woke up at about 3:00 in the morning because I was having a strong, slightly painful contraction---and then I had one after another, about every 7 minutes, for several hours. I waited to make sure they kept coming steadily and closer together, and they did---BUT: I did not make sure they didn't stop when I walked around, because I was having twins (and I was past the date twins are usually born) and I was TOO WIRED to pay attention to that. So I had steady, moving-closer-together contractions for about 5 hours, then went to the hospital and by the time we got there and got hooked up to the monitors, the contractions were getting irregular and further apart, and they continued to get LESS regular and FURTHER apart for the two hours I was there, and then they sent me home.

* no automatic water-breaking for me
* 1st child over 9 lbs but right on time. epidural didn't work. forceps, cutting, the whole deal.
* 2nd child a week early, but given a jump-start with cervadil (contractions had actually stared a tiny bit so yay for me). OB wanted to go this route so I didn't have another big one. Still over 8lbs. epidural did work - Woop! I even watched a bit which I thought I could never ever do!
* sorry for the details. not meant to scare, but personally you know what you're in for anyway. I was scared as sh*t too, but knew what the end result would be - a little babe to snuggle!

Good Luck. You can do it!!!! :)

I have 3 kids. #1 - first contraction was at 10:23pm and every 7 minutes or less thereafter until she was here.

#3 3 false labors before the big show because

#2 I questioned labor all day until I finally decided that I really was in labor and made it to the hospital just in time (well just in time to have some serious labor pain which, if I had shown up earlier, I could have avoided with an eipdural and not had to endure such nonsense). He actually came exactly 3 hours after I got there.

This from a maternity nurse who really should know better.

I went into labor naturally, and it started with a sudden, sharp twinge that made me think, "Hm. I wonder if that's a contraction." About ten minutes later I had another one, a bit sharper, and after the third or fourth one I decided that systems were, in fact, go. Aside from that, no warning at all. My water didn't break until six hours into "formal" labor.

Obviously, your mileage may vary.

Men are genetically challenged in different ways. Mine can load a dishwasher like nobody's business, but he lacks the Look-Behind Gene. If an item isn't right in the front of the refrigerator or cabinet, it doesn't exist.

My water broke with both of mine, but not in that "oh fuck the pipes burst" kind of way, but more in that "oh fuck am I still peeing?" kind of way. With #1 I had time to take a shower, put on some makeup (duh pictures!, I am vain) and even stop by Blockbuster to drop off a movie, because the last thing I needed with a newborn was a late fee. He was a textbook L&D. With #2 I figured it would go the same, so I took a shower....well drying my hair proved to be quite a challenge. Being 45 minutes from our hospital and having a 5 yr old to wake from deep sleep, let's just say, it felt like it could have been a birth on the side of the road. But it wasn't, we arrived at about 7:30 am and after 45 min of pushing she arrived, all 10lbs,11oz!
Coincidentally, both were born on Tuesdays and both labors started in the early morning hours, with us arriving at the hospital at the same time.
Can't wait to see Wally!

I had regular contractions all day the day I went into labor. There were about a minute apart for several hours, so I went to the hospital. They checked me and sent me home to walk. They said I'd know when it was time to come back.

Oh, I knew. I knew.

(And don't get too cocky about not throwing up. That was the one labor thing no one warned me about, and I didn't have any morning sickness either. I hate throwing up.)

Well, BULLY FOR YOU! she says sarcastically.

I didn't get any strech marks on my belly, but my boobs are COVERED with them & a few on my hips.

Maggie was induced & Will surprised me at 3:30 am.
Maggie had woke up and came in our room to sleep with us, as I picked her up to put her in our bed, my water broke.

Due to a genetic mishap, it is physically impossible for many men to bend at the waist to the exact degree required to put dishes in the dishwasher. Coincidently this is the same gene that is used to pick up socks from the floor.

i got off easy with emily and josh. water breaks = go to the hospital.

with isabella we were watching raging bull and my stomach kept hurting. as we kept watching we got to the point where i was asking him to stop the movie until the pain ended. that happened pretty much all night and then i finally, at 6am decided it was time to go to the hospital so i could get my epidural ;)

I don't have any labor advice. Sorry. From what I've heard, it just.. happens.

I couldda just finished cleaning the entire kitchen, loading the dishwasher, scrubbing the sink spotless, ISN'T THE KITCHEN ALL PRETTY & SPARKLY DEAR, and he will STILL, absent-mindedly, put a plate in the sink. I haven't yet figured out if it's on purpose, or just stupidity, but if I find out it's the former, he is in trouble.

