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Owen Wednesday #3: Grump Edition

Owen has started smiling, but only for Chris. The rest of the time he tends to look vaguely pissed off. Also, check out the beginnings of the Buddha belly.

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Oh my goodness, he is such a cutie! I just want to snuggle him and sniff his head.

I can see Mia in him. Gorgeous.

Cuuuute kiddos!

So cute!

Wow! I can really see Mia in his face. What an alert little thing he is.

So adorable. You guys make gorgeous kids.

Holy Family Resemblance, Batman!

They're so cute. I want to blow a big zerbert on that Buddha belly.

He-Looo, Chubbums!! (I mean Owen, not you, Beth)
That belly is just SCREAMING for a raspberry! Oh my goodness- I just love pudgy babies!!

Holy crap! He looks just like Mia. And he is sooo big already. WOW. I'm following along with Sundry and he looks soooo much bigger than Dylan.

Congratulations again.

Oh man, I want to rub that belly. I just know it would be good luck to do so.

Look at that belly. I love baby bellies.

And he looks so much like you. Not the grumpy part.

He looks so much like Mia! It's amazing! His expression is priceless.

Dude, he's enormous! ;-) But adorable, of course!

OMG, Beth! You gave birth to a Sumo Wrestler! LOL! He is so big! And then I saw the one with him and Mia and I felt a tear well up in my eyes. She is so grown up!
What a beautiful family you and Chris have!

I think grumpy babies are so cute ! :)

Ahhh! The Dolca dress! The dolca dress! Covet covet covet.

He's a big boy! Wow! And only a month old! Mia just looks like the big sister from heaven. Not one bit jealous yet!

Very cute ! I can't believe that he's nearly 11lbs ! My friends babies were that big at 3 months ! That's great. I see a little bit of Mia in him :)

That is the most scrumptious belly I've seen in ages. Nom nom nom nom nom! Mmmmmmm.....

Oh, he looks just like newborn Mia!

He is so adorable! And, yes, as others have pointed out, Owen does look like Mia. TOO CUTE!

Wow, you two make some adorable kids. So CUTE.

He is darling. I also had a big baby (boy, 10.8 lbs, emergency c-section) and, once they're out, they're so cuddly.

Wow! Is he driving yet? What a big boy! He is gorgeous and so is Mia.

Ohh, he's so cute!! He definitely looks like a grumpy old man. he looks JUST like Mia, too, not that Mia looks like a grumpy old man, but... you know. congrats on the new cutiepie! :)

He is so cute! I just want to squeeze him!

Holy cow he's a big boy!
Sigh. I bet he's got that delicious "new baby" smell...

Too cute!

I'd like to echo what everybody else has been saying: Holy cow, he looks like Mia!

You have the cutest kids!

Oh my gosh! He's HUGE! He looks so much like Mia. Adorable!

And that dress of Mia's? Gorgeous! I can't ever find long sleeve dresses like that!

you need to tell him to relax, or that scrunched up forehead may stay like that forever ;)

Adorable pics! Seems like his hair has lightened up a bit, too.

I think he looks like you!
He's beautiful as is Mia
Pol x

He's such a little Mia!

I know this has been said, but...

Could he look any more like Mia?

Apparently, you give birth to clones! They look cute!

Please give that beautiful buddha belly a raspberry from the internet.

So cute! He looks just like Mia!

Awwwww!!! He's adorable! Mia looks like she's pretty satisfied with her baby brother!

Wow... he really looks a lot like Mia in those photos.

Very cute.

We used to joke that our son was Buddha baby - 1 time a few weeks after giving birth my husband brought home scratcher tickets for fun and Matthew was sleeping on my lap so I just scratched the ticket on his tummy and won like $60 bucks. So any time we wanted some money we tried rubbing his tummy - it never really worked again.

Owen is such a cutie!!! Love that dress Mia has on too :)

He is the most adorable grumpy pants ever! I totally want to chew on that big buddah baby belly!

Your children are gorgeous, I can see the trail of broken hearts already! ;)

Sweet. He looks like Mia's future bodyguard. Big belly, stern face. She's gonna need one, too.

Cute kids.

VERY cute :)

It's insane how similar those two look!!

Holy cow, he looks just like Mia at that age! Quite eerie! Glad everything is going well with you guys!!

He's a dam cute grump, that's for sure.

You know, he does look a lot like Mia did as a baby.

Beginnings of a buddha belly?!?! I'd say he's got an advanced buddha belly! Go YOU and your, uh, tatas!


they are both delicious!

He seems outraged to be on that bed alone! Owen is so delicious. Wednesday have a whole new joy, with Owen Wednesdays to look forward to!

You have some beautiful children, no doubt!

I love the look! He looks like this older New Yorker that I work with... full of attitude. But the look works on your Owen.

Oh my goodness. Are you aware their is a 9-month-old on your bed?

Awwwwwwwww!!! Isn't it the best!!!!! Look at how DARLING they are!

Must. Blow. Raspberry. On. Tummy.

And to echo everyone else, he does look like Mia.

He looks exactly like Mia as a newborn. No doubt. I thought you said they didnt look alike but in that first pic all I can see is the same face as in that picture of Mia on your belly as your last maternity shot. Perfect. So adorable they are. Love the cloth diaps.

Geez, you should WARN people when they are in for a cuteness overload! I needed to practically SHIELD my eyes from the blinding cuteness!

He looks like me when I've had too much sushi! OK, he's way cuter. And the double chin does him justice.

what kind of cloth diapers are those? very cute.

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