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Fun, never stopping thereof

Hey! Guess who just scored herself a referral to the Pediatric Gastroenterologist?


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Good times, good times...

While that does, indeed, sound hellish, maybe it will help with the poop situation? And wouldn't that be good? You know, in the long run?

Here's hoping for some answers...

Oh no. I hate GI docs -- their tests are so yucky. I hope this leads to some answers for Mia!

I'll be keeping good thoughts that all will go well. Keep us posted.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggghhhhhhhh. Will be hoping you get some answers out of this.

Oh Gawd. Tell Mia to brace herself: they're goin' in after it.

Shall we place bets on what the pediatric GI doc recommends?

I'm going with a mild children's stool softener.

That's awesome ;). We are just now graduating! :) Hope it helps, we liked our GI practice and it totally helped.

oh man. :( sorry. we're very familiar with this type of doctor, so if you have any questions pls. feel free to ask.

You are suck a rock star.

Can you hook us up?

(kidding. sorry God.)

What a coincidence! My wife is taking our 3 mo. old to a GI doc on the 7th. Maybe they'll figure out why she only eats the proper amount of a bottle when she's pretty much dead asleep....

Good luck with the GI Doc. Both my girls have had to deal with that. My first (will be 4 in June) had reflux as a baby and then developed severe and constant constipation. The constipation was due to her diet, slow digestive track and deliberate with holding in result to trying to potty train. She's been on Miralax with occasional doses of mineral oil for over a year now. The miralax has really helped, but we still have issues with her freaking out about having to go poop but at least now 99% time she uses the potty.

Good luck!

Bless both of your hearts.

Here's to hoping he/she is as attractive as the pediatrician...

Its the poop issue, isnt it? Please please update me as I could do with a professional opinion and where I stay they do not even have a pediatric gastro.

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