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Mia Monday #112: Ballerina Edition

Mia started ballet class today, which she feels makes her by far the coolest toddler on the planet.

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Awwww... she's a beautiful ballerina!

Those are so adorable. And may I just say that I am extremely proud of you for venturing out of the house as often as you do. With a toddler. And a newborn. I hope I can do that too once my new little guy is born!

PS. I ordered my moby wrap this weekend!

That's got to be the cutest thing I've ever seen. I secret want to be a ballerina and have her sweater now.

Good heavens, that's the cutest thing ever!

Seriously, that's the most adorable thing ever. I love her little wrap sweater. It's like grownup people clothes, but it's tiny!

She is just painfully adorable. It is hurting me.

This is the cutest, sweetest thing I've seen ins ages! Just breathtakingly adorable. Little moments like that make me miss not having had a girl, too, just the teeniest little bit.

Maybe not the coolest, but possibly the cutest.

How is she not using up all the cute in the world? Make sure to leave some for the rest of us, darlin'!

OMG she is one ADORABLE ballerina!
Your children are beautiful :)

Oh my goodness - just when I think that she can't get any more adorable, you show her as a ballerina!

She's too cute. Sometimes Mia Monday is just what I need.

OMG, she's way too cute for words! My daughter started ballet around her age, and I loved watching all the toddlers in her class. So dang cute in their leotards and little shoes. The recitals were the best. Them not knowing what to do, bumping into eachother!

I'm missing that age so. dang. bad!!

Once again, Miss Mia- You are too cool for school. (she should never change out of that outfit, she was made for leotards and pink ballet shoes...)

How in the world is she old enough for this?!

That said, I've been waiting all day for my weekly dose of Mia. She just makes Mondays easier to handle.

OMG, I may die from the cuteness!!! I didn't know ballet started so early. I can't wait until it's our turn.

just you wait till I come and visit... Ill be teaching her all of the positions as well as having her read me books and go to Monkeytown for flowers (says someone who started ballet at her age too :)

She's right.

So freakin' adorable I could die.

O.M.G. I think that is the cutest thing I have seen in a long old time and makes even ten times more excited to have this baby girl!!! Thanks as always for sharing!

gosh, this was her first lesson? She joined in?
my FOUR year old wanted dance lessons so I took him. he sat and watched about 5. loved it, talked all about it all week, wouldn't join in. This is the kid who started karate at 2 and is a yellow belt already 'sighs'

Cutest picture ever!!

Sorry, she isn't cute ... she's bee-yoo-tiful. :) Seriously, what a gorgeous child.

She must be the cutest girl ever!

Complete and total cuteness! Oh, how I miss the days of pink leotards, tights, and Capezio slippers (and not being self-conscious about a sweet little belly -- I mean mine, not Mia's, 'cause she's already lost her baby belly but I haven't) .... *sigh* And with her hair swept up? She looks like a real miniature ballerina. I hope you both enjoy ballet class!

Wow, I guess I only have a little more than two years (plus the few days left until birth) before we're hauling off to ballet class AND karate? Mia is just too cute for words.

I didn't know they took them on at such an early age. I think I was in 1st grade before I started ballet. A million years ago.

Oh my goodness, Beth! She is just too precious!!! Thanks for sharing them and making my day!

Way too adorable.

However, I don't know how I'm going to explain putting Little Dude into the pink leotard, just so I can have this way too cute moment! ;-)

Seriously adorable! So cute in that sweater.

You thought playgroup moms were tough? Wait till you meet dance moms. Almost none of the moms in my girls class will talk to me since all the kids go to kindergarten together.

I adore the little wrap sweater she has on, almost like a real ballerina!

I just want to echo everyone else's sentiments here...absolutely adorable! The tights! The little pink leotard! I especially like the second picture for some reason.

::SWOON!:: That little bun just did me in.

Cutest thing since slice bread. She seems so proud!

My gosh, your kid has got to be the most adorable one on the east coast. She is just a little doll. I love the sweater!

Cutest. Pictures. EVER.

She looks so cute! Love the hair!

That is too cute.

Very cute indeed! Somehow you didn't strike me as the ballet type.

omg. cutest. thing. ever.

the bun! (go mom on the hair!) and the clasic wraparound sweater! very center stage very young toddlers!

i love this. i hope to see more and pehraps a video because quite literally i'm melting of cuteness over here.

That is too adorable.
This doesn't happen when you have two boys...ok ok...well it's doesn't ALWAYS happen when you have two boys.
And damn shoes are NEVER as cute and ballet slippers.

Oh my gosh! That is soooo dang cute! I hope to see many more ballet pictures to come! :D

such a cute girl!
OMG! She looks adorable!

OMG!!!! I didn't think it was fricken possible.. but somehow she managed to be ever CUTER! Geeeeze Beth you're daughter is just so darned adorable!!... Ok ok... and Owen is another super cutie too... I had to admit that. Those pictures are so perfect!

Meghan's starting ballet lessons when she's around Mia's age. I can't wait now!

That's because she is!

Lovely ballerina! And you put her hair in a bun.

It certainly makes her the cutest toddler on the planet! What a sweet little ballerina girl.

I could DIE from the sheer adorableness of those pictures... again... I secretely hope that this baby I am carrying is a girl!!

Wow - I can't believe the lessons have started already.

She looks so cute - a natural (at least for the wrap sweater look).

Too. Stinkin. Cute. !!!

She looks like SUCH a little girl now. The baby is all gone!

It hurts me. Physically hurts me to look at those adorable photos. I know babies are cute and all that...but ballerina Mia is freakin' super duper adorable.

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