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Manipulating me already

Owen does this thing when he's sleeping where he cracks his eyes open just the tiniest bit to see if I'm there. If he can't see me, his eyes fly fully open and dart around and he moans and whines until I enter his field of vision. And then usually he keeps whining until I slip him some boob. But if he cracks his eyes open and does see me, then he just closes them again and slips peacefully back to sleep with a huge grin on his sweet little face.

Now on the one hand, dammit this kid is playing me like a fiddle already, but on the other hand, squish.

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Squish, indeed!

OMG, I LOVE Smarty McWileysons like that.

hmmm.... maybe you could get a life-sized cardboard cut-out of yourself... and trick him for a little bit. heehee

Yes, the almost 3 year old will go back to sleep at naptime if I pretend I'm alseep in the chair next to him. Silly boys.

Dude, you need to have a life-size cardboard cutout made of yourself and put it in front of him when he's sleeping. ;). Smart little baby boy.

He's so brilliant...

My husband just read this and as he walked away I heard "wish that worked for me".

Sneaky little guy!

My daughter does this too! It is so cute that I only slighly mind that I have to be near her while she naps when I should be doing something productive.

I think my ovaries hurt after that one.

Most grown men are the same way...wake up, no boob, whine. Wake up, find the boob, happy.

I advocate getting a full sized poster of your self installed close to where he sleeps. Or one of those big cardboard cut outs with a milky shirt on it so he can smell you too.

Then? You could totally go out and party. Wouldn't even need a babysitter. Well, if you bring Mia with you, of course.

oh I HEAR you on the squish.

my daughter's a bit like this. For the first month or so she totally would sleep with her eyes open - very freaky.

They sure learn young, huh?

That is awesome though.

My Reece does the same darn thing...cute and all..but kinda sucks at 3 am on a work night....maybe the cardboard cut out is a good idea

...and they say kids that young can't manipulate you.


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