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Second child

The first time I drew blood clipping Mia's fingernails, I ran for the antiseptic, wrapped half her tiny body in sterile gauze, and cried for an hour.

When I did it to Owen, I licked his finger and told him to hang tough.

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yup! that's it in a nutshell!

Huh. I did that with my first. My second I would probably throw out a window.

Soooo true.

Hah! *hums NKOTB songs*

That is so funny, but very true. And you know what? Second babies tend to roll with the flow. My second was so much easier than the first.Perhaps because I was so relaxed!

heh heh

That just about sums up the life of the second child.

I truly think that's why second children tend to be more easy going than firsts. Wonder if my older brother would agree. ;-)

It's really no wonder that firstborns are known as Difficult. --A Firstborn

It's amazing how much we chill out after the second gets here, isn't it? lol

"Oh, you're fine!" is one of our favourite phrases around here. ;)

The difference between the firstborn (who is the problem child of the family) and the other five is immense. The rest of us could break a leg and be fine- if anything happens to the firstborn the world must stop and acknowledge, and join in, his misery!

This is so true- I fretted ALL DAY when I did it to my daughter, and for about five minutes when I did it to my son two years later. Sad, but true. In the end though, as everyone has said, it probably makes for a more laid-back kid.

see also: slower response time when retrieving child after a nap, relaxed rules regarding tv watching, and the words, "well, it's just dogfood, gross but it can't hurt him."

Oh yeah - that's just how it goes.

You said - "Shake it off, you big baby"!

LOL! Funny how much we change between #1 and #2.

*huge smile*

So so so so true, I spent so much of the first year going " I didn't do it like that last time"

Congratulations again, he is lovely.


PS ever since you changed your site the Remember Personal Information is not remembered as directed. (yes I checked the box)

Funny how only after 2 do we realize how easy it can all be.

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