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Still pregnant


Just ignore that blurry bit at the bottom, I had to Photoshop out my underwear.

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Dude! Every time I see your site pop up in my reader I think he's here. Stop toying with me woman!

You look lovely, and I'm wishing you a peaceful, healthy birth.

I too thought at first that Wally made his appearance.

Without looking in the archives, how do you compare with miabean vs wally I wonder...

You are still beautiful and I'm wishing you a healthy, easy delivery!

Wow, you're huge!! Only kidding. I'm sure you hear that all the time, things like 'you still haven't had the baby yet?' Once again, happy birthing!

The pregnant belly is such a beautiful thing, no matter how many times you see it! I keep checking your site to see if the baby has made his arrival, can't wait!!

Hm yes that does appear to be a rather pregnant tummy! Can't wait to meet Wally! :-)

Your belly is so pretty! :)
I'm done having kiddies myself, but I do miss the flip-flop from within.

You still look fabulous!

Your belly is so beautiful! I felt like such a whale at that stage of pregnancy, but you really look terrific.

That is one beautiful belly! Does it itch? Mine was so itchy at that stage. But really, you look lovely. I hope this baby comes soon, or as soon as you are ready.

Stop fucking with me! I saw your post in my Google Reader and nearly had a stroke thinking THIS WAS IT.

And your belleh is mighty purty.

You look gorgeous dahling! Any time now, Wally! There's lots of us internets wanting to meet you!

Yowza, yep that looks like a ready belly to me:)

Oh man, the end is so hard! Can't wait to meet you Wally. Here's fingers crossed for a speedy delivery!

You are belly-liciously beautiful. Go Wally! Or stay! Whatever makes you happy, kid!


That's impressive. either don't get stretch marks or photoshopped those out too. If its the first one,I will cry. My stomach looked (and still might...a little) like someone took a red marker and drew lines all over me. Either way, pregnant bellies are amazing, and beautiful. I am, like the rest, ready to meet wally on the outside though! :) Hang in there!!

That reminds me of happy times, anticipating the baby! Good luck, not long now.

What Kathryn said!

You're beautiful, girl!

Come on Wally - we're anxious to "meet" you.

You look ready.

aaah! But maternity undies are SOOOOO sexay!

Ahhh ... maybe that's what happened to my underwear ... someone photoshopped it out.

... At least I think I'm wearing underwear today ...


That, despite what you think, is a beautiful belly!
I think I voted for today, so if you want go ahead and have the baby today. ;)

Holy Moley! Great googly moogly!

Sorry, but the female body is just freaking amazing. You seriously rock. Good luck on a wonderful delivery!

i love that belly.

when is your actual due date? i guess there's something to be said for having an actual pre-scheduled EARLY don't have to wait out those last days!!! they kinda suck...


Holy mother of god! I think you are way bigger than you were with Mia!

I know it is so taboo to touch a pregnant woman, particularly a total and complete stranger, but I so want to just touch that belly and feel that baby move!

(heh being a doula allows me to bypass this particular taboo with my moms as we quickly become friends. However, I ALWAYS ask first and ALWAYS tell them it's okay to say no.)

You are so beautiful and it brings tears to my eyes to see a full-term belly. Oh..the miracle of birth (no matter how that beautiful boy arrives.)

Best wishes in these last days!

Raisin is reading blogs with me today, and she is very distressed about your headlessness in the picture.

I, however, think you look great, head or no head.

I'm kinda pissed that you don't have any stretch marks. I mean, happy for you, pissed for me.

But Wally is looking FLY!

Hells yea, I said FLY.

You're too cute. Chubbies like me envy twiggies like you. I guess it's a twin thing, but I'm way bigger than you are AND I've got two months to go.

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