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Two weeks

Owen, two weeks old today, is the world's most perfect newborn. He eats, he sleeps, he only cries when I do something horribly cruel like give him a bath or change his diaper. He rarely spits up and hasn't even peed on me yet. Let's all hope this lasts at least a bit longer, since Chris heads back to work tomorrow and it would be nice if Owen would stay in his compliant and nearly comatose state while I start making the adjustment to being outnumbered by people who pee in their pants 60 hours a week.

Since many of you have asked, no, Owen was not named for my Pretend Celebrity Boyfriend, Clive Owen. If anything, that was a strike against the name. He wasn't named for anybody, but if you are going to demand a namesake, my first affection for the name Owen was probably courtesy of this guy.

Anyway, wish me luck tomorrow. My goal is to get breakfast finished by noon.

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Good luck tomorrow! :-)

Good luck. The fun starts when the baby gets past those first few months.

Good Luck!!

I cried the night before Doug went back to work. And I only had one.

If you need help, let me know. I'm happy to help.

Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great!

I remember my first days alone with two. It seemed like there were LOTS of arms and legs to get dressed and diapered. But I got through it. You will too! Good luck!

I hope that tomorrow exceeds ALL your expectations!

I'm glad to hear you didn't name your kid after Clive Owen. I didn't think you had, but did wonder. I mean really, I just read what you write, I don't actually know you.

I think breakfast by noon is a suitable goal. On weekends I do this regularly and just consider that it's part of my diet. I guess you don't want to put Mia on a diet hey ? Ya, not a good idea. And you need to eat too. But noon, I think you can manage.

Sending you good vibes for a peaceful baby, a peaceful Mia and a peaceful day.

Oh, I thought you named him after the guy in Throw Momma From the Train. You know, "Owen, you poop" and you have to say it like Anne Ramsey.

Good luck tomorrow. You'll be fine. I'm pretty sure.

Good luck with your first day flying solo! I'm sure you'll be great :)

You are doing FABULOUS!

You'll do just great! But I know how you feel, I was *slightly* worried when FreezeM went back to work.

Good luck this week! I think you'll do just fine. You'll be back into the swing of things in no time. Try not to over-do it and get some downtime if you can during naps!

I actually prefer to think you named him after Clive Owen. After hearing the name, I thought of a very odd movie where one of the main characters name was Owen. It was odd. The movie, not the name.

Routine ... once you find it everything will be balance out! Heres to hoping the fun moments outweigh the frustrating moments, because this week will definitely be a challenge, no way around it! I did think the second time around I got my groove a little faster but my oldest was in kindergarten so that is not really a fair comment.

You rock!!

had to chuckle. Husband went back to work after 4 days with recent miss number five.

Tho to be fair, both grandmas helped out, and of course my too eldest are 11 and 7 and they were awesome. Plus I wasn't recovering from a c-section.

You will be fine! I know. And you will find yourself being "helped" by Mia.

Owen and I have a lot in common behavior wise.


So glad to see that you don't have unrealistic expectations! I've been a mommy of two for 15 months now, and I'm still impressed when I get breakfast finshed by the time the next meal is scheduled to occur! *grin* Good luck!

Hmmm...lunchtime breakfast...that sounds good....

Consider telling him he was named for Owen Meany. Because that would be epic. I swear, I fought like hell to name both of my boys after Owen Meany.

Good luck!

Oh wow, I remember those days. Actually, I don't remember the days of toddler/newborn so much as I remember the days of pre-schooler, toddler newborn.


Comparatively, toddler/newborn was a breeze.

Not that I think you should compare the two. I'll just shut up and wish you luck.

that's so funny...i didn't even make the owen and clive owen connection. probably because that might have been slightly creepy...:)

I am still trying to get over that whole fitting-into-your-pre-pregnancy pants thing, so the fact that your child has not yet peed or barfed on you is like SALT IN MY WOUNDS. But since I am such a big person (no really, I am! I certainly don't fit in MY pre-pregnancy pants) I will still send you good thoughts and hope your first day went really really well.


my goal was always to shower before my husband got home from work. didn't always make it. :)

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