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Being 39 weeks pregnant is about as much fun as you would expect. I spend all of my time tracking any possibly new symptoms or sensations and wondering hey, is this it? Is this going to turn into labor? The fetus was swishing around in slightly unusual ways last night and I was feeling even more ouchy than usual, so I had myself half convinced that I would be in labor by morning. The result, of course, was that I am still well and fully pregnant but was unable to sleep most of the night. (For fear that I would miss it, apparently.)

And man oh man. I have a firm policy to never discuss my family here (other than Chris and Mia, of course, but I never tell you anything about them that they wouldn't tell you themselves) but my mother is driving me up the wall. She emails me several times a day and calls and yesterday sent an email that just said "anything happening?" I am torn between responding with "Oh yeah, I had the baby three days ago. Didn't I tell you?" or "Well, during my last cervical self-exam I noticed that I was slightly more effaced than I was three hours ago." And I know she's just excited and eager and whatever and I am trying so hard not to be bitchy (hence venting to the internet rather than to her), but I am still a full week from my due date and oh my god I do not need to be fielding eight inquiries a day from her for the next week. My second favorite mom-comment from yesterday was "Just think, if you had wanted a second c-section, you could have had the baby today!" Yeah, thanks.

And here ends the bitching about my mother, because yes clearly I am ungrateful and horrible to be so unkind about her genuine concern. Argh.

Now just in the interest of full disclosure, I have a bit of a confession to make. If I don't go into labor and end up keeping my date with my scheduled c-section, I will be a bit disappointed. I really do want at least the opportunity to try it the other way, for an assortment of good and valid reasons. But at the same time, I think I would be ever so slightly hugely relieved to make it to the 11th and go oh well, gave it a good shot, now where's that scalpel? I mean, there are a couple of ways in which I believe a vaginal delivery may be preferable in my situation to a c-section, but having already done the c-section thing it is a hell of a lot less scary to contemplate. I guess in the final analysis, I'm not overly happy with any of my options for getting this baby out and it is a damned good thing that having him in there is starting to be so miserable or I may have considered just keeping him.

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This is the point wher you start screening calls and recording a "no baby yet" outgoing message. :)

when i was 40 weeks, my mom was staying with my husband and i. she was constantly (like once an hour) asking if i was "feeling anything, now?" i finally snapped and bitched out, "yes, mom i'm in labour right now but i've been keeping it from you just to fuck with you." yes, i actually said fuck to my mom, and it still didn't shut her up.

I was 4 days late from my due date and just stopped answering the phone all together! During those looooooong 4 days every little twitch convinced me my girl was on her way until Wednesday morning at 1am confirmed!!

It'll be there sooner than you know!

Here's hoping that you don't have to go through labor, only to be left with a c-section at the end!

I'd take the c-section over vaginal, any day. I lost "sensitivity" down there, after delivering my son vaginally. Itchy stitches on the tummy seem SO much more appealing!

Good luck, either way. I hope he's a healthy, fat, squishy, pink, baby!


I am so with you. I am now officially a week overdue, and a week away from any discussion of an induction. My mom has been over with us in London for 2 weeks and we are all just waiting. And waiting. And every time I move awkwardly or groan everyone thinks I am in labor. Sadly, I am not.

But at least you have an end date in sight, so you know you will have him by the 11th, and that is exciting!

You have my deepest sympathy!! And I do know how you feel!! Ths is from someone who was exactly 1 week and 5 and 1/2 days late with her second son...who finally came (2nd vaginal delivery!) and was a whopping 10lbs 3oz!! I think I have finally forgiven him! And to make matters worse, I had to miss my only sibling's wedding (which was the day before my due date!) because I couldn't travel from Houston to Starkville, MS. I think I cried for 3 days straight!! And then for him to come so's a good thing I really love that child (last baby and nursed him for 13 months!). I wish for you a speedy "whichever" birth! And a very healthy, sweet baby boy!

