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Dinner conversation

Him: Is your Playgroup Dropout site still up?
Me: Yup.
Him: Weren't they supposed to take that down?
Me: I thought so.
Him: You should start posting erotic fiction over there.
Me: Sure. And then our parents can read it. And my aunts and uncles. And all my cousins. And my mother's neighbors and coworkers.
Him: Right. Guess I didn't really think that one through.
Me: Also, my idea of erotic fiction these days is "Gabrielle felt weak at the knees as she watched Ramon do all the laundry, fold it and put it away... in the right places."
Him: Ha.
Me: "And then, he asked her about her day and actually listened to what she said."
Him: What?

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Ha ha. It's funny because it's true.

Oh Beth, that is too funny and you just crack me up!

I love it! It has so little to do with sex and so much to do with everyday life. You hit it right on the head of the nail.

Ramon slowly, so slowly, peeled away Gabrielle's spit-up crusted shirt. His dark, liquid eyes examined the care label. "Gentle wash, I think, my precious one," he said as he started the washing machine. "With perhaps the lavender-vanilla fabric softener."

oh my goodness, we have the exact same marriage.



Haha oh dear. Parenthood is just so glamorous ;)

oh, you mean choreplay! (
I love the urban dictionary. sometimes they get things just right.

Wait, was this my dinner conversation or yours? Because it totally sounds like something that would happen in my life.

That would not be considered fiction in my house. :-)

HA! Nothing makes me weak in the knees like folded laundry.

oh, and Swistle, you so funny, too.

The cleaning people just showed up at my house. This is the hottest thing that I can imagine.

My fantasies have changed.

And there would be SO many women that would follow what you wrote....


I am not sure how I survived without you guys for the past few weeks.

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