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Mia Monday #115: Ballerina in Action Edition

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She's beautiful as always. The cuteness kills, really. This is a ghost writing this comment now.


*dies from cuteness*

She is totally beautiful
Pol x

Aw! So darn sweet. (And I love the doll trick to get them to put their arms up! Clever ballet ladies!)

Oh, I want her hair! So sweet.

Oh my sooooo sweet!!!

Seriously... the stress lines from my forehead just fade when I watch that. It also makes me miss my little girl, because she's becoming a big kid.

You have to be a heartless robot to think that that isn't just the sugary-est, sweetest thing in the whole wide world. Nothing gets your mid-week going like a cute lil girl in a tu-tu. :o)


That is the sweetest ballerina I have ever seen! Just adorable!

I never comment, but just have to today... the cuteness is just overwhelming.

I started ballet at Mia's age and mom swears at one time I spoke more French than English! Love the chauce-ing!

How much do I love the ballet instructor?!

That just totally melted my heart! I'm totally faklempt right now!

Awww... that's cute enough to make me want to sign Button up for ballet. And I hate ballet.

total pro :)

So cute. My daughter has been in dance almost a year now and started when she was 3. Its simply amazing what she has learned. She is about to be in her first recital and they have two full on dances and she knows all perfectly. Its really incredible how much they can do and remember being so little. Do they tap too?

So sweet!

I started dancing when I was 3 and danced until I was 13. I still miss it.

she's a natural :)

i can't wait to do girly things like this with my girl!

OMG, she gets cuter every week. I love the video...I love the video and am now anxiously awaiting my niece's recital...she has a solo this year.

She is so adorable :)

oh mi god... we have a prima ballerina in the making!

That was loverly.

That is completely the reason why I want to have a little girl. I mean, boys are great and all, but my gosh, the little pink tights and leotard are too much!! How adorable!

Her pony trot is cuter than My Little Pony. And that's saying alot.

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