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Of breasts and boulders

Owen slept 9-4 last night, which for those of you playing along at home is a 7 hour stretch from a three-week old and further proof that everyone should have nine pound (by now closer to eleven pound) babies. So hooray! And also ouch! I had to get up and pump four ounces of milk before feeding him so that he wouldn't chip a tooth on my rock-hard boobs. You know, if he had any teeth.

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Boobs of steel.


How many times did you wake up to check on him?

Just so you know, not all 9 lb babies sleep. Some of them are still not sleeping more than a 2 hour stretch at 19 months. :)

But I bet your boobs were hott. Did Chris take pics?

Ah yes, I just pumped a good 4 ounces too and still was dwarfing poor carolina's little head with my planetary sized bosoms...she ate a little today, maybe once she's awake more during the day I can pump a little less and have boobs of slightly more normal diameter. Your nursing buddy, S

Yowch! And congrats on the sleeping. I hope it continues.

I'm impressed you didnt flood the bed...

I am so jealous. My son was born the same day as Owen, weighing 6lbs 13oz, and sleeps much, much less than that!

I'm so jealous. I swear Little Dude was close to six months before he went six hours without wanting mommy to expose herself.

I informed my doctor at just over four months, if she didn't give me permission to start him on a little bit of cereal at least, I would be switching to formula. Boobs being the best choice for babies, be darned (didn't want to swear in your blog world).

He had started going back to the every three hours routine through the night at that point.

I received permission. He continued to breastfeed and let up on mom a bit through the night.

Now that is something! Glad to hear he is a ood sleeper. The boobs will respond after a while

That must be such a peculiar feeling, having boulder boobs. Still I'm glad for you that he slept through the night! Most impressive!

Holy smokes! that's awesome (about the sleep stretch - not the rock hard boobs). My 11 week old is now 9lbs and slept about the same amount last night. I'll take it however I can get it!


Someone forgot to give my 9-lb baby that message. :-P She's now 6 months old and 16 lbs, and still hasn't slept a 7-hour stretch. Ever.

Bravo to Owen! And hopes for many repeat performances!

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