I had a contraction that woke me from sleep at 7:00am the day AFTER my due date... then another one at about 8:00am... then they continued 7 minutes apart at home till my water broke at noon... then we went to the hospital.

I'll spare you the rest because I just KNOW you won't push for 4 hours like I did.

Way to be positive Beth ! I'm really happy to know that you don't have any stretch marks. It gives me hope for the future.

Jen said it started very subtly, like menstrual cramping and just ramped up over the next 12 hours.

I will note that when I changed jobs away from a very stressful one, onto one that's more like an Internet vacation, I don't mind the dishes so much anymore. The stress of a job is sometimes blinding to the littler things like dishes and laundry. I see it happen with Jen too when she gets stressed at her job and I end up with dishes every night for a week.

Well the first time, my water broke so that was a big give away that I was in labor. The second time, I had a bloody discharge and that was the mucus plug, and about 45 minutes later I had my first contraction, which felt like a bad period cramp only it didn't last. The rest is history.

My hubby still can't find a dishwasher. Not even if his life depended on it!

Ok, I hate you. Because seriously, I retained so much water during pregnancy that the polar ice caps probably melted. I could feel the tops of my feet jiggling when I walked. It was disgusting.

I don't hate you for your lack of water retention and stretch marks, I hate you because you have a dishwasher!

The realization that I was in labor the first was a bit like those V8 commercials---the symptoms were actually quite gradual, I just didn't recongnize them for a while until I was suddenly smacked in the forehead (or, I should say, uterus) by the fact that I was, indeed in active labor. I'm pretty certain you will recognize it much sooner than I did. Good luck!

Nothing like birthing stories to scare you into labor huh?

The good news is, your body plays tricks on you and makes you forget all the horrible stuff...

well, i for one, will say that i am very happy for your no stretch mark havin ass! I don't think you should ever (outwardly) begrudge another woman for her good fortune or elastic skin:) It's just tacky, not to mention bad karma...not that i believe in karma, but still. So..yay for you and your smooth large belly:) Oh, the vomiting thing though, yeah, i could see kinda snarking you for that one. Happy labor vibes to ya.

Lucky you for avoiding the stretch marks! For my first I was induced but for my second the contractions started at home. I was in denial the whole time (he was 3 weeks early) and my water never broke. The contractions kind of build up over time until they can no longer be ignored or thought to be the Braxton Hicks. Do you think you will be disappointed if you don't actually go into labour?

I only hate you for the stretch marks. The rest was mild...but I think the amount of stretch marks more than made up for that.

Yeah, labor sneaks up. Unless you're a lucky one & your water breaks first, which is actually pretty rare. Anticipation is half the fun ;)

Chris is just trying to mess with you. He's totally capable. All men are. But they think it makes us feel better to think we are *needed*.

*bwahahahaha* silly men.

*whispers* Nipple pinching. It never worked the first time because ouch! And I had no idea how to mimic a baby nursing. But the second time around, it worked really well. I could start and stop contractions by doing it or not (I went 41 weeks and I didn't want to be induced) but I felt like a real dolt milking myself.

With both of my labors they came slowly, lots of uncomfortable, gas-like back pain, not really painful until things really started moving. Then with my second, things progressed very quickly and my daughter was born on the bathroom floor before we could get to the hospital. But that wouldn't happen to you :) Both times I went into labor I didn't really believe it was labor until it really got going.

I do not hate you, although I am tempted. I have one stretch mark from my 8lb 11oz boy, and while I didn't vomit during my pregnancy, my feet swelled to horrific proportions.

My labor was 40 hours, and it started with sharp pains in my right side of my belly. After being sent home from the hospital once ("nope, that's not real labor yet! Sorry! Come back later!"), I was admitted on a Sunday afternoon, labored throughout Sunday and all of Monday morning and afternoon. By about 7pm Monday night, they insisted on giving me morphine to help me sleep (which I hadn't done since Saturday night), and then the epi was administered about 11pm Monday night. My son was born at 3:23am Tuesday morning after a couple of hours of pushing.

I'm making you long for that c-section, aren't I? :-)

no only are men unable to LOAD the dishwasher, they are unable to UNload the dishwasher! Nor can they make a shopping list that contains anything that doesn't fall into the category of "Snack". and I was once told that its not actually an inability, its a learned response to either NOT do things or do them WRONG so that we continue to do these things for them.

I was awakened at 4 a.m. with mild contractions that I thought were BH. They didn't go away. I had a baby in my arms by 3 p.m. after 20 minutes of pushing.

That's why most women hate me. I got uber puffy and the tops of my thighs look like roadmaps of Stretch Mark City. But I only pushed for 20 minutes. So there.