Hey it could be worse.
Random women could rubbing your belly (my personal pet peeve...GOD KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME!) and say "oh honey you look like you're about to pop!"

oh that brings back such memories. My MIL called me incessantly. She drove me insane. One day she called b/c she was going out to garden and wouldn't be able to hear the phone ring! Of course that ringing phone would be me calling to tell her I was in labor. She was calling to make sure I didn't feel like the baby was coming anytime soon so she could go garden for an hour!

hang in there, I hope your Little Fish decides to put an end to those calls and come tonight!

Well.....since I guessed Feb 2nd, and it doesn't look like that's going to happen...I'll amend my date to Feb 6th. Why you ask? Well the irony would be uncanny...with you and Chris being such die-hard liberals..having a baby on Ronald Reagan's b-day. I'm just having fun with you, good luck and happy birthing!!

You self-check your cervix? I was so afraid to go in there!

I dig Leah's suggestion.

Hang in there, sweetie, it will be over soon!
I can relate to the incessant calls. I remember going away for the weekend when Amanda was so over due and staying in a motel with my ex-Hubby. I just had to get away. Of course that was long before cell phones!

I'm thinking that'd be making me cranky too! Hang in there!

Thinking of you!

The waiting is so hard. I'm waiting for a Cactus-Fish announcement. Oh, did you think I meant YOUR waiting? I was talking about MY waiting... :-)

On the advice of my midwife, and from pregnancy #1, I've been telling almost everyone my due date is a couple weeks later than it actually is. Takes the pressure off! Such a random number, due date, since 85% of women completely miss it! I'm just saying I'll have this baby by Flag Day (that would be 43 weeks+!)

On the other subject, you COULD cancel and reschedule your c-section for a few days or even a week later - I know several friends who've done that - to give yourself and Wally a little more time. It's ultimately your call, assuming your surgeon isn't going on vacation the next day or anything. I'm still kicking myself for going in for my induction at 9 days late...what if I'd waited until 10? Or 14 like my sister? Maybe things would have turned out differently and I would have gone into labor on my own. I had a sucky c-section, btw, and don't want a repeat of that experience.

Ugh, I have so been there. I went 16 days past due with my daughter (was finally induced) and simply stopped answering my phone if the caller ID said it was my mother-in-law. She called three times a day, at least, starting at around 37 weeks, and suggested over and over and over again that having sex might get things going. That wasn't awkward at all.
I just had my second child two weeks ago at 38 weeks, 5 days, and now she keeps going on and on about how early I delivered and how it just doesn't seem safe. Clearly, I can't win with her.

Anyway...My fingers are crossed for you! Hoping for a safe delivery in the next few days.

Your c-section date isn't set in stone. If you wake up that morning and you aren't ready, just tell your doctor that you think you are in labor and want to wait it out or that you have horrible cold and want to reschedule.

Of course this all is very easy to say now that I'm no longer pregnant with all of those unknowns floating around in my head :)

I WAS going to see if you wanted to do a last minute playdate, but if you are doing self-cervical examinations I'll just wait until after Wally comes out.

Repeat after me:

"Mom, I PROMISE that we will call and let you know the very minute we know that something is happening. In the meantime, you are making me very anxious and anxiety is bad for the baby."

Then have her repeat this:
"I promise to call no more than once a day to see how you are feeling. I trust that you will call me the very minute you know something is happening. My anxiety should not be foisted off on you."

i must admit i have been checking in here two times a day now, just to make sure i haven't missed it. is it annoying you yet? you can be cranky...totally legitimate reason you got there.

seriously, though - i think no matter which way wally comes it is going to be perfect and the way (and when) he wanted. fingers crossed for all of you that it is great (and happens soon!)

