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Not totally under control after all

Owen is my second child. I know that baby poop has magical qualities and is able to escape every diaper ever invented such that your child becomes entirely cloaked in poop. You would think, therefore, that I would take a change of clothes with me when we go out. But no, instead I carry my newborn son around town all morning like this:

Good thing this kid loves to be naked.

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I have 3 poopers. And I STILL forget change of clothes. No worries. Gosh, I want to nibble on those little big feet of his. How sweet!

I like the grumpy look on his face! The outfit diasters that I like the best are when you DID bring an extra set of clothes and they somehow manage to get vomit/blood/poop on them as well...

Baby Power!

I think he looks like he's rockin' hard YAAH!

Mine aren't poopers so much as peeeeeee'ers. I almost always forget the change of clothes, too. Especially when it's a long errand we're going on.

I love this picture! It looks like he's testing his diaper's resolve.

My favorite Owen picture thus far.

well, at least the hat escaped unscathed. surely that's keeping him warm enough...

isn't it interesting how relaxed a parent becomes the second time around?

also, is that the "go, redskins (what's that awful smell?)!" pose?

he is a keeper, for sure...

Making a mental note:

Change of clothing when out and about in town...

Doesn't look like he suffered too much in that warm fuzzy lambs wool looking carrier cover!

I did not learn with my first, didn't learn with my second, and will guarantee you that my third will also be toted around semi-nudies at some point.

And are you sure he's not pooping again in that picture? You may want to check the bundle me to be safe.

There is never a crisis when you are prepared for one. Stuff like that only happened to me when my diaper bag was completely understocked.

don't you that this is the very reason those lovely infant seat buntings were invented?? if you zip him one would ever know!!!

I love his fist in the air. "Go me! Extra naked time! Score!"

"For those about to rock - we salute you!!!!!"

I have Major Poop E. Blowout over here. When he was little like that we always had to have at least TWO changes of clothes with us. I'm praying the twins will be less so.

On another note, I love Owen's pose. Looks like he's pumping his arm in pride, "YES, YES, YES. Mommy foiled again."

Haha I *love* the fist in the air! Too darn cute.

PLEASE tell me you have this picture in a frame. If not, you MUST do so immediately. It might be even better in B&W. Seriously? I almost want this in a frame in my house. It's just perfect.

Power to the Babies! ('Specially the ones who have superpower pooping abilities. Aaawwwwyeah.)

this. is. awesome.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture. What a cutie!

Well at least he looks happy about it.

It never fails to happen when you're out either.

He looks like he's listening to Black Sabbath. Are you making the boy listen to Black Sabbath?

ha ha!

I did that once, except his shirt was salvageable. But it was late December and snowing. Good thing he was always hot anyway.

Oh my goodness...
Rock on Owen, Rock on...

That look on his face is absolutely priceless!

clothes I remember fine, but with five kids I STILL never remember to carry a hanky/tissue. I know I know.

And Owen - rock on!

Oh Lisa is doing the same. Poop everywhere. Clothes changes like 3 times a day.

He ... doesn't look very pleased about the no clothes thing here.

*making the Fist of Rock*

Thank you for reminding me to keep a spare outfit in the diaper bag. Because my kid HATES to be naked.

Power to the people, man!

I love the macho manifesto pose! Yes, he ROCKS! My grandson gets so much camera-in-face-with-flash time that he has put up a 'talk to the hand' wave in several photos.

For my children at that age I kept 3 (three!) diaper bags fully packed and ready to go out the door with... and I would frequently grab the one that _hadn't_ been restocked.

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