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Mia Monday #113: Not to be Outdone Edition

Remember this? At least Mia's pants were salvageable. This outfit was a huge hit at the mall.

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You guys are going to be in so much trouble when she gets older. She's so beautiful *already*. You have such a beautiful family!

Yeah, dito what Sparkie said, she is BEAUTIFUL!

Those shoes really complete the ensemble.

all I can think is, "well, technically that IS a shirt, or at least upper body coverage" and that is a step ahead of us most days (but our battle seem to be more focused on the pants issue)

She's so cute Beth.

Beth, this little girl just gets more and more beautiful every day! And you know, you can see what a wonderful spirit she has too. It shines through her smile!

She's just beautiful! The socks and shoes make the outfit!

I think she looks fab!

My children are season confused. They only want to wear flip flops and tanks in the winter and it's boots, tights, and long sleeves in the summer. Mila loves summertime b/c I let her wear whatever she wants to the sitter (since she's not going to school they can't call DFACS).

When did her hair get so long????

Soooo beautiful! Wow!

oh... pic on the couch... CUTE!!!

Something about this reminds me of the video for "Come On Eileen" where they were all dancing around in overalls with no shirts. Except, you know, Mia is cuter and looks way, way cleaner.

Mia's cute. :)

I hope she loves the photos of her like this as much as I adore the ones of me my mom took like this (really who needs to wear a shirt when you can have overall pasties :))

Beth, You have gotta stop posting Mia's pics. I swear I am dying from her cuteness/prettiness.

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