I remember waiting for them to come and get me for my c-section. I swear I was as calm as I've ever been, right up until my OB came in and said, "Ok, we're about five minutes out." And that's right about the time I started to freak out and lose all sense of reasoning. If I wasn't in so much pain, I'd probably still be pregnant, because christ, there really is no good option for getting a baby out.

aw honey!
well, it does sound (on previous posts) like you're nesting like crazy.

My MIL and one of my BIL drove me crazy with no 4, the minute my due date came up they were calling me daily 'havn't you had it yet?!' He was 5 days late.

My irritation must have filtered through to them as with no 5 (also 5 days late) they completely left me alone and didn't ask anything at all!

also sounds to me like things might be gearing up already, if you've been having odd twitchy moments. With subsequent pregnancies you can have this stop start thing, and be wandering around already a bit dilated for a while. Probably the reason why subsequent labours are shorter.

All the best - thinking of y'all.

I just realized the other day, that on both your and your hubby's blog, I guessed the date of birth to be Feb. 11th either 8:45 PM or 11:45 PM. I guess I should have paid closer attention to your C-Section date, because I would never wish you to be pregnant and miserable any longer than necessary.

Hang in there Beth and Beth's Mom! Just think how anxious you might be when Mia is in your shoes! hehe

Whichever way you take to get the baby out, what matters is that the baby will be in your hands afterwards.

Oh, I'm so excited!

Well on the bright side, the elephants gestation period is 18 months and she gives birth to a 200lb baby. Just sayin.

Also, its crazy advice but it worked for me, anytime i couldn't sleep, id get up and act as if the baby was waking, getting my body used to being awake several times a night. Others try to get as much sleep as they can. Honestly, that theory didnt help me at all.

Look, you know all of us who have been pregnant out the hoo-ha understand your impatience with your mother's loving inquiries. I hated how anytime I called ANYONE in the last couple of weeks, they would answer the phone "OHMYGODAREYOUHAVINGTHEBABY?"

No, I just wanted to say hi.

As for feeling weird about your birth situation - I hear you. It's always the devil you know that you prefer - I've been told I may have to have a C section whenever I have another baby, and that makes me feel a little sad. I feel like I could do a great job delivering vaginally the second time around - I would know what to expect, I could be a lot more decisive and courageous. At least, I think I could...

Sending you lots of good baby birthin' thoughts! I can't wait to find out Wally's name...I love Mia's so.

Ugh. All those self-interested yet well meaning phone calls from the grandparents-to-be. Drove me bonkers.

Oh I know. There are NO really PLEASANT ways to remove that baby, are there?

I think I am like ur Mom...i keep checking your site and saying to you "Anything happened". Thanks God you cannot hear me, else you would be bitching abt me too :-)

Oh my hell. My mom and I get along fantastically - the only exception has ever been the last few weeks of both of my pregnancies - during which period, she would NOT FUCKING STOP CALLING ME! In fact, when my (now 5 year old) daughter was born, my mom called and called and called - when I didn't answer the phone at home, work, or my cell, she DROVE TO THE HOSPITAL. Yes, I was there, and YES, I was in labor - but Hubby and I had told her repeatedly that we wanted to have the birth experience TO OURSELVES, and we'd call her FIRST after the birth. Instead, she was there the whole time - I made her sit in the waiting room. For my youngest, we HAD to call mom when I went into labor, to watch my other kiddo - I'm sure she was pleased to get that call at 3 in the morning ;)

(To me, the hardest part was waiting. I hate waiting. I hate the unexpected. It would be nice if your body would just have a set time - and TELL YOU - so you would know that at this time on this day the contractions would start - the element of surprise was what always was so nervewracking to me!!!)

I so know the mother pain. My mother did the same to me with my first -but she started at about 6 months and just got more annoying as it went on.

OMG -this post is hilarious and I can SO relate as I am 39 wks 6 days PG TODAY!! A friend sent me the link to your blog...I especially liked the part about "oh yeah, I had the baby 3 days ago, didn't I tell you?" -that's what I want my husband to say to his pestering sister who won't stop calling.

Good luck!!

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