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Mia Monday #114: Polka Dot Easter Edition

Comments (32)

So cute! She is just so cute!

I honestly need to start coming up with more intelligent comments than about the beauty of your children. But seriously, you make gorgeous children...

They are both beautiful

Are you trying to make us actually explode with that first picture? Cuteness/sweetness meter just overloaded!

Seriously cute children. You are blessed.

Dude, the picture with the sunglasses and the strawberry? Slays me.

As much as you hear it said over and over again, you must never get enough of hearing how stinkin' cute your kids are.

But in case you wanna hear it again. They are. Cute.

Now I seriously feel guilty not getting my kids new threads for Easter. Mia looks so pretty :) And I love that first picture of her with Owen - such a sweet moment.

Adorable... but you knew that. I am really loving the yellow chick purse... too cute!

oh how we hope miabean has learned the love of peeeeeeeeeep :)

I just love her new dress and purse! You are going to have so much trouble keeping the boys away as she gets older. She is beautiful!!

You look cute sporting the tired look. I hate you for that.

awww, mia is getting so big! looks like she absolutely loves being a big sister :) glad you had a great easter.

Must. Have. That. Chickie. Purse.

gah. so cute.

and seriously, your hair grows SO fast! it's so long!

She is gorgeous, seriously...
Love the sunglasses and the strawberry, A Diva is born!

She's so kewl she has to wear shades.

The first photo is priceless.

Such beautiful children!

I have been going through Mia withdrawal while super busy at work. Easter polka dots did not disappoint!!! She looks so gorgeous and Lil Bro is just as damn handsome. Happy Easter, guys!

Beth you look so totally fabulous! And your children are absolutely adorable!
Mia is meling my heart with her cuteness!!!

Beth you look so totally fabulous! And your children are absolutely adorable!
Mia is melting my heart with her cuteness!!!

So beautiful, the lot of you!

I love those dresses. My nieces had the same ones in yellow and green.

The first picture...the one with Mia hugging Owen makes me want kids like today or maybe yesterday.

These are such beautiful pictures, they make me think oh another baby would be so nice! And the first one? What a sweet big sister Mia is!

OMG. If they are not the. cutest. things. evar...then I just don't know what.

well, except of course, my own kids. and maybe my niece and baby nephew, too...

ok, you have a 2yrold and a newborn. HOW do you get your hair looking like that?!!! NO FAIR! That's how my hair is SUPPOSED to look but only ever does just after the hairdresser's done it :(

Ok, all of the pictures are great, and yes, your kids are gorgeous (as you know). But seriously, that first one with the snuggling? Kills. Me.

ditto with the question on your hair, and also an added one on how you are so skinny after giving birth to the two cuties.

The cuteness has reached new levels! You look fabulous too Beth!

I love the frilly dresses!

Awwwww!!! Great Easter pictures! I hope Mia didn't get sick from too much candy!

You look fabulous in your picture!

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