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As if there were ever any doubt

Owen is the second child, so while Mia was extensively video taped as a newborn, Owen has about 25 seconds of his life committed to film so far. I decided to remedy that situation today, and Owen took the opportunity to do this:


World's Most Perfect Newborn, no question.

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My goodness! That's early! He must be amazingly advanced for his age. Not doubt a result of your good genes.

My #1 didn't roll over until she was 7 MONTHS. Yours is what, 7 WEEKS! Geez, what are you feeding that kid?? He'll be on his way to Harvard by the time he's 2!

What timing!
That is fabulous.
Pretty darn cool for a weekend happening...

Those two are wonderful together -- heck, all four of you are wonderful together. How lucky for you to capture this perfect slice of weekend.

OK, the fact that he did that is awesome but your reaction was gold, baby. PURE GOLD.

Oh how fun! What a wonderful surprise. I heard velcro on the diaper prevents this... you know, in case you aren't quite ready to be chasing him around just yet! :)

Ahahaha! Best reaction ever - and then Chris's laugh! Too precious. That's awesome!

HOLY MOLY!!! That's not supposed to happen till like 15,000 months!

Love the look on Mia's face too, as in WHAT IS GOING ON PEOPLE?

my giant 9lb 9oz second child son rolled over at the age of 3 days. yes. Three. Days. We were still in the hospital and early one morning I was changing his diaper for the first time. I had the bed cranked right up since bending was hard. I hadn't changed a boy in FOREVER so I had put him on his tummy so i could make sure i got everything. turned around to get a wipe thinking, 'hell, he ain't going anywhere!' and when i turned around he was on his back.

We have it officially on video at the age of nine days.

let's hear it for the Big Boys!!

How amazing was that, his first roll over and you got it on video!

That kid has charisma already! And he's going to be a sports superstar!

Wow thats quick!
Pol x

Yep, big boys do that. They do, however, sometimes sit up and walk later, due to the bulk in their middle (according to my son's pediatrician). Of course, that was 22 years ago.

Wow... that's incredible, not just that he did it, but you have it on video (and he's the second!)

Uh, there needs to be some sort of award for this type of thing. I didn't even manage to get Lady's first roll on tape and she's the oldest!!!

Oh yeah. Big time. The fact that he's 25 pounds and eating steak is good too.

mia's reaction? my most favorite part of this. hands down.

WOW!!! That's awesome! Did he do it again for you? It always happens that way, they do it once and then they don't do it again for weeks or months...LOL!!!

WTG Owen!!

At least you OWN a video camera. I just never got around to that (in ten years).

I know, RIGHT? Mia has GOT to be impressed.

Wow, that is early! This is why it's never too early to start baby proofing.

Congrats Owen! Lets hope he doesn't do everything else as fast otherwise he'll be walking around at six months!

It's official. He's brilliant. Obviously the genes! By the way, dude...will totally be walking at 9 months. But as he's a second baby, that shouldn't be too big a shock. :)

Okay, when does Owen start school?

My favorite part? The pointing. And something else.... the fact that you didn't shout your spouse's name in alarm tells me that- his name is not really Chris; and that because you were taping this for the purposes of posting you your blog you had to stifle your impulse to say his real name because calling your husband by his blog moniker IRL is just.... weird?

How'd I do?

That was absolutely priceless.

I agree-- after he rolled over (way too young, baby dude!), the "Um..." and the pointing and then Chris's laughter was just great.

Maybe next week you can tape him saying his ABC's.

That is quite impressive. I must admit, however, that while I am flabbergasted at Owen's obvious brilliance... my dog is quite distressed at the noises you and your children made in this video. He barked quite convincingly at my computer :)

Hahaha. I love how you're all "um" and then pointed to him. HAHAHA.

You know, I can't even remember the first time the Mini actually rolled over for the first time. And he's my first.

That's just plain awesome. I'm gonna watch it again.

I love the pointing. Like, what the hell just happened.

I don't know what I love more - Mia telling him the story (especially the way she says "mooooon"), him being such a strong little tank that he can roll over at such a young age, the fact that you captured it on video, or yours & Chris's reaction!

Love. it. !

Unbelievable timing. Loved it!

Oh, he just knows that, as the second born, he's gotta step up and wow you something fierce in order to compete!

Also, it's much easier to roll from tummy to was really an accident lol ;)

The pointing is what clinched it for me.

Oh man...isn't that something!

I'm loving all these vids!!! They are so sweet together! congrats on the rolling!

i love how you point it out (literally) and chris just laughs. hahah

What a smarty-pants! He's destined for greatness. :)

And way to go, you, being on top of it with the camera! Perhaps your new career in 5.5 years should be as a videographer for the local news? You'd get sent to cover ALL the exclusives!

Wow! He's very strong for such a sweet little boy :)

What a great thing to capture on video. Kudos.

Thanks for sharing that adorable video with us.


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