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Thoughts upon returning from my pre-op appointment


You have the weekend to come out of there peacefully, but if you choose to forgo this opportunity, first thing Monday morning we are coming in there after you. Mommy is not fucking around.

Time to get moving son.


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If that touching note doesn't get him to come out on his own, nothing will.

Here's hoping you have a productive weekend.

so????are you at the hospital, or just sporting a new fashion statement?

I'm having tons of BH contractions maybe I could send some "get out" vibes your way. He's sure to make his debut about 1 hour before your scheduled c.

I can't WAIT to meet the new addition to the Cactus-Fish family! (And by meet, I do mean virtually, I'm not just going to stalk you and show up at your house!)

I wondered when you were gonna get tough with that boy! Good luck, Beth!

dude you don't look swollen at all!
You hands look totally normal.
I bet you can still wear your wedding ring!

(recovery from a 2nd c-section is NOTHING compared to the first...SO MUCH EASIER)

Nice...I see that you have been reading up on how to address male children! That tone does seem to work 9 times out of 10. Good Luck and I'll keep sending "labor vibes" all weekend!

GOOD LUCK!!!!! Yiiiieeee! Can't wait to read all about it and see his wee face.

GOOOOOOOD LUUUUUUCK! Have fun. Is that possible? Oh, I am sure it is!

Haha, girl, you're funny. I am excited for you guys, it's so soon!!! Good luck, on whatever may happen in the next three days!!

LMAO! You are so funny!
I can't wait to see this little guy.

funny funny letter to Wally!

just in case: the 2nd C-section is WAAAAAAAAAY easier to recover from!

Here's hoping for pushing instead!

Good Luck to you and Wally :-)

This may be my favorite post ever.

Can't wait to find out if that tone gets him moving. Good luck whatever happens! are way nicer to your boy than i would have been!!

Hey Wally, I think I bet that you were coming tomorrow afternoon. I know I don't win a prize or anything, but hey, help me out here!

However, if he doesn't decide to humor me...good luck on Monday!

Have you tried promising him a pony? It worked for Lady.......

Be good to your Mommy, Wally! Good luck to you!!!!

YAY! I'm all excited for you! Note of assvice that you take a few pictures of yourself and Wally before he emerges. It's the largest you'll ever be (assuming this stays the last pregnancy) and you may want to remember it fondly at some point.

I'm sure he'll come out now!

Good luck! Either way this is your last weekend as a pregnant girl...that has to be a little exciting!

Ut oh. Mommy said fuck.

Come on, Kid! Make your entrance at the 11th hour! (Good luck, Cactus-Fish family!)

Get goin' Wally!

(But if he doesn't get going, good luck on Monday).

come on Wally.this is no way to start a relationship with your mom. Just do as she says. You will have your 2's and your teenage years to defy her.

here's hoping wally wiggles his way out this weekend! wouldn't that be wonderful? :)


(spoken through a megaphone)


I know what it is like to be overdue with a baby who just happens to be a boy. I can vouch for your's no picnic. My three sons were each more overdue than the last. Two days, four days and then eight days late. I was as big as a parade float built atop a '57 Buick. And with that last kid I was so desperate to give birth (and terribly afraid since the brother before him weighed 9 pounds) that I actually called the Psychic Friends Network and demanded that someone tell me when this baby was coming out. Ironically, they were dead on correct. But that is neither here nor there. Come out with your hands up...or down. It matters not. However, we would prefer HEAD DOWN and not sunny side up the way all three of my jokers insisted on attempting. Result? A tailbone (mine) that snapped off. ALL. THREE. TIMES. But that's another story entirely. funny business in that department either. There are a bunch of people who want to meet you out here. Hurry on up because doing it by force isn't any fun for any of us. Especially your mom. And I'm betting she won't let you forget just how things went down on the day you were born. Looking forward to sniffing the top of your head. Through my computer screen, of course.

A. Beaverhausen

I'm so excited! We're so close to meeting the little bugger!

Good luck! And here's wishing you a fabulous weekend with loads of sleep and tons of kisses from your sweet family. He'll be here soon!

Haha best mommy letter ever ;-) Come on out, Wally! We'd all like to meet ya!

Dear Wally,

If you only knew how great it is to get out of that crowded place. There's way more fun boy stuff to do outside the womb. Like press buttons on the remote control! Or color on the walls! Or eat ice cream! Or play with matchbox cars! Or poop in the tub! Good times, my friend, good times!

Take care,
Seth (a boy who's been there)

P.S. My mom was watching Clive Owen in Elizabeth this weekend. She couldn't stop thinking of your mom. If your mom hasn't seen it yet, she should. My mom says Clive is a hot piece in this film. I don't know WHAT that means but just thought I'd pass that along in case that's something important.

I love your first Wally post. Now I guess we'll see if he is a listening to Mommy kind of boy or not.

I dunno, if he is like most men, he'll probably take the easier way out and make someone come and get him! I'm just sayin'... it's a lot easier than coming out lookin' like a conehead.

Come on out, Wally. The conehead effect doesn't last very long and you'll also get a cool little hat!

go Wally! go Wally! go Wally!

c'mon out of there. We're all rooting for you - and for you mum. Yeah, it will be a little scary for a while, but the food and the packaging it comes in is way worth it, honestly!

love the four crowboys.
(and one crowgirl)

Come on, Wally. We don't want to have to wait until Monday to see how incredibly cute you are!

Everytime I think of C-Sections I remember some old skit where this guy is talking to a pregnant woman and says - comically -, "Let's pluck her and see if she's ripe!" Yes, odd and twisted but it was funny at the time. I'll look for the YouTube video.

I'm praying for you.


LMAO! That is an awesome letter! :)

Good luck!

Ha, ha... that might be my favorite post of yours!

Best of luck to you both!

I hope that tone works, it didn't with my boy! Good luck, can't wait to see Wally.

Beth- I feel for you so much! I kept waiting and waiting for the excitement of the water breaking or contractions but alas went in for my scheduled C section in the early morning hours. I know in your heart of hearts you want the new experience and I feel for you and the yuck of a csecion recovery is no fun to anticipate! Hang in there-Either way it is amaZing,monumental and NEW...and he will be OUTTA there! Good luch tomorrow


Good luck! I'll be thinking about your little family on Monday, you know, in case Wally wasn't threatened enough to cooperate on his own.

I am so excited for you! Good luck tomorrow (I'm assuming tomorrow...)!

I hope he listens to his Mom!
Good Luck this weekend.
BTW - recovery from a planned c-section is a little easier, even with little ones around. Mia is going to be an awesome big sister.

I hope everything goes wonderfully well! Can't wait to hear the baby news! Take good care.

Well, Monday is coming up so I'm just going to say, I'll be thinking of you! You have a good sense of humor. Once again, good luck.

Well its Monday today so I hope everything goes well (if it hasn't started all ready!) I will be checking in for an update! Goodluck and I can't wait to meet Wally!

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