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Owen, Month One

Sweet Owen,

You were one month old yesterday, and before you get all offended about how you are my second child and therefore I can't even write your first letter on the right day, I am writing this on the 10th but saving it until the 11th so I can include your stats from your one month well check. Just in case that sort of thing comes to matter to you some day.

And so, you tipped the scales at 11 lbs 15 oz and are 22 and 3/4 inches long. Yowza.

Little man, I cannot believe it has been an entire month already. It feels, as I'm sure it always does, simultaneously as if you have been here forever and also as if you have just arrived. This month has been so fabulous, getting to know you, getting to watch how much you change in such a short time, seeing how easily and fully you fit into and complete our family. I cannot believe that it only a month ago I hadn't even met you, had no idea what you looked like or how you would be.

The benefit of being the second child is that I didn't have to spend the early weeks figuring out how to keep you alive and instead got to spend them getting to know you, so that I feel I know you very well already where your sister was still a stranger to me at this point. I can tell when you are hungry and when you just want your pacifier. I can tell when you want to be held and when you want to be left alone to explore the wonder that is your right arm. I can tell the difference between your waking-up noises and your just-because noises. I fell like we are already such a good team, like we are already partners in this business of getting through each day.

In the past month, you have gone from a warm, cute loaf of bread to an actual person. You are incredibly alert during the few hours a day you manage to stay awake. You like to watch people, stare at toys, admire yourself in the mirror, and most of all, you love to see Mia. If you are crying, which is rare, I ask Mia to sing for you and you invariably stop crying and listen. She adores you too, always wants to hold and kiss and hug you, and while I know there will be trouble ahead I deeply hope that you two will always feel such love and concern for each other. A few days ago, I caught you playing. You were sitting in your bouncy seat and would fling an arm over your head, smile, and then do it again. On a different day I put you on a blanket on the floor for a few minutes, and you had such fun kicking your legs that you cried when I picked you up and could not be comforted until I put you down to continue your game. You smile easily and often, and sometimes even seem to almost laugh.

You eat well, you sleep well, and for both of those things I am incredibly grateful. You are very relaxed, and even when you are very hungry can be bribed for a few minutes with a pacifier if I have something else I absolutely have to do first. You spend a lot of your time being dragged to Mia's' various activities, and endure it all happily either asleep in your carseat or lashed to my chest.

You are the noisiest eater I have ever seen in my life, slurping and chomping and cooing and making a cacophony of noises. When you get excited, you hoot and holler and it took me a while to figure out that it was a good thing and not the prelude to a cry. You will sleep just about anywhere, but at night have a definite preference for my chest, and I am usually happy to oblige, provided you let me get a few hours of sleep on my own first. You are incredibly strong and we have all learned to live in fear of your accidental head-butts.

I am afraid that I have allowed you to get sick in your very first month. Nothing serious, just a stuffy nose that requires me to spend much of the day extracting trails of green slime with the nasal aspirator, to your intense displeasure, but you have tolerated even that with your usual good cheer. Even when I can hear how very hard it is for you to breathe, you continue to sleep well, eat well, and be comforted easily following my nasal violations.

Owen, I was terrified about becoming your mother. Scared that I would not be able to cope, would not do a good job, would always be giving someone short shrift in my efforts to care for two children, but you have made my job easy. I keep saying that you are the World's Most Perfect Newborn, and that is true, but it would be true regardless. You are perfect because you are here, because you are, as Mia says, "our Owen."


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Happy Birthday, Owen!

Your Mama sure does love you!

The sweetest and sounds like you are adjusting fabulously! So excited for you guys! Sometimes - 7 months in, I feel like we are still working out our kinks, maybe because it's 2 boys, maybe because C is a bit older and therefore had us "to himself" for longer some days it is just tough to have 2. I love to hear that you are doing well.

I was good until "Our Owen".

Damn. There goes the mascara. ;)

I had the same reaction as Pammer. Fine until the "our Owen" bit. :)

Yet another beautiful letter!

ditto. :::sniffle:::

That was so beautifully written. I can just see Owen, years from now, reading this with a big smile on his little face!

That totally made me cry in a good "watching Oprah" sorta way (which is one step above the Onstar commercial cry and about 3 steps below The Notebook cry). Congrats on Owens big day!

Yeah, what Pammer said, except that I don't wear mascara.

*sniff sniff*

Oh man. Love this. You're a sweet lady.

Tears streaming down my cheeks. Sigh.

Beautiful and so sweet.

yep good until our Owen....

Happy 1 month Owen!

It never occured to me that since you had a baby we would get your letters again!

I guess I am the biggest sap in the bunch because I only managed to hold it together as far as "Sweet Owen".

Every time I swear your writing about your children cannot get more beautiful and heartfelt, it does.


As a mother of boys, I have always been so impressed with your writing about Mia (and it fulfills my little unmet desires to have a girl of my own).

But I have to say, your writing about Owen leaves me melted all over the floor.

I'm so glad it's working out well. You got me misty. :)

I decided, after spending the evening making a goodbye gift for a co-worker, that I'd catch up on my blog reading. If I had known you were gonna make me cry, I'd have thought twice! :o)

I hadn't even considered that you'd write letters to Owen, but I am so excited that you are!!

Another reason to wait for our own number two kiddo: I could not handle writing two monthly letters!

Seriously, a lovely letter to a cool little dude. "Our Owen" indeed.

That's nice! It's sugar on top to have an easy one the second time.

So beautifully written

I loved the descriptions of how he plays. He sounds like a wonderful, happy little guy...

Beautiful letter Beth! Lisa has a preference sleeping on my breast too. If we put her in her crib, she just doesn't sleep that well. But I do worry about the safety, place her on top of the bed cover and stuff. Do you have any advice on how to do it safe?

Oh man, I was good until I got to the line of Mia calling Owen "our Owen".

You guys have done an excellent job with Mia and I know that the stories we're going to read over the years of the two of them are going to be incredible reads.

I hope one day you'll be able to give both of them these posts so that they'll know the absolutle pure love and joy their parents had for them.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to back to what I was doing at work and pretend there's something in both of my eyes!

Dag, yo. That's an awesome kid. Happy month, little dude.

That was a beautiful letter to Owen, Beth! Definitely brought tears to my eyes. You also gave me hope that the transition from one to two can be done without too much stress.

Ok lady, between the pictures and these monthly posts you are killing me. I've got to stop reading at work. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm got to find a tissue.

I just recently rediscovered your blog, and was so pleasantly surprised to see your family has expanded. Congratulations! This post reminds me of what drew me to your blog in the first place, you ability to make every nuance of a child's existance read like the poetry it is and bring a tear to my eye EVERY TIME. Looking forward to delving into the archives and catch up on all that I have missed!

glad I don't wear masacara often. I too was fine till the last line!
::sniffle sniffle::

I love these letters, and was hoping Owen wasn't going to fall into 2nd-child syndrome and not get the job of these letters someday. You are such a talented and beautiful writer.

Just beautiful Beth.

Glad to hear that things are going so well and Owen is thriving. It's always wonderful to hear about babies that sleep well.

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