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Help Wanted!

Do you live in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington DC? Are you a registered voter? Do you have no intention whatsoever of voting in the presidential primaries next Tuesday? If so, I need your help. As each day passes it becomes more and more likely that I will be trapped in a hospital on Tuesday and unable to vote myself. This pisses me off because I like stickers.

So here's what I was thinking. I am looking for a volunteer who ordinarily wouldn't be caught dead at your local polling place next Tuesday to agree to show up and vote in the event that I am unable to do so myself. No guidance or restriction on who you vote for, or even what party you vote for, I'm just trying to avoid the net loss of one vote that will occur if I am still in the hospital recovering from the production of Offspring 2.0.

Any takers? You don't even have to mail me your sticker (although that would be totally awesome!).

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Mmmmm... don't know if you heard about our Floridian morons down here who totally missed out on voting last week and tried to vote two days ago, but I bet they're probably driving to VA to vote even as we speak. *shaking head*

But, why not go ahead and fill out an absentee ballot?

Is it too late to get an absentee ballott?

It appears in Richmond you can vote absentee if you are pregnant when you apply to vote. Call your county clerk or voter reg person and ask if you qualify to vote absentee.


My grandmother was a was a poll official.

I am a pretty inconsistent voter - I don't follow politics very closely- but, since you can't do it, I will make sure I get my butt over there and vote!

I'm in Maryland and will definitely be voting next Tues. The thing is, I'm still not sure for whom. Maybe by Tuesday I'll have a clearer idea...

I already did the voting thing up here in New Hampshire. I am so sick of all this political crapola. How bout I come down there and have the baby for you and you go and vote! LOL

I've an unused "I Voted!" sticker up for grabs (I did vote, I never got around to sticking it on anything) if you think that would help...

Thinking of you often!

Dude, I would totally do it for you except for three (3) very important things:

1) I vote, so I don't have one to spare
2) I don't live in the DC Metro Area. My sister does, but she votes too, so I can't loan her out.
3) You stole my pretend boyfriend, so I'm not speaking to you anymore.

*If this thing kicks me off for "submitting too many comments in a short period of time (WTF!?)" I'm going to scream.

You know you can go to the DMV and cast an absentee ballot... and you have a VERY valid reason too. I was able to cast one last year b/c I was going to be out of town.

I love those stickers.

pssst. ABSENTEEEEEE. Someone whose name rhymes with Shmobama needs yooooouuu.

Throwing in my two bits for the absentee thing, too! :)

i voted absentee...and it was online...took about 10 minutes...i would definitely look into that!

I will be voting in the VA primary next Tues (Democratic of course) and I've never done that before!

sorry... can't help you out but good luck!

Go straight over to the voter registration office and vote absentee RIGHT NOW. Tomorrow's the deadline for voting absentee and you can vote right in the office. Seriously!! Go to this website for more info:

Vote Absentee if you can. I do all the time, it is the only way to go.

I don't live in MD, VA or DC but I was in the same situation as you, kind of. My C-section was scheduled for the day after an election day and I really wanted to vote but didn't want to stand in line for fear that it might send me into labor early which would lead to an emergency c-section with a different OB who I did not trust to operate on me, so I just got an absentee ballot and voted from the comfort of my own couch. It's something to look in to.

I have a "Mitt Mobile" key chain that someone gave me (even though I was not a Mitt supporter), that I'd happily send to you. Maybe offspring 2.0 can wear it as a bracelet.

We've voted permanent absentee for years. In CA, all you have to do is ask - no strings or conditions. Of course we don't get a sticker but neither do we have to venture out in the rain or stand in lines.

I'll be thinking about you and Wally. Time for him to be outside rather than in.

Very best wishes to all of you.

I voted in the VA primary today :)

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