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Tuckered out

Owen lost his bloody stump today, and therefore scored his first tub bath. He was so terrorized by the experience that he had to spend the afternoon sleeping it off.

I don't know what Chris's excuse was.

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Oh Beth, they are both so precious.

Oh that is just too sweet!

Aww, Owen is so cute. I'm sure that he had no intention of really falling asleep. It was Owen putting him under hypnosis. :)

I hope you let Owen's hair stay so wild! LOL I love that you can see it over the chair!

I love the hair!!!
They look adorable.:o)

Awwwww..... adorable! Didn't Mia have hair like that?

Is there anything more perfect than watching the man you love hold your babies?

That is precious.

For the first few weeks of her life, Kara HATED the water. Now she'll tolerate it long enough for a quick wash-down, but she's sporting looks of suspicion and/or terror the entire time.

Awww...your men are adorable. I love that Owen has the same sticky-up hair that Mia sported in her infancy.

Hey you fixed your cookies! Mmmm cookies.
Ahem. Anyway...what an adorable picture - and I'm loving Owen's hair!

Awwww...these are the pictures you want to have.

I love fuzzy, just-washed baby hair.

I adore Owen's peach-fuzzy hair. It's so cute!

sleeping men, I hope you got some sleep too!

Your sleeping beauties are adorable.

That is a great picture. Your two boys!

OMG! So cute. That hair reminds me of my oldest. Makes me miss those days a tiny bit. Especially now that he's THIRTEEN and bigger than me. When did that happen?

Oh, look how FLUFFY CLEAN he is!

I just love Owen's little fuzzy head!

AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! You have a couple of handsome guys there, Beth.


I love how Owen's hair is sticking up! Cute.

those cheeks! those little hands! that hair. sigh.


That's the cutest thing I've seen all day! Your son is so beautiful.

Adorable. :)

Owen has MIA hair, how adorable!

Aw! Getting a bath is some rough stuff. Obviously Chris was just as traumatized and now they are both sleeping it off.

Not sounding original at all, but LOVE THE HAIR!

Squeeee! Approximately 800 kinds of adorable. Didn't Mia have that rock star hair too when she was tiny?

Hmmm...let me guess. Chris was sleeping and you were entertaining Mia? But cursing him under your breath? Just a little? Because that would be exactly what I'd be doing.

The picture, however, is nothing short of perfect in its cuteness. SO damn precious.

I want to smell his soft little head with that wild hair!

Just precious.

The hair, how friggin' cute is that? Thats it, I want another one! :)

I LOVE the hair!! They are both just too adorable for words!

babies make you sleepy

that? is just toooooo adorable. :)

Love Owen's hair :)

great hair! bet he smells fuzzy too :D

I remember when the babies were little, that as soon as they fell asleep on us, we would fall asleep. It must be contageous.

Seriously. Who in your families has the mohawk genes? Look at Owen's hair! It's like the punk rock Mia part II!

Got a little static in his jammie, does he?

When T lost his stump, it hung on by a stringy-like ......ewwwwwy icky....blech... thing.

It was gross.

Now I need a nap.

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