Hi! My first was a week late, I was soooo completely tired of being pregnant. I went to costco in the morning and then did three large loops around our very hilly neighborhood. I was in labor... it just wasn't that fast. I went to the hospital and was told I wasn't in labor, but would I like some sleep? Yes thank you. They gave me a shot of something delicious - let's call it margarita. I had the boy 6 hours later.

Second baby... I woke up and just knew. I had a contraction, woke my husband up and said today is the day. We took our first son to daycare, got everything into the car and made our way to the hospital. It was a gut feeling - something you'll just know.

The contractions for me, felt like pressure. I would compare it to poopie pains - only all over the belly. The pushing... well, you'll know when to push. You will feel the need to push. Pushing will actually ease the contraction pains. At that point, they are less painful - but you'll feel a strong need to push. The pushing is like a burning sensation. Good luck! I'm hoping for a baby soon!!

I've got nothing for you except what I've been saying all along--good luck! I totally sympathize with all the feelings that come at the end. No experience with contractions, though I've heard lots of stories. You know what scared me? They told me in Lamaze when the contractions were 5 min. apart to go to the hospital and I took that as timing contractions and waiting until they were five min. apart but no! as an aside, later, someone mentioned that that meant an average of five min. Maybe that was impossibly stupid of me not to realize that but I didn't. I was thinking later, I would have been saying, no, that one was six min. and that one was 3 so it's not time, and then I would have had to call the fire dept to deliver the baby in my kitchen. Good luck, good luck, good luck. But I think I'll say that a few times more before you have him.

i really prefer to load the dishwasher myself, as it is not done properly if i let dave do it. not that i don't appreciate the effort...but i have a system. i don't think the dishes get clean unless i load them a specific way.

wally needs to evacuate, now! :)

so i keep going to comment all your great entries, and then get completely intimidated by all the commentators..
and stuff
(and im not i mom, so maybe i'm not allowed)

but anyways,

i think it might be better to have someone who cant really do the job to your liking (in your case) than to have someone inspect your job and be all crazy ocd (in my case)

being married to someone with asbergers can be a real pain in the arse sometimes let me tell ya . lol.
not to mention that you sound like you're always saying ass burgers..

I was induced with my daughter, they had to break my water with that crochet hook-looking thing, and all the excitement happened right there in the hospital room. The night before the induction, they had me come in and have a foley bulb placed in my cervix (talk about discomfort) to help things get started. It worked, and I went into the hospital for the induction 3 cm dilated. My labor was about 11 hours long, a got the epidural, and I pushed for 45 minutes. With this pregnancy, I'm like you... no idea what to expect, because things don't happen naturally like they do with the aid of pitocin (or so I've read). Are you planning on trying an induction if you go overdue, or are you going straight to a repeat c-section? Best of luck, either way! Let's see that baby! =)

I'm convinced that men cannot load a dishwasher. My husband tries every once in awhile, and it's SUCH a mess that few dishes actually fit in there, and it's a waste of water, soap, and electricity. I agree with an earlier commenter about washing dishes by hand manly-style with scalding water.

I was induced with my daughter, they had to break my water with that crochet hook-looking thing, and all the excitement happened right there in the hospital room. The night before the induction, they had me come in and have a foley bulb placed in my cervix (talk about discomfort) to help things get started. It worked, and I went into the hospital for the induction 3 cm dilated. My labor was about 11 hours long, a got the epidural, and I pushed for 45 minutes. With this pregnancy, I'm like you... no idea what to expect, because things don't happen naturally like they do with the aid of pitocin (or so I've read). Are you planning on trying an induction if you go overdue, or are you going straight to a repeat c-section? Best of luck, either way! Let's see that baby! =)

I'm convinced that men cannot load a dishwasher. My husband tries every once in awhile, and it's SUCH a mess that few dishes actually fit in there, and it's a waste of water, soap, and electricity. I agree with an earlier commenter; men should wash dishes by hand manly-style with scalding water.

You've gotten some great comments, but I have to second the nipple stimulation. It really does work (if you are ready). My first labor hit me hard right from the start, but my last three were slow and easy for a few hours. I knew it was real labor because the intensity slowly got stronger and the contractions were consistent.

There are many other natural ways of induction (red raspberry tea, cohoshes, etc.), but unless you have a midwife offering those options, they are not recommended.


I don't know whether anybody has mentioned this in the comments, but will you call tomorrow and mention the swelling? Pre-eclempsia can sneak up on you. For me? Pretty please?

I've had three. Labor for me felt like period cramps, but they came in waves. I had what for some reason is called "back labor" which felt like waves of cramps starting at the back and moving around to the front and getting more intense.

I was always afraid I wouldn't know and the baby would sort of just "fall out." No such luck, they get more intense and while It was never really bad like they show on TV, yep it hurt, more in my back then in my stomach.

Hello Beth!!

Labour was completely different for me each time. With my son, I had very mild regular pains in my lower back (which is where I get period pains), which got harder and harder to bear, and the midwife had to break my waters to get labour to progress. The pains were just pains; they didn't feel like squeezing.

With my daughter, I had Braxton-Hicks contractions for the last 6 weeks or so. My waters broke while I was napping (such an odd feeling!!) and then labour began in full force. I could feel the squeezing sensations mostly through my stomach - the contractions were pushing her down and I could actually feel it. The pains were perfectly bearable to begin with but a lot stronger than when labour began with my son.

So, my not very helpful answer is that it seems to vary a lot! You might get regular pains for a while, that start relatively small and then grow. You might have it all start out with your waters breaking. Your waters might not break at all by themselves.

You also need to have the bloody show / mucus plug (just a LOVELY idea) which will come out at some point. A globby reddish bit of mucus (I think if it's brown/green then meconium might be involved and that might be bad for the baby? Not sure) If you get that before anything else, then it probably indicates the beginning of labour too.

Labour is such an intimidating idea, isn't it. I don't know if I felt better about it with my first (where I knew nothing) or my second (where I wasn't exactly an expert on all forms of labour but I'd been through it once).

Good luck!!

You will know. I remember having many false alarms, and thinking that every twinge was it. When it was the real thing, it started slow then progressed to where I couldn't walk or talk through the contractions. It really does feel like intense period cramps. My water never broke on it's own. Every experience is so different, but you will know. My contractions came in waves that traveled from my back to my big ol belly.

Good luck! It is an adventure rushing to the hospital in the throes of pain.

Not much to offer here because my water broke with one baby and the other... the onset of labor was just weird and lasted roughly a week before I finally said, hey we'd better go to the hospital! Even then, they said I wasn't in real labor, but they kept me anyway and induced. Worked for me!

If you can get some contractions going, go to the hospital and maybe they'll do the same! Just a thought..

Any chance for induction or even a little help to get you started?

I can't help you here because I was induced. I was only just getting braxton hicks three days before I was induced. I tried everything to bring on labour but it didn't work.

When I was prego with Seth, I got up in the am to go to the bathroom. When I was done "tinkling", I noticed that a tiny bit more came out. It wasn't until 4 hours later that I realized my water was LEAKING. No contractions, no nothing. I went about my day. Did laundry with my mother, then finally went shopping to use the last of my gift cards.

When we rang up the last item, I felt a "pop" and the res came out. Thanks the sweet baby jebus I had started wearing a pad the week before! I wasn't going to be out in public and instantly "water" the hardwoods at a restaurant!

Within 5 minutes I was in harrcore labor. Seth was born less than 2 hours later. Bleh. Why do I want to do this again?

Some say it contractions feel like menstrual cramps. I say, and don't laugh, you know it's real when it starts burning the way it would before you have horrible, horrible diarrhea...Not that I've EVER experienced that. I'm a lady! ; )

Chris, that #&$*@&%!!!

Good god, man! It's a simple, quick task!! a couple dishes. All you have to do is put them inside! Are you really THAT busy?!? Or insensitive?!?

(dude, you are so fucked.) lol

My hubby just piles his dishes on the counter above the dishwasher - for the life of me I can't figure out why he finds it so hard to actually put them in.

Labour? For me I was just suddenly in labour, like minute long contractions every 4 minutes with both kids. Each time I walked into L&D 7 cm dilated. The last time I was holding a baby in my arms less than two hours after arriving. I wish the same for you.

First time around baby was 2.5 weeks late and labor was on again off again for 5 days. It wasn't very painful.

Second time around my water broke, but contractions didn't begin for another 12+ hours. When they finally got going they were hard core.

My husband snoozed between contractions. I was astonished.

I didn't want to hate you because you make me laugh but yes I hate you...

When I was pregnant, oh so many years ago, the nurse looked at my watermelon of a stomach and exclaimed, "Oh my God!!!! I've never seen stretch marks that bad before!!!"

Yeah...that's what a woman 9 months pregnant really wants to hear. I of course burst into tears and couldn't get dressed fast enough. Luckily for me I went into labor before I had to go back to that office.

I've only had one kid, so in my well seasoned pregnancy experience, labor began when my water broke getting out of bed one morning.

I, too, have had two children and have never gotten any stretch marks. My kids are exactly fourteen months apart. My son turns three tomorrow and my daughter will be two in April. I wish you luck!

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