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Happy Bunny Day

May all your beans be jelly, all your eggs chocolate, and all your peeps, um... peepy.

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Wow, I don't think I can ever say this enough. What beautiful children you have Beth! That has to be one of the best pics I've seen of kids with the Easter Bunny! (I love how the bunny's bow looks like it's attached to the back of Owen's head. That is cracking me up!)

I must agree you have the most beautiful children! I am impressed that Mia isn't crying or scared but is smiling. I think so many children would be scared. Mia is quite a trooper. You and the Cactus do good work ":) Happy Easter to your and yours.

What a great picture :) Happy Easter Cactus-Fish family!

So cute!!

Have a happy easter!!

Awwww...I love this picture!
They are adorable.

Oh Beth! How very sweet! Look at Mia! She looks like such a grown up and proper lady!
And Owen is such a handsome devil!
You and Chris are, indeed, blessed!

Okay, the huge bunny is a little creepy, if you ask me, but Owen and Mia look absolutely adorable! (She really does look quite grown up and lady-like. She'd better stop that.)

Well, I'm having Donnie Darko flashbacks, but the kids sure look cute ;-)

Is it me, or does that bunny look stoned?

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! The children look so adorable! I love Mia's outfit -- we need better pictures of it though! More pictures!

I'm scared! But your kids are gorgeous.

OMG could they BE any more gorgeous?! I'm incredibly impressed with how well they've taken to the HYOOGE bunny - not freakin out, not screaming, just like "hey, look at us, we're hangin w/ huge bunny guy - how bout that?!"

beautiful kids! and i just bought my lauren that dress in the black and white yesterday! love that store!

That is TOO CUTE! Happy Easter!

The kids look adorable, but it looks to me like the bunny is trying to eat poor Owen's head. Hope you have a fun one!

oh boy that chintz is going to haunt Mia to eternity :)

Hope she got lots of easter eggs!

I'm a DC suburb-er too and my giant bunny wasn't nearly as cute as this one. Mine was a little more tattered.

Your Easterbunny is way cuter than ours. Ours is kinda ghetto.

And your kids are soooo cute!! :-) Is her dress from the children's place?

Happy Easter!

Great photo! Mia looks like a little lady.

Jesus, that's a big bunny! I've not seen one that you can have your picture taken with. Interesting.

Your kids are extremely cute, and not terrified at all.

Mia looks adorable! Also, that is one large chair!!!

it goes without saying that your kids are adorable, but that is quite possibly the most beautiful Easter Bunny I've ever seen!

The kids look adorable, but the giant rabbit is almost the stuff of nightmares.

They're just beautiful and Mia is doing a great job as big sister.

And maybe giant, creepy bunnies NOT attempt to feed on your gorgeous newborn's brains. Oh, wait.....

I just love how perfectly Mia is sitting.


Your children are about to be devoured by the scariest mother f-ing bunny I have ever seen.

Also? Frighteningly large arm chair, no?

AND, here? The easter bunny in the mall?
The bunny is wearing a dress! and a bonnet! wtf?

Had to de-lurk to tell you that this picture is just too farkin CUTE!!!

Both the kids are darling ~ but little man's expression is just too darn funny! LOL

I don't know why, but that bunny is freaking me the %&$% out. How can Mia sit there looking so happy? I would have been sure he had a knife secreted on his person and was plotting to get me.

Honestly, I just puked from the cuteness of that picture. Your two babies are too gorgeous, it is almost obscene! How do you not swallow them whole every day?

Happy Easter